Racine (1988)
by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier


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Year of Launch1988
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseMaître Parfumeur et Gantier
PerfumerJean Laporte

About Racine

Racine is a masculine fragrance by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier. The scent was launched in 1988 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Jean Laporte

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MPeG Racine opens beautifully with an old-school accord of citrus (mostly lime), neroli, mint, musk and probably rooty vetiver. Well made, bracing and with a classically naïf "cologney" gentlemanly vibe. Lemon is intense, vaguely medicinal and almost fizzy but I get at same time (as equally heady) a sort of bitter earthiness quite opaque, woody-camphoraceous and assertive. It seems to detect as well far echoes of dry hay or toasted tobacco. Hesperides, a touch of rootiness and the general muskiness conjure me vaguely the initial feel I used to pick up in the vintage Guerlain Vetiver eau de cologne formula back in the early 90's. Vetiver is constantly waving around under my nose but it is not a quite visceral-earthy vetiver, on the contrary it is mostly airy, freshly crisp and citric. Dry down, still unfolding this main citric vetiver's presence, is equally focused on a smoother and darker presence of woods, oakmoss and probably hints of benzoin/tonka bean. The juice is anything but original but could be a more than dignified solution for all the lovers of such retro gentlemanly pieces of nostalgic classicism. Really faint duration and projection on my skin.
25th May, 2016
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United Kingdom
The opening is quite unique: A well-made combination of lemon citrus with a lovely oakmoss - beautiful. The oakmoss over also different: not at all harsh or sharp, unusually mild and soft. Later on in the drydown a pleasant white musk is added, and the citrus recedes after the first hour.

Unexpectedly, the citrus reappears after another hour or so, albeit in an attenuated intensity, but at that stage the whole scent is very close to my skin and remain so until the end.

I get fairly soft sillage, adequate projection and five hours of longevity on my skin. The quality of the ingredients is marvelous.

The initial impression is very convincing in its simplicity, and this is a great, discrete summery office scent for those who do not like oakmoss in its classic and more forceful variety. 3.5/5
21st December, 2015
A most unusual creation. It begins with a sharp, dry burst of camphor, followed by a marriage of citrus rind and root vetiver, strands weaving around each other, bolstering each other up, floating in space to form a fragrant cloud. A friend notes a combination of coriander and mint, which would explain the camphor note.

Turin gave it four stars and honored it by placing it midway between the classic Guerlain and Carven vetivers.

The drydown removes the sharpness and dryness, leaving a warm, green root vetiver with softer citrus notes. A very nice addition to the vetiver family.
05th December, 2015
Genre: Woods

For better or worse, Racine is one of the more conventional scents to come out of this house. It is a polite vetiver, spiked with citrus and resting on a base of mellow woods. This makes it ideal for office wear, but if you're looking for a more aggressive and original take on vetiver you'll have to try Route du Vetiver, Etro's Vetiver, or Frederic Malle's Vetiver Extraordinaire.
01st July, 2014
A nice scent indeed. The opening is fresh and pleasant, mostly pungent spicy lemon, with a slight camphor feel at the base (some linalool feeling like in many insecticides), on a really nice, dense and quite dark base, with mossy/earthy and sweet/mellow notes of, respectively, oak moss and sandalwood (the same exact sandal note you get - enriched and amplified - in Santal Noble). And, of course, vetiver: great, thick, tasty vetiver. With a bit of white musks perhaps – something soft and mellow. So basically the axe is citrus-vetiver-oakmoss-sandalwood. A bit retrò, but not that usual, as many "eau de colognes" tend to me more classic and light, avoiding this oakmoss/wood dark, organic and earthy vibe. With some floral notes also, so it's quite domesticated and elegant - earthy, but not "raw". This composition reminded me a lot of some Parfum d'Empire fragrances, or better, the way round – probably MPeG is one of the ispirations of Msr. Corticchiato. An elegant personality with a vibrant natural twist. The drydown has a persistent citral/verbena note which I don't enjoy much, but apart from that, it's really nice.

29th April, 2014
After sampling my way through a ton of MPG's, this is definitely one of my favorites, but I'm a sucker for vetiver.

From the very top, that chypre smell is evident, especially a slightly fusty old-fashioned bergamot. But the star is definitely the vetiver. There's a fusion of lemon and ginger that smells like sparkling 7Up at first, but after an hour or so, it's all about the vetiver, insistent and green and peppery and flanked with a toasted almond smell that I really enjoyed. A rather dark geranium slowly slipped in and grew in prominence until the base, which was a rather dark mix of patchouli and geranium over mossy chypre elements, with the vetiver still humming along in its new, darker surroundings.

All in all, a very good traditional vetiver. It's weird - there are so many of these that even when I really like one, it's hard to get excited about it. Seriously, there are a lot of these and they're all really good - I could go broke buying all the vetivers that I like. Definitely a thumbs up, but without something to really set it apart (like Encre Noire's smoke or Le Labo's filthy animalics), I don't feel like I have much use for a whole bottle.
13th October, 2012

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