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Royal Bain de Caron / Royal Bain de Champagne (1941)
by Caron


Royal Bain de Caron / Royal Bain de Champagne information

Year of Launch1941
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerErnest Daltroff
PackagingFélicie Bergaud
Parent CompanyAles Group

About Royal Bain de Caron / Royal Bain de Champagne

Now called Royal Bain de Caron after the Champagne manufacturers had a word, suffering the same fate as what was to become Yvresse by YSL.

Royal Bain de Caron / Royal Bain de Champagne fragrance notes

Reviews of Royal Bain de Caron / Royal Bain de Champagne

I first noticed Royal Bain de Champagne in 1985, when it was featured in a GQ Magazine photoshoot of a medicine cabinet full of products. It was photographed by Helmut Newton back in the mid 1980’s, and I had to find that bottle! Something about it was just so very cool and so different from all the others!

I located a bottle at this really old perfume shop in Wilmington, DE and the nice lady who owned the shop was equally as ancient. She had treasure beyond belief! I couldn’t really afford all that I wanted, but I did buy a large bottle of Royal Bain de Champagne and also a small bottle of Patou Pour Homme. I was hooked from then on....

Thick, rich, resinous scent full of a melange of various deep woods and crisp floral notes.
The vanilla and musk base are particularly intoxicating and the projection and longevity are outstanding. Maybe a bit too cloying if over-applied, so be careful....

I dare say that this a precursor to Faberge’s Brut and in some ways I’m reminded of a thicker/stronger Helmut Lang Cologne. More masculine than feminine, but equally draws compliments from both sexes the few times I wear this in a years time.
14th December, 2017
A rich, deep oriental. A flowery incense scent. A base of musky vanilla. Giant opoponax and benzoin intensity. Not for the timid wallflower type.
02nd June, 2017
Certain pieces of ambient music provide an oasis of muted abstraction, where the ear rests, is soothed by amorphous tones, and is fulfilled. Royal Bain de Caron is ambient for my nose. It is pastel-hued, walks in on a cloud and settles on the skin like softest of down.
Its main accord evokes a nostalgic, bygone ages mood, while being striking in its novelty. It’s a light-as-a-marshmallow floral (lilac in this instance) caressed by kitten-soft suede (an effect created mainly by the resins and sandalwood in the composition). Marshmallow, old-fashioned ‘cream’ soap, the scent of a powder compact, these are all evoked but with that gentle resins and woods base, and the infusion of a similarly restrained vanilla and the beautiful skin-like Caron musk. It has substance to it without heaviness.
Wears light and soft, so more of a ‘just for myself’ scent than something for an occasion. I was captured on my first encounter with it and wear it as a comfort scent on busy days. As it is difficult to overdo, I can spray as little or as much as I like without a second thought.
28th July, 2015
Genre: Oriental

Royal Bain de Caron is a bright, citrus-laden oriental scent built over a sweet and intensely powdery vanilla and amber base. The creamy texture of its citrus accord reminds me for some reason of Shalimar, and I suppose that if you peeled away the civet, the smoke, and the spices from Shalimar, you’d wind up with something like Royal Bain de Caron. All of which is a roundabout way of saying that Royal Bain de Caron is a stripped down version of the classical oriental fragrance structure.

In its apparent simplicity and the “tutti frutti” nature of its citrus accord, Royal Bain de Caron seems surprisingly modern for a 1920s composition. I recall reading somewhere that Royal Bain de Caron was reformulated in the 1990s, and I have to say it smells like it. I can’t deny that it’s buoyant and cheerful, rare qualities among oriental fragrances, but Royal Bain de Caron also smells thin and bare to me, like an orchestral theme played on an electric keyboard. Whether you enjoy this scent depends on what you want out of an oriental fragrance. If it’s sweet powder and good cheer you’re after, Royal Bain de Caron has plenty, but for the exotic spices, sultry atmosphere, and mysterious depths an oriental fragrance can conjure, you’ll have to look elsewhere.
01st July, 2014
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United States
So I tried this after having it recommended to me several times by my local shop girl. I will allow as other reviewers talk of the many different reformulations that my experience may have been bottle/batch specific. RBdC is...interesting. I'm doubtful of the "shared" designation as it is very sweetly floral, definitely lilac and a pure lilac at that. The cedar note is there and im not sure it harmonizes very well with the lilac. Together they tend to smell like Grandmother's hope chest when opened on a hot, humid day. This MIGHT be pleasant for a certain niche of women, but really doesn't spark a masculine vibe...or a youthful one. RBdC does last remarkably long - over 8 hours on skin.
19th May, 2014
Caron is a fragrance house that can't leave you indifferent (Guerlain is, to my mind, much more consensual).

RBdC opens in a very strong and very disturbing opening note, like the shock you have opening a bottle of champagne.

And then, after few seconds, it softens in plain Vanilla and a floral, powdery scent, like those old violet candies...

I wouldn't wear it outside. But for a sunday of early december, when you want to take care of yourself and have a touch of nostalgia, it is just perfect.
29th November, 2013

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