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Quorum (1982)
by Antonio Puig


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Year of Launch1982
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseAntonio Puig
PerfumerSebastian Gomez
PackagingAndré Ricard
Parent CompanyPuig Beauty & Fashion Group > Puig Fragrance & Personal Care

About Quorum

A classic scent from the Spanish Scent gurus.

Quorum fragrance notes

Reviews of Quorum

Yikes! Smacks of nostalgic loud 80's men colognes. Has a typical mossy, spicy start that mellows out to an average, shimmering woody vibe that doesn't last too long (at least not on me).

Can be obtained at super-bargain prices for the adventurous types. Wear with caution!
18th December, 2016
Do you like big, mossy, woody, leathery tobacco scents that take no prisoners? Do you enjoy cumin? If you answered "yes" to both of these questions...or even just one of need to try Quorum.

The opening is a little scattered. There's a lot going on. The actors are all trying to find their place on stage, and it takes a few moments for something pleasant to emerge - but oh, when it does, we get this amazingly deep herbal/piney/smoky/dusty/leather/tobacco chord that basically forms the backbone of Quorum until the end. It's brighter, with more emphasis on the herbal/pine in the opening, and gradually deepens into a dry-ish leather/moss/tobacco accord that feels very "alive" and dynamic on skin. Totally masculine, but not a caricature.

Cumin is present to varying degrees throughout. It contributes to the "sweaty" impression, depending on the circumstance. Quorum can easily turn into a thick, gloomy, smoker-BO nightmare if applied heavily in warm weather.

But when applied in moderation in cooler weather, it's dusty, crunchy, savory and just very satisfying. So on me, it's a fall and winter scent *exclusively*, though it could be my skin. I do love cumin in general, but it's a little temperamental here, and requires the right conditions. With that caveat, Quorum is one of my favorite cool-weather scents.
08th November, 2016
When I first smelled this, I disliked it. I think I wasn't patience with Quorum, but months later I smelt it on someone (after getting Silver Quorum) and it was so good. It smelt masculine and matured....I wanted a bottle.

Nice piece.
28th September, 2016
Powerhouse masterpiece. 'Quorum' by Antonio Puig first hit me around 1986 thanks to my father wearing it everyday everywhere he went. It was and remains a powerful, strong, long lasting masculine scent that is undeniably unique, rich and bold.

Leather, tobacco, moss and greens. Through and through. The initial blast has a slight hint of broiled lemons, citrus, jasmine, greens and pine.

Base of leather, patchouli, tobacco, and jasmine balances the zesty top notes and really create an almost dirty, musky low end that is absolutely fantastic. This always get me compliments from beautiful, mature women, the upper thirties to forties types.

Longevity is well over 12+ hours and with a liberal application of a dozen sprays to neck, chest, shoulders and wrists, this stuff will project like a beast all day and stays on clothes and sheets for several days. This is NOT for the 'sport' or 'aqua' scent dudes, this is the real deal. Manhood in a bottle.
19th August, 2016 (last edited: 18th August, 2016)
I received a sample of the frag and wanted to do a review on it. To me this is the pinnacle of a old man scent. If you thought "what would men smell like in the 80's and 90's?"- this would be it. It is not my favorite but I do see where men over 35 would be ok to wear it.

Since it has a very warm, woody, leathery feel-I would recommend wearing it in the Fall when it is cooler.

I would not recommend wearing it for a night out (date or clubbing) since to me it smells like "older man". If that is what your going for- then this the frag for you.

Overall Rating: 4/10
Longevity: 8/10
Sillage: 7/10
07th August, 2016
I remember first smelling Quorum in mid-1985 when christmas shopping with my mother. We wandered around the snowy city until it became dark and almost lost hope in finding suitable gifts for everyone. In a dingy department store, on the brink of closing down, there were bottles of fragrance going rather cheaply. One of them was Quorum and I was drawn to the bottle (the aftershave) because it looked like a large, green jewel. The contents, a spicy, smokey forest. I used my saved pocket money to buy it for my father.

I hadn't smelled it since that time, until today. To be honest I can't properly recall the smell of thirty-one years ago to compare, but I like it. There's no denying that it is similar in structure to Pino Silvestre, but more like Pino enveloped in several more layers of aromas: its bergamot tempers the lavender better; the peppery note is more refined; the pine is more subdued and woody. The separating note is really the tobacco, perhaps also the amber. Like someone else remarked, you also get shades of Polo (green) from this.

The overall impression can be conjured up by the fantastical vision of a tobacco-drying hut in the middle of a forest, where the lone, leather-aproned occupant has a sideline in griding spices and growing lemons.

Old-fashioned chic that hasn't gone out of fashion for men who like to smell like old-school men rather than aqua-perfumed boys.
26th July, 2016

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