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PS (1979)
by Paul Sebastian


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Year of Launch1979
AvailabilityIn Production
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HousePaul Sebastian
Parent CompanyRevlon Inc > Elizabeth Arden Inc
Parent Company at launchPSI Paul Sebastian Inc

About PS

PS is a masculine fragrance by Paul Sebastian. The scent was launched in 1979

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Reviews of PS

Note: Review is based on a bottle tried in 2014.

As a lover of perfumes from earlier decades, PS was a huge disappointment. The composition is a standard run of the mill 'masculine' with spices, musk, patchouli, and other wood notes. It is densely blended to achieve that particular effect where discerning individual notes is hard, and it comes off as a single blend/accord. Something like this should have been respectable, at least. However, the quality is severely compromised by inferior ingredients: the result is cheapness amplified. It is somewhat nasty and abrasive (in an olfactory sense, rather than chemical), and I wouldn't begrudge anyone who would proceed to hastily wash this one off after application.

In fact, that's precisely what I did.

17th May, 2017
In the Summer this Colonge smells very Musky and Spicy. It last like 13 hours and it smells the whole room when your wearing it. In the Winter it doesnt smell musky at all. It smells like Obsession For Men. Light and it doesnt last long. The season change made me order a Vintage (1979) bottle from Ebay... BIG MISTAKE cause it smelled like Trees. I assumed the colonge went Bad until I realized the season changed the smell.
04th March, 2017
Crisp, spicy, fresh, classy, mature...these are the words that come to mind in describing Paul Sebastian Fine Cologne. Quite easy to locate and at very good prices...PS is overall a simple, linear, and predictable scent that doesn't overpower (unless too much is applied). The wood notes work nicely with the subtle vanilla and lavender ones, resulting in a very masculine scent that esp. works well for formal occasions, IMO.
09th December, 2016
I've got a somewhat amusing story to share on this one. My wife was out of town for two weeks visiting a sick friend, and when I picked her up at the airport and we were waiting at the baggage claim, a gentleman who I'll guess to have been in his 60's happened to walk by and my nose went off perceiving a familiar fragrance. Mortifying my in some ways shy (or perhaps in some ways reserved) wife, I actually begged the gentleman's pardon and inquired what fragrance he was wearing, and he was kind enough to answer that he was wearing Paul Sebastian. I thanked and complimented him and looked into it as soon as I got home and ordered, guessing correctly that it was PS.

One of my longtime seniors where I practice Aikido always had this fragrance to him that seemed to hint at aspects of Clubman Original or Brut but was neither, and I guess I became so used to it on him that it no longer occurred to me to ask, it was simply him. But I always associated it with his calm, easygoing and helpful yet in control and precise manner on the mat. Perhaps it's a little odd, but I must say that I'm happy to have discovered and obtained this fragrance to enjoy from time to time on myself, which while it always brings my good friend to mind, assimilates itself to fit me in my own way when I wear it.

I'd also like to add that I'm one who tends to feel a touch of hesitation when I see vanilla in the listed notes. Not that I necessarily have anything against it, but I find that for my tastes, it's a note that can easily be presented in an overly powdery and/or overly sweet manifestation that just doesn't strike me as masculine and just doesn't feel like it suits me. However, much like in the above mentioned Brut and Clubman Original, PS achieves a wonderful balance with it that I can assure you is not powdery, not too sweet, and is masculine. In PS it seems to occupy one's space in a commanding yet completely unimposing manner.

I would also share that earlier this week I wore this one day deciding to apply two sprays, and not only did that last me through the entire day, but the next day was a snow day allowing me the luxury to bum around, and since I knew I would be doing some shoveling, I just threw on the sweatshirt that I was wearing the previous day when I had applied two sprays of PS to my chest. Would ya know it? It lingered on my shirt even though I had given it enough time to dry when I had applied it to my skin the previous day before putting my sweatshirt on, and I ended up not wearing any other fragrance that day as it once again lasted me the whole day, this time from the previous day's sweatshirt!

I know, I know. Terribly written paragraph! But you get the idea. I recommend this fragrance. Enjoy!
29th January, 2015
I would have to agree with Gentleman Farmer... I have been a user of Paul Sebastian since the mid 1980's... and all through the years I consistently received compliments on the cologne... I too recently decided to replenish some of my stock... and also noticed the different coloration... only to also discover that the formulation had been changed... I wonder what genius decided to change and ruin what was one of the most balanced, masculine, great smelling, long lasting colognes on the market.

The new cologne is horrid... Unfortunately, when I opened the new version of this cologne, I had gone well past the the time to return the cologne and get a refund.. so, I simply threw 3 bottles of the new formulation right into the garbage can (I could not even bring myself to give these to someone else... just garbage).

Fortunately, I still have 4 bottles of the original formulation, so I should be good for a while, but I will be looking for a new masculine long lasting fragrance.... So disappointed.
11th January, 2015
An amazing classic. One of my all-time favorites. This is what I imagine wealthy people smelled like in the 1930s - not those powdery Nantucket Canoe kids, but a tuxedo in the city. This powder is very rich, cosmopolitan, and somehow "art deco". Skyscrapers, Packards, cufflinks and cigarettes cases.

I can't verify the reformulation. The original is still available for a few dollars a bottle and probably the cheapest way to class up this joint.
28th May, 2014

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