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Royal Delight (1993)
by Creed


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Year of Launch1993
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyCreed

About Royal Delight

The story of Creed Royal Delight is a story of romance and escape. A year after the death of the King of Spain, his widow, the Queen, commissioned a fragrance from Creed in 1886 for the new man she would marry in secret, a royal guard. In those days, royal widows were not to remarry.  Royal Delight is a leathery-floral fragrance the Queen’s new husband loved and wore. With this gift of scent, the couple lived happily ever after, although news of their marriage caused scandal and forced the Queen from her throne.

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Reviews of Royal Delight

The length of time this perfume lasts on the skin is astounding. It fills the room with only one spray. I must say that I bought this blindly. Not knowing what to expect, I went into the scent with an open mind. I knew that there were leather notes with ambergris, and was prepared for a masculine scent. The bergamot opens nicely and it immediately transitions into a jasmine/violet floral scent. Throughout the dry-down, I get a very musky smell. Could be the leather and ambergris working together. I like the scent, but because I feel that I wont get compliments out with this on, I will give it a neutral rating. I will most likely wear this around the house, and around family.
17th February, 2016
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United States
Royal Delight was a blind buy for me, and I really had no idea what to expect, considering the many polarizing reviews. I'm not sure if the reformulation stories are true, but I don't get any resemblance to Original Santal or Joop. What I do get is a burst of wonderful citrus top notes, a zesty tangerine, followed by a slightly animalic accord. It slowly dries down to a dark floral and powdery leather. Longevity is excellent and 2-3 sprays is really all one needs, otherwise it may be a bit cloying. I definitely feel this is a more mature, sophisticated, and older style fragrance - one that won't be appreciated by those just starting their fragrance journey. Surely not something a person in their twenties would wear. Come back to it though and I think you'll really appreciate it.
02nd December, 2015
I was pounded first by the violet and then the leather. It reminded me of Green Irish Tweed a little (due to the violet middle note). After a while the violet strengthens into a flowery grape smell with the jasmine. The bergamot is in the background and fades pretty quickly. The tangerine stays for a while to sweeten up the violet and jasmine. It stays like this for a long time and for some people it will be too cloying. It has punishing longevity and the sillage is maximum. As it dries down you get more ambergris than leather. Try before you buy.
23rd November, 2014
I'm honestly not sure what's up with Royal Delight. From the reviews here and descriptions elsewhere, I'm very suspicious that there have been at least two very different formulations over the years, one of which is a floral leather and the other of which smells like Original Santal or Joop. My (new-ish) sample is definitely from the Joop camp.

It smells like that Christmas potpourri mix of vanilla, clove, and cinnamon, drenched with grenadine or cherry syrup. It's supported by a thin sort of funky gasoline smell and a pinch of dirty pine. As for this formulation, it's pretty much unnecessary now that we have the much better Original Santal, which does the same basic thing, but with rich sandalwood and ambrox underneath giving the who scent way more richness and character than Royal Delight.

Personally, I'd love to smell this mythical other version of Royal Delight, the one that smells like Royal English Leather with more flowers - it sounds wonderful.
22nd January, 2013
I give this a tremendous thumbs up!!! I really enjoy this fragrance. I have been so intrigued and fortunate by the Creed line. This brand of fragrances are simply amazing!

As for Royal Delight, as I read through many reviews I was a bit hesitant with the many that suggested this fragrance to be feminine. Once I received RD, at first I was shocked and thought...those reviews were right. However, after the dry down...WHAT A SURPRISE SHOCKER!!!

Yes, at first spray you will think more feminine, but once you let it evolve you will be truly amazed!! I am not very scent savvy so I can not descriptively give those notes, however, this fragrance is somewhat sweet and leathery yet, very masculine!! There a small reminiscent of JOOP as well as Original Santal, yet Royal Delight is its own scent.

Give RD a chance and you will not be disappointed!!!
31st December, 2012
Just picked up a 30ml bottle of this from creed boutique. Last year I spotted a 250ml flacon at bergdoff goodman and passed on it. I'm kicking myself now. This is a softer more wearable version of Royal English Leather. It's very floral and sophisticated and it balances out the leather because REL can be overpowering at times but royal delight is pure perfection
23rd December, 2012

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