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Quorum (1982)
by Antonio Puig


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Year of Launch1982
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseAntonio Puig
PerfumerSebastian Gomez
PackagingAndré Ricard
Parent CompanyPuig Beauty & Fashion Group > Puig Fragrance & Personal Care

About Quorum

A classic scent from the Spanish Scent gurus.

Quorum fragrance notes

Reviews of Quorum

Any legal body must have enough members present before it can conduct its business; this is known as a quorum.

The bottle I have is so underpowered that a dozen sprays from it at the start of a board meeting will barely last until the end of the first item on the agenda.

There were evidently so few odorants present on the 10th of January 2012, when the constituents of this juice were assembled, it could not have been a quorum.

21st May, 2016
Superb, if you love old-fashioned, masculine, uncompromising scents : I do.
First point. Insanely good value. It was cheap enough to risk a blind buy , which I'd never normally do unless a fragrance was both cheap and had a shed load of good reviews. Check and check.
It opens with a blast of soapy citrus, like strong lemon soap. And I get tobacco too, even at this early stage. Then moss, wood, tobacco, pine. The combination reminds me of the smell of a man getting washed in the bathroom in the morning. Closest scent to it: for me, Polo green.
It fades eventually to a delicious mossy, piny skin scent.
Longevity and sillage : both good.
This is a man who is older, very masculine, unaffected, uncompromising, rugged. Clean-cut but don't mess with him. Very sexy in a hard, masculine way. I can imagine the actor Ray Winstone in this.
It makes me feel masculine and confident. I'd take it with me travelling abroad on business: 1) because it's so cheap it doesn't matter if the airline loses your luggage or you leave it in a hotel room by mistake 2) the smell reminds me of travel, I really don't know why, but when I first smelled it I instantly saw a man sitting down on the seat next to me on a train (odd) and 3) suitable for any occasion, just use less for during the day.
Great stuff.
September 2015.
17th September, 2015
Close your eyes and think of the smell of a pine forest on a crisp autumn morning:inhale the bracing air,so green,so herbal,so brisk!then allow yourself to feel the clean and fresh feel and some natural masculine smell,undercurrent peeking through.then you have QUORUM by ANTONIO PUIG.definitely a must have for GENTLEMAN.It is a sophisticated men's fragrance that quickly establishes the user as a man of classic style and culture. Woody,Classic,Elegant,Aromatic, Bitter,Inviting,Inexpensive and Ultra Masculine.

It is based on the accord between the spicy freshness of pine tree and citruses and the deep,mellow scent of tobacco,leather and oakmoss.A harmonic combination of citrus with woods which instantly reads as masculine,chic,classic,fresh and warm at the same time,if you know what i mean...for a classic masculine reminds me of a formal gathering wearing a tuxedo. definitely not for boys.confident, sophisticated andmature men need only apply.It is also perfect for serious business meetings.the price is great.


Longevity?Good on my skin.

02nd June, 2015
sly303 Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Jeeez Quorum what a powertower of a fragrance. A ubiquitous product across the forums for a few reasons... Firstly, even if you fail to get on with with the content, the bottle is must have for the cabinet; a broad shouldered, masculine, 80's max barbershop classic! Amazing.

This one took me three attempts to finally appreciate its rawness, its attitude and its powerful notes of lemon, jasmine, leather (in that order). My mistake was a heavy trigger finger. Advise on one or two max and trust me, that will suffice for the day ahead. Perhaps even just one on the back of the neck.

Totally agree with some of the below comments in that this fragrance will not get you the complements from the pretty ladiez but will certainly make your shoulders broader ! grrrr

13th April, 2015
Damn this fragrance was the King in the 80s. wherever whenever you had it on people asked what you were wearing? Even today its a superb scent. This fragrance is like a Audi Quattro built for the kill, the first of a kind, that never held back and won accolades, however like a racist joke no matter how funny it is people wont admit that they find it funny. Maybe behind closed doors they will say damn thats good and if perfumes were prohibited that speakeasies would open and the number one scent Quorum! It is like the Film Predator, full of characters, upfront no pretence, however because there is no alpha female in the plot very frowned upon by those who tell us about being blase about a scent!
09th April, 2015
Never thought I would like this. Pine resin, pipe tobacco, cigarette ash, brown sugar and some hitherto undescribed species of acrid citrus fruit. Quorum is a living thing that wafts about you in a multifaceted powerhouse cloud. I suspect that most women dislike it with a vengeance, my wife certainly does. Oh, well, I will just keep it on my shelf and admire the bottle, it's a minor design masterpiece.
06th March, 2015

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