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R de Capucci (1986)
by Roberto Capucci


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Year of Launch1986
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseRoberto Capucci
Parent CompanyWeruska & Joel

About R de Capucci

R de Capucci is a masculine fragrance by Roberto Capucci. The scent was launched in 1986

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Reviews of R de Capucci

Very much a winner, shares the beautiful chewy oakmoss bed of many of the classics, and very much to my nose in the same family as (in my collection), PPHomme (jammy, fruity), Macassar (intense,dark,woody), Maxim's (boulevardier,tobacco), Phileas (raw, soap, celery).
R goes the fresh route with a great citrusy opening seamlessly turning greener as it evolves melding with the flowers, moss and a really nice and comfortable tonka warmth toward the far dry down.In it's freshness it reminds me of Nobile which does it with lavender. But R is much more complex and interesting.
Excellent stuff! Patou is my favorite of the lot but this takes second. (I like top lists haha)
03rd February, 2018
Stardate 20180125:

House of Capucci is not talked about at basenotes or elsewhere. A shame cause they made good stuff.
Capucci PH (both versions), Punjab, Yendi and R de Capucci are all great fragrances and it is unfortunate that they get little airtime. Perhaps because they are discontinued and Italian.
R de Capucci is a fougerish leatherish chypre. The florals make up for the lack of lavender.
Capucci PH and R de Capucci share the leatherish chyprish aspect. But R is the happier, prettier, brighter and more wearable of the two siblings.
The florals blend well with citrus, moss and amber giving it a nice glow.
And then there is the Rose.
Get it while you can. A masterpiece.

25th January, 2018
Dry, herbal, mossy chypre from the 80s with a touch of Italian seasoning. Refined. Mossy. Did I say mossy? I liken it to one man show dialed back by half... and more mossy. It shall forever be associated with mr. duckfinder, in gratitude.
07th November, 2017
Genre: Chypre

R. de Capucci has a classical opening of citrus and aromatics with plenty of dry, powdery lavender. Next up is a very rounded sandalwood supported by toasty spices, including a distinct touch of nutmeg. There is a dry, edgy rose in the heart as well, its character sharpened by an angular bitter note that seems to emanate from the woods. Since there's quite a bit of powder in its composition, R. de Capucci might come off as stuffy and "perfumey" without this bitter edge. Instead, the scent registers as tough and uncompromising. It's no Yatagan, but it's certainly not trying to smell "pretty," either.

R. de Capucci's bitter note eventually reveals itself as a very sharp vetiver, which takes over for the rose as the woody accord's principal accent. The drydown arrives quickly, but it is extended and attractive. All traces of the floral and aromatic notes dissipate to leave the vetiver resting on a very mossy leather base. There is nothing remotely sweet in R. de Capucci, and the impression that it leaves is that of a particularly austere chypre.

If you like Yatagan but find it too confrontational for daily wear, it's worth seeking out R. de Capucci. It's just as dry and austere as the Caron, but less harsh and animalic. In fact, it's civilized enough to make a sophisticated office scent.
24th June, 2014
Oviatt Show all reviews
United States
This dry, green leather chypre is beautifully made; a wonderfully balanced scent that showcases the oakmoss and leather in a wonderful way. That said, I don't really much like this scent although I am wearing it now as I write this review. It strikes me somehow as beautiful woman without sex appeal. It is perfect, it doesn't fall short and adding anything would put this out of balance. So why does this leave me cold, when other similar scents like Antaeus I love? What I do love is the fact that this is dry as a bone, crisp and green and very wearable.... it just leaves me cold--there is an austerity and frigidity to it that puts me off. I give it a thumbs up, though for being so beautifully made.
06th April, 2013
A gigantic old-school leathery-chypre with a glorious past and an excellent quality. Exoticism, nostalgia and tradition in a bottle. This wonderful oakmoss-leather-patchouli classic scent had for sure elements in common with other glorious fragrances as Antaeus and Aramis and i agree who with writes this is a more fluidy and wearable sort of Antaeus. Both are great and similar in the turned out idea of cool masculinity but R Capucci is less aggressive, cutting and herbal in my opinion, it's as mossy-leathery and darkly cool as Antaeus but in a less barber-shop kind of dimension. I smell some olfactory resemblances with the great and unfortunately discontinued Ho Hang Club cause both are uncompromisingly masculine, shadowy and classic but in a finally smooth, softly mild and mossy-leathery way. I'm amazed by this kind of fragrances that are virile, classic, cool and darkly boise'-suede. I love the vintage link of bergamot-aldehydes-rose-jasmine-leathery oakmoss but an important role is in here played by patchouli and ambergris, the first one imprinting obscure boldness while the second  (on the side of vetiver) the dusty-earthy, mysterious and pungent virility. The combination of musk and moss, on the side of bergamot, lemon, herbs and aldehydes imparts a sort of classic and angular  barber-shop exotic vibe while the spices and the neutral floral notes (rose in primis) infuse the typical barely mild kind of opacity. An hint of tonka in the base exudes just a touch of soft powder due to turn the smell out endly more smooth and comforting. A great, great classic.
10th May, 2012 (last edited: 22nd December, 2013)

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