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Révillon pour Homme (1977)
by Révillon


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Year of Launch1977
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Parent CompanyCora-Revillon Group

About Révillon pour Homme

Révillon pour Homme is a masculine fragrance by Révillon. The scent was launched in 1977

Révillon pour Homme fragrance notes

Reviews of Révillon pour Homme

Bavard Show all reviews
United States
Thumbs up for this 1977 release. It's rich and full bodied in the opening. It has a mossy green tinge, and smells like it was made from quality ingredients. It seems like an unobtrusive kind of smell, not a typical cologne smell to me. It almost smells like someone may have been working in the prep kitchen, with smells of food, soap, and leather. This is not a must-have for me, but I'm happy to have had a few wearings. This reminds me of Caron Yatagan, which I think I prefer.
25th April, 2017
Revillon Pour Homme is a verdant, woody fougere, which is delightful in all its phases. The composite seventies opening is benign, soothing and benefits from the absence of the clichéd citrus influence present in so many contemporaries.

The latter stages are especially noteworthy, from the resinous arboreal heart notes, to the oakmoss dominated base. Although this is often overlooked in most lists of great fougeres, it's a simple and beautiful composition and deserving of wider appreciation.

It is slightly marred by longevity and projection issues - on my skin it behaves much more like an Edc. Even the Haute Concentrate variant fails to fully remedy the issue. Despite this,I can thoroughly recommend the four hour journey that Revillon Pour Homme provides.
01st April, 2016
vadim Show all reviews
Russian Federation
Delicious in a good way (meaning not gourmand, just plain yummy). A perfectly balanced oily masculine fougere that has it all: lavender, herbs, conifers, leather, smoke, soap, moss, cloves, spices and much much more. A less spicy, softer version of Acteur meets a bolder Burberry's No. 1. Excellent!
14th January, 2016
Such a revelation this Revillon Pour Homme! It opens with the most classical herbal lavender paired to mossy notes to then introduce a pine / coniferous driven middle phase that shares something with another of my all-time favorites: Phileas by Nina Ricci. The central dark green accord is joined by masculine florals such as carnation and geranium while a super solid woody-mossy base supports the whole composition. Complex and refined but, most of all, while being unquestionably old-school, it sets itself apart from most masculine fragrances of the same era for being incredibly civilized while still resulting full-bodied. Incredible quality of the ingredients, fantastic performance.

A must have and an instant favorite.
08th May, 2015
Man, oh man! I was lucky enough to smell this wonderful fragrance and It got me down on my knees!! So marvellous I was stupefied with its opening... Took me a few seconds to recover my conciousness, after that blast of lavender and herbal notes that were quickly surrounded by a delicious green/pine smell, so refreshing and at the same time, so deep!
Oakmoss in the base, present and distinguishable, just a bit earthy, never mouldy. WOW!
Its lavender reminds me of Azzaro's one, but they're pretty different, as Revillon is greener and fresher while Azzaro is more earthy and sensual. I don't know why, but something in this fragrance also brings Capucci pour homme back to my mind, although I prefer Revillon by a mile (much more intoxicating and complex).
Truly difficult to describe, a masterpiece, going straight to my top 5!
02nd April, 2015
drseid Show all reviews
United States
Revillon pour Homme opens with an aromatic blast of herb-laced lavender supported by hints of oakmoss and cedar rising from the base. As the composition moves to its early heart the aromatic lavender remains but quickly takes a back seat to the oakmoss which takes on a soapy, slightly ashy tobacco green character. Moving through its middle, the lavender and oakmoss gradually dissipate, allowing supporting carnation and prominent green coniferous fir to enter the fold with trace hints of tonka bean-derived sweetness also entering the mix. During the late dry-down the oakmoss and lavender finally fade completely to the background as mild cinnamon spiced woods join the remnants of the now diminished green fir and slightly sweet tonka bean through the finish. Projection is very good, especially early but longevity is slightly below average at about 6-7 hours on skin.

As soon as I applied Revillon pour Homme on skin I knew I loved it. The first thing that grips you is the aromatic lavender and super-strong soapy oakmoss. Early-on it is hard not to make the comparison with vintage Captain Molyneux, as the two compositions smell quite similar through the early heart phase. As vintage Captain Molyneux is a "Top 10" caliber composition to this reviewer, any comparison with that masterpiece should be taken as the highest compliment. That said, if Revillon pour Homme merely cloned that earlier 70s masterpiece it would be notable as smelling amazing, but potentially unnecessary if you already owned vintage Captain. Once you get further into the heart phase of the composition it is clear that Revillon pour Homme is no Captain clone. To the contrary, it distinguishes itself with its liberal use of coniferous fir and just a touch of sweetness and natural smelling woods to send the two compositions ultimately in different directions. There really isn't anything to gripe about save its slightly below par longevity, but when the open smells as good as the one here, consider it just another reason to experience it again if one needs to reapply late in the day. In the end if forced, I still prefer the overall top-to-bottom presentation of vintage Captain, but now having smelled Revillon pour Homme there is no way I would ever be without this additional 70's masterpiece in my collection as well. The bottom line is the discontinued approximately $150 per 120ml bottle on the aftermarket Revillon pour Homme is outside of vintage Captain Molyneux the next best thing I have sniffed out of the 70's, earning a "masterpiece" rating of 4.5 to 5 stars out of 5 and an extremely strong recommendation to all, especially oakmoss lovers.
12th October, 2014

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