Reporter (1978)
    by Oleg Cassini

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    Reporter Fragrance Notes

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    Reporter is a men's fragrance by Oleg Cassini. The scent was launched in 1978

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    Lineary, hay, cologne

    Holiday impulse purchase on reviews here (found it in a pharmacy in Urbino, Italy, so if discontinued, perhaps being made under franchise?) and the name (I am one).

    Very linear, fresh summer hay. Like a slightly less complicated Aramais Tuscany.

    Once detected, that topnote fecal note is a putoff, but it fades.

    Pros: Old-skool class, old-skool bottle
    Cons: Fecal note"

    28th July, 2013

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    Italy Italy

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    Aromatic, animalic, herbal, laundry and exuding a discreet floral breeze. The note of cedarwood is dominant, the  beginning is sour, "toilette kind" and hesperidic, the  dry down is ambery, slightly honeyed, opaque and mossy with reminiscences of fragrances as Boss Spirit, Paco Rabanne Pour Homme and Arrogance Classic Pour Homme. The aromatic feel is produced by elements as laurel, lavender, fir, rosemary and artemisia. Really confortable, clean and conservative.

    P.s: i tested it again on my skin after a lot of time and unfortunately have to thumbs down the evaluation cause detect on me a sort of untollerable fecal note working throughout and coming out directly from an heady and aldehydic civet absolutely abominable and stinky. Really animalic and dirty, too much also for a lover of the animalic notes as me.

    10th February, 2012 (Last Edited: 27th March, 2013)

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    United States United States

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    Naed_NItram is right --- this is quite clearly one of Paco Rabanne's offspring. While there were a few Aramis imitators back in the day, Paco is the first fragrance I can think of to have spawned a variety of similar fragrances (Captain Molyneux, Mila Schon Uomo, Millionaire, et al) aside from the "Designer Impostor" types that blatantly advertise themselves as imitations of an original scent. Drakkar Noir was probably the next, and Cool Water and CK One-alikes practically defined the entire decade of the 90's.

    Reporter is somewhat more subdued than Paco, with more green and soft wood notes, and a less complex blend of aromatics overall. It doesn't smell like a cheap knockoff --- it's a skillful blend of similar ingredients, with smooth transitions from topnotes to base, and allowing for variations in chemistry, many folks might not notice the difference. If it were less artfully done I'd give it a Neutral, but since it's completely enjoyable I'll give it a thumbs up.

    25th March, 2010

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    Italy Italy

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    One of the greatest scents of the eighties! strong, durable and very masculine, i bought 2 bottles bvefore discontinued. smells terrific and ipnotic,

    30th October, 2009

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    Czech Republic Czech Republic

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    Lovely scent, classic, but not that old school way "daddyusedtosmelllikethis". It is easy wearable and will not offend anyone. From top to drydown it´smooth ride. Too bad it´s dicontinued.

    16th April, 2009

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    United States United States

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    I must disagree, Reporter doesn't smell like Paco Rabanne pH, it's more like an aromatic Declaration with lavender and green notes. Cedarwoods is a major player here. Discontinued but still can be found many places.

    17th November, 2008

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