Quasar (1994)
    by J del Pozo

    Quasar Fragrance Notes

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    Poland Poland

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    This potion had accumulated high expectations on my part before I got to try it for the first time. Unfortunately, the hype around this scent occured to be unsubstantiated. The initial sweet blast faded away into a putrid soapy stench reminiscent of an old cheap after shave lotion. Not my taste at all.

    05 March, 2014

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    United States United States

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    Basically, sage and laundry detergent. A thoroughly generic fresh scent.

    01st March, 2013

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    Bal a Versailles

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    He fell in love with the bottle (it's an absolute killer) and was sufficiently intriqued by the reviews. To me it's pineapple that appears like a cartoon ribbon, a whiff, and it's gone, but it's very appealing when it does, because it's so capricious. The dry down is very pleasant and I have to add further endorsement to Jesus del Pozo's unique line of fragrances. My daughter stole 'In Black' from me in the way that daughters do.
    I venture to suggest that most men would love the Quasar bottle and that the fragrance is not polarizing, therefore making it a good gift option. Just a thought.

    12 February, 2013

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    United States United States

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    A very pleasant scent, light and fruity on the opening, it fells semi gourmand and it reminded me of Thallium a lot, although I must say that I like Thallium a little better.
    But what makes this fragrance great is its drydown, a mossy sandalwood/patchouli accord with a faint spicy cedar background. It is trully excellent and leaves Thallium eating dust.
    Sillage is pretty decent at first, but as it reaches the basenotes it becomes a very close to the skin perfume, but you get whiffs of it regurlarly. Longevity is OK, sometimes 4-6 hrs or more.
    Not among my top 20, but a good perfume by all means

    15 March, 2012

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    Finland Finland

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    Yes, it's been made by Chris Sheldrake, probably my all time favourite perfumer. And the concept is fascinating : Perfumeintelligence.co.uk tells me that it was the intention to create a smell of fresh, straight from the press newspaper.

    But alas, it's a cheap Cool Water imitation with nostril burning synthetic edge. And I don't smell anything like fresh newspaper. A shame.

    Quasar is a fruity herbaceous scent with a harsh vs. creamy woody base. People are talking about banana; and sure, I can smell it too. Vaguely, but still.

    The bottle that basically looks very good, has terrible plastic details that fell completely apart in my use.

    I don't understand why anyone would consider this to be somewhat "strange" or "challenging" a fragrance. It really beats me, since this is eventually a very mediocre, conventional and boring fragrance.

    It deserves a neutral after all, especially since it can be found almost for free.

    19 March, 2011

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    United States United States

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    Quasar is a very nice aquatic with an interesting banana note thrown in for a peel. (Sorry, I couldn't resist). Actually, I think it is the banana note that makes this one unique from similar aquatics. Casual and light, I cannot imagine this offending anyone's senses. My only objection is it's longevity, which is about 2 hours on me. Still highly recommended and a thumbs up.

    06 January, 2011

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