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Royal Copenhagen (1970)
by Royal Copenhagen


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Year of Launch1970
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseRoyal Copenhagen
Parent CompanyQuality King Distributors > Perfumania Holdings > Five Star Fragrances
Parent Company at launchSwank

About Royal Copenhagen

Royal Copenhagen is a masculine fragrance by Royal Copenhagen. The scent was launched in 1970

Reviews of Royal Copenhagen

i found it very good and lasting too
01st March, 2015
My apologies first to those who like this scent. I'm normally a defender of classic, drugstore variety fragrances, even some like Tabac that are quite powdery. And usually my memory of scents doesn't betray me. I thought originally that my father wore this, but now I think perhaps I confused it with British Sterling. As I read through the earlier reviews here I thought, "now calling this something you'd smell in a nursing home is a bit harsh." So I promptly ordered a bottle and eagerly anticipated its arrival. I excitedly opened it up, splashed some on--and blanched. I showered--maybe twice. I threw the bottle out. And still the smell lingered horribly for the rest of the day, like some dank, ill-vented parlor. It was definitely not my cup of tea.

30th March, 2014
Royal Copenhagen is a sweet oriental, yet somehow the overall effect is cool rather than warm. It feels brisk and bracing even though the ingredients would suggest something warm and a bit spicy. H & R's Fragrance Guide lists the components as:

Top: Bergamot, lemon, lime, aldehyde, cardamom, green note
Middle: Rose, jasmine, patchouli, orris, carnation, cedarwood, vetiver
Base: Tonka, amber, honey, moss, vanilla, musk, heliotrope

It resembles Kanon original (another Scandinavian-themed sweet oriental) a little, and its descendants include such classics as Lagerfeld, Chaps, Stetson, and JHL.

It also has an affinity with Zizanie and Imperial del Oro's Russian Leather, which I suspect may have among the inspirations for RC. A 5-star classic!

29th March, 2014

[CODE][/CODE]When I smell this, I picture in my mind a cold, powdery nursing home. Not a pleasant place to be, my friends.

23rd July, 2013
8 oz. Royal Copenhagen Splash Review


the original was 4 stars, the original limited edition with natural ingredients was 5, this newer and cheaper version ($20 for 8 oz splash bottle) is hardly 3.5 stars.

clean powder cologne for those who wanna play it safe.

ideal for sunday brunch

Pros: clean, powdery smell
Cons: reformulation is inferior to original"

08th July, 2013
So right off the bat I have to say that if you do not like powdery scents then just turn away now; but if you do enjoy a powdery smell then this one suits well.

Once sprayed it exudes a strong talc powder scent then slowly fades into a more balance between talc, lavender and vanilla. It's not a very complex scent but has a great longevity to it. I have sprayed it and the smell would stay for over a day!

This scent is great in that it's different from usual fragrances, and if you like the oldschool barber shop smell or just a powdery fragrance to add to your collection, then this will please you instantly.

Personally I like to spray this after taking a shower at night, it's really fitting.
07th January, 2013

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