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Quorum (1982)
by Antonio Puig


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Year of Launch1982
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseAntonio Puig
PerfumerSebastian Gomez
PackagingAndré Ricard
Parent CompanyPuig Beauty & Fashion Group > Puig Fragrance & Personal Care

About Quorum

A classic scent from the Spanish Scent gurus.

Quorum fragrance notes

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Antonio Puig as a design house had hummed along for years under the merits of it's classic 1940 Agua Lavanda, which was a staple unisex lavender cologne pure and simple. Aqua Brava for men came along in 1968 and definitely made it's mark early on as an aromatic fougère with a flair for Mediterranean herbs, essentially being Spain's answer to Speidel's British Sterling from 1964. Carlos Benaim of Ralph Lauren Polo (1978) fame and later Calvin Klein Eternity for Men (1989) worked on this Aqua Brava sequel alongside longtime Puig perfumer Rosendo Mateu, which had worked on Agua Brava, Brummel (1975, and also which initially had US distribution under Williams), then later Sybaris (1988). Max Gavarry, who assisted Mateu with Brummel and designed Z-14 for Halston in 1976 also helped with Quorum, which meant 3 fairly prominent masculine perfumers on one creation! It's happened before of course, and one would think this should lead to an amazing scent profile, but in most cases it leads to the old saying of "Too many cooks". Does that apply here? Well, almost. Quorum is a good early 80's masculine, and a solid winner for fans of the style, greatly remembered and carried on with flankers over the years, but it isn't revolutionary. Instead, it's a composite of values that would seem conventional by the 80's, but a competent one that sold like hot cakes.

Quorum is also ironically named, as the word means "minimum number of members needed to validate a governing body/session of said body", and since we have a whopping 3 perfumers on one fragrance, it makes the way the juice smells seem all the more amusing. What we end up with here is mostly a direct splicing of ideas taken from the then-most-recent masculines from each perfumer in question. In this instance, I'm referring to bits of Aqua Brava created by Mateu, Polo by Benaim, and Z-14 by Gavarry; I can't say for certain it's 100% the intent, but if it was, then "Quorum" is truly the perfect name. Artemisia, caraway, bergamot, and lemon open this, establishing the connection to Aqua Brava right away, but in place of that older scent's clove and bay, Quorum brings us a very Polo-like mid section of pine flanked with patchouli, cyclamen, jasmine, carnation, and sandalwood; it most often is compared to Polo more so than the others, and the pine is likely the cause. The final woodsy transitional accord in the heart to the mossy base passes us through the "Halston phase" of the chimera-like scent until we reach a finish that's very reminiscent of Van Cleef & Arpels Pour Homme (1978), with it's leather, amber, and oakmoss. Tobacco and olibdanum round out the scent to give it a crisper and drier finish than VC&APH's castoreum-fueled vibrato, but ultimately louder. 70's style with 80's projection, which alone might be a one-two knockout punch for the right guy.

Quorum is an interesting but superfluous experience for the guy who's smelled or owned all of the fragrances it references in it's pot luck construction, and the guy who smells Quorum first might feel like all of those others (with the exception of maybe Polo) are unnecessary if a bottle of this is already in hand. I personally think that peas and carrots are good whether mixed or separate, so I feel fine owning an 80's powerhouse that is a medly of late 60's and 70's greats, plus the very fragrances it combines as well, but in the name of pragmatism I declare this good albeit derivative for it's day. Puig must have opted out of playing the hyper-masculine game alongside Chanel, Bogart, and YSL at the time, playing it safe with this offering instead until the late-arriving Sybaris reared it's head 6 years down the road. Maybe Quorum's amalgamated nature and panel of perfumers involved was part of the sales pitch to retailers? Who knows. Perfectly dapper and adequate for fans of green, mossy, and leathery gentleman's chypres of the 70's style, despite it's 1982 launch. Business-friendly but otherwise unfashonable in the 21st century, Puig moved Quorum downmarket and it still continues to fly off Walmart and Target shelves to this day. Go figure.
23rd March, 2018
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United Kingdom
I owned it in the late eighties...
To me is a subtler version of green POLO at a fraction of the price... If you love POLO you will love this.
Not POLO sillage but beats it on longevity

Nowadays in the UK costs peanuts... so I will order one soon

08th January, 2018
My batch was manufactured April 1, 2017... batch code 70911. It smells okay but it only lasts 2 hours maximum. I can't see using this for anything but room freshener. I am assuming that this batch has been watered down to virtually nothing. I missed the older versions of this frag. Sad.
08th January, 2018
I like big moss and leathers. I like the idea you don't have to drop a benjiman or two to smell simply like what a simple manly man might care to smell like when wearing his joe-six-pack, dumb-reach cologne from day to day and throughout those days.

Differs to One Man Show by degree of soap and I don't have issues with soap. I once had a deep vintage but don't feel it necessary, however I'd definitely suggest going pre-IFRA 43 (i.e. moss restriction c.2010 or so) with these types if you can.

Awesome value. Not one to overthink.
03rd January, 2018
Just like modern scents today, most of the popular 80's powerhouses all smell similar. Oak moss, tobacco and leather I get but the main note is that industrial bathroom soap smell found in Kouros, Lapidus pH, etc.

I get good projection and longevity. Compared to the other powerhouses, it’s not as strong on my skin.
01st January, 2018
I have a flacon of this awesome stuff that's a pre-barcode and the batch code dates it to 1986. Quorum is phenomenal and nuclear strong, especially the lasting power of an achievable 24+ hours where by then it's a silky smooth oakmoss moderate skin scent. Smells better when dabbed then atomized although I do like to atomize it from time to time, it comes out deeper when dabbed and insane sillage when atomized. I always thought that I hated oakmoss until I smelled a proper vintage.

What I get from this is pine, patchouli, jasmine, tobacco and oakmoss and it smells superb from beginning to end. There is a funk aspect for about two hours in the heart notes that I can never quite place but it's definitely animalic, sightly poopy but not nearly anything that's off putting, hard to explain but it's there although I personally enjoy it. Quorum is a fantastic scent, excellent ingredients with very good note separation.

I can't speak for any reformulations because I don't waste my time with those IFRA abominations, in anything for that matter. Only vintage, always. Reformulations make me feel incredibly depressed, even viewing the packaging is saddening.
12th October, 2017

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