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Pure Lavande (2001)
by Azzaro


Pure Lavande information

Year of Launch2001
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
(based on 74 votes)

People and companies

PerfumerRichard Ibanez
PackagingFederico Restrepo
Parent CompanyGroupe Clarins

About Pure Lavande

The second in a line of three fragrances by Azzaro, called 'The Azzaro Collection', Each of the fragrances goes back to the roots of traditional mens fragrances. Other fragrances in the range are 'Pure Vetiver' and 'Pure Cedrat'.

Pure Lavande fragrance notes

Reviews of Pure Lavande

My favorite in the three scents in "The Azzaro Collection"...pleasant, stable, predictable.

The anise is appreciated in there, accenting the lavender quality this scent is designed to feature. I find that Pure Lavande is a bit "busy" in trying to fit so many other disparate notes that somewhat take away from the "fine lavender" in the head (e.g. the otherwise enjoyable Tonka and Vanilla), turning it into less of a lavender-centered experience.

Nonetheless, a well-crafted scent worthy of a test spritz for the serious scent collector and critic.
28th December, 2016
Not bad per se, but this has nothing to do with lavender. This is a really mellow, smooth, even sort of pleasant blend of anisic-aldehydic musk and vanilla; soapy, sweet, ambery, and with that peculiar sort of "dusty gassiness" provided by aldehydes or something like that. I think I also smell some really light and subtle hint of something rubbery, like a really synthetic imitation leather note. Shortly a "grey" synthetic scent which as other reviewers said, probably would work better as a room spray than on skin. Nothing green, or aromatic, or floral as one may expect. But I get Azzaro's clumsy attempt to connect this to "pure lavender", as it has indeed some "laundry" feel thanks to musk (which also lavender may have, as a minor side nuance). I wouldn't consider this a bad scent though, as it is decent and crisp overall and almost smells like something Comme des Garçons or Andrea Maack could have come up with; it's just completely wrong for that name.

20th July, 2015
i enjoy the opening of good quality of soft lavender , heaven of lavender with soft touch , the dry down is mostly vanilla & Tonka beans , just elegant and casual perfume
29th January, 2015
is like Minotaure but more Lavander (of course) and less citrus... Pure Lavender is more sophisticated and Minotaure more casual
04th March, 2014
Why, o why have you been discontinued...

I agree with WavingWheat. This is the only fragrance I have ever worn that feels like a second skin. The fragrance starts out quite floral, but turns into a wonderful, warm, smoky lavender musk that usually makes it impossible for me to get through the day without coworkers, cashiers or cabbies sniffing and asking whether I am wearing cologne.
When I say yes, their next question is whether I would mind if they smell me.
And I always let them, because I am just generous that way.

Pros: Long-lasting, warm, complex scent
Cons: I can't get any more"

18th August, 2013
There is one 'Pure Lavender' and that is Caron 'Pour Un Homme': this is his dull chemical brother in law.
23rd March, 2011

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