Royal Delight (1993)
    by Creed

    • Launched: 1993
    • Type: Shared / Unisex / Unspecified
    • Availability: In Production
    • Perfumer: Unknown - Let us know
    • Bottle Designer: Unknown - Let us know

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    I'm honestly not sure what's up with Royal Delight. From the reviews here and descriptions elsewhere, I'm very suspicious that there have been at least two very different formulations over the years, one of which is a floral leather and the other of which smells like Original Santal or Joop. My (new-ish) sample is definitely from the Joop camp.

    It smells like that Christmas potpourri mix of vanilla, clove, and cinnamon, drenched with grenadine or cherry syrup. It's supported by a thin sort of funky gasoline smell and a pinch of dirty pine. As for this formulation, it's pretty much unnecessary now that we have the much better Original Santal, which does the same basic thing, but with rich sandalwood and ambrox underneath giving the who scent way more richness and character than Royal Delight.

    Personally, I'd love to smell this mythical other version of Royal Delight, the one that smells like Royal English Leather with more flowers - it sounds wonderful.

    22 January, 2013

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    I give this a tremendous thumbs up!!! I really enjoy this fragrance. I have been so intrigued and fortunate by the Creed line. This brand of fragrances are simply amazing!

    As for Royal Delight, as I read through many reviews I was a bit hesitant with the many that suggested this fragrance to be feminine. Once I received RD, at first I was shocked and thought...those reviews were right. However, after the dry down...WHAT A SURPRISE SHOCKER!!!

    Yes, at first spray you will think more feminine, but once you let it evolve you will be truly amazed!! I am not very scent savvy so I can not descriptively give those notes, however, this fragrance is somewhat sweet and leathery yet, very masculine!! There a small reminiscent of JOOP as well as Original Santal, yet Royal Delight is its own scent.

    Give RD a chance and you will not be disappointed!!!

    31st December, 2012

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    Preston H
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    Just picked up a 30ml bottle of this from creed boutique. Last year I spotted a 250ml flacon at bergdoff goodman and passed on it. I'm kicking myself now. This is a softer more wearable version of Royal English Leather. It's very floral and sophisticated and it balances out the leather because REL can be overpowering at times but royal delight is pure perfection

    23 December, 2012

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    Royal Delight is amazing imo ,I must admitt it does resemble JIE , but that's not a bad thing . I have to disagree about it being "love it or hate it" , I find it to be a soft leathery floral , very classy once the dry down occurs .

    02 November, 2012

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    This scent LASTS. I smell some lime, some leather, some other stuff I don't know but like. Its different and I like it. Smells like a man. Two squirts lasts all day. I get a lot of favorable comments. For years I wore this or Green Irish Tweed. I have since bought a few others but those two were my staple for years.

    28 June, 2012

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    Some say this is a love it or hate it fragrance. I hate it. Vanilla and leather don't mix well at all. Smells weird and bad.

    10th January, 2012

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