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Pure Vetiver (2000)
by Azzaro


Pure Vetiver information

Year of Launch2000
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

PerfumerRaphael Haury
PackagingFederico Restrepo
Parent CompanyGroupe Clarins

About Pure Vetiver

The first in a line of three fragrances by Azzaro, called 'The Azzaro Collection', Each of the fragrances goes back to the roots of traditional mens fragrances. Pure Vetiver contains vetiver from Haiti. Future fragrances in the range will be 'Pure Cedrat' and 'Pure Lavande'.

Reviews of Pure Vetiver

elegant energizing chic perfume , enjoyable but not really pure vetiver .
29th January, 2015
Of this side of tropic smells like wet Grass, (herbal n´ fruity) very good long-lasting a little bit sweet but like honeysuckle
04th March, 2014
Tony T Show all reviews
United States
great sillage and longevity. a very clean and natural smelling vetiver. nice light pepper in the middle and then a vetiver finish with a hint of tea. not grounbreaking but exactly what veiver should be. almost as ood as guerlain's..
01st January, 2013
In my opinion - one of the worst fragrances I have ever put on my body. I am a fan of the Azzaro house, and also of clean (soapy) vetiver. This 'thing' is about as nasty and synthetic as anything out there that I have sampled or owned. It's harsh from the opening, and I honestly do not detect any significant change in the 3 hours it has been on my wrist. I was really excited to try this one, and am very sad that it didn't live up to my expectations. Shame on me for raising the bar so high.
14th July, 2012
I think the name is a little false advertising. Is it pure vetiver?
04th April, 2012
I was pointed to this fragrance again by someone with great taste (although I had visited the fragrance before, had reservations and never purchased). Thank you, Renato! :-)

Then, I decided that the scent pyramid had a lot of notes that I look for in fragrance and find appealing. So, although the name "Pure Vetiver" is a misnomer - I decided to give it a go, and I'm very glad I did. I also knew that this would be a warm weather, fresh scent with vetiver in the composition - not a linear, dark and brooding vetiver with heavy, smoky, rootiness...which I am glad because I have numerous bottle that fill that realm and several vetivers in-between (including virtually every bottle Guerlain has ever put out - from Original Vintage EDC, Vintage EDT's to 2000 reformulation. And, that's just my Guerlain Vetiver collection - I am officially in love with vetiver in fragrance.

Okay - so I put one nice full spray on my inner left wrist and gave it 10-15 minutes to breathe on my skin and started writing this about 3 hours ago. Impressive from the start...incredibly fresh! Grapefruit, spicy ginger with a dash of white pepper on top. The cardamom is not pronounced to may show more in a full wearing. I found afresh-cut grass note almost immediately after the citrus note faded...grapefruit was very nice here (by the way) and the green juice indeed has a true middle note of fresh-cut grass that is very similar to one in a bottle of juice from Yves Rocher that I have (and really enjoy for that accord!) As it warmed after another 10-15 minutes, I realized the grass has nice green tea aroma about it (fragrant and slightly earthy). However, it is not as dominant as the Yves Rocher juice as the pepper and ginger linger into the heart and gives a nice sharpness. I also found something a bit ozonic as another review I read of this described integrated into the composition - truly refreshing.

This is a woody aromatic, with the "wood" being vetiver. I get the vetiver right at the base of the heart going towards base notes. This is not nutty or dirty, as previously mentioned, at all. Clean, fresh vetiver is in here - that comes out of the green grass/green tea note and touch of artemisia, which is also a nice sharper "green" note that adds something extra here.

A nice note that people may (or may not) get here is nutmeg flower. It comes in at the base - I didn't get any lavender that was prominent and expected to, but the base of vetiver is slightly floral with the nutmeg flower, which helps retain the "clean" and lifted feeling of this fragrance. The sandalwood is a light touch - not dusty at all. Very clean.

Totally inoffensive and a very good alternative to anything aquatic in warm weather or in an office setting. I feel that this is a surprisingly good light vetiver-based scent that has a good surrounding composition of notes that are harmonious. Take the notion of "rich vetiver fragrance" out of your mind and let your nose provide you the actual truth.

I could never wear this with anything from Guerlain - even EDC (which is the pure essence of vetiver and no tobacco), as it would overpower this ethereal, fresh and light fragrance.

My overall score - 7.5+/10, as it wears close to the skin (light projection) and I was hoping for a little more power, but it is still there with one spray after 3+ hours and I can enjoy it. 8/10 for pure scent alone...very nice, remarkably refreshing and sophisticated. A full wearing in warm/hot weather will definitely show more (it is cold, overcast and a light rain starting). The Yves Rocher bottle with the all of its green notes is put away until Spring/Summer. This will be next to it.

**Update** - this stayed as a great skin scent for about 5-6 hours on me with light application in cool weather that day! I was surprised how I could pick up even individual notes at 4+ hours. I am very glad to have purchased this and find it to be a great alternative to aquatics come this summer.
22nd March, 2012 (last edited: 27th March, 2012)

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