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Royal Delight (1993)
by Creed


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Year of Launch1993
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyCreed

About Royal Delight

The story of Creed Royal Delight is a story of romance and escape. A year after the death of the King of Spain, his widow, the Queen, commissioned a fragrance from Creed in 1886 for the new man she would marry in secret, a royal guard. In those days, royal widows were not to remarry.  Royal Delight is a leathery-floral fragrance the Queen’s new husband loved and wore. With this gift of scent, the couple lived happily ever after, although news of their marriage caused scandal and forced the Queen from her throne.

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Reviews of Royal Delight

Quite an interesting story behind this classy scent! Creed's Royal Delight, as noted by other reviewers, has a resemblance to Green Irish Tweed and Original Santal, both by Creed. There is enough of a difference in this leathery-floral potion where it can be perceived as different.

Powdery, citrus, creamish, leathery, waxy....some of the descriptions that come to my mind when I sniff RD. It has a decidedly masculine quality to it, though this one is labeled as unisex.

LONG lasting on my skin and with fairly broad sillage. I can grow to really really enjoy it, but personally I am such a HUGE fan of Original Santal to the point that I'd rather turn to that versus Royal Delight.

Nonetheless, it exudes class and quality as other Creed scents tend to do. Hard to find, being discontinued.
18th September, 2018
This one tries to follow a similar concept as EDT Chanel Cuir de Russie: It’s a gentle delicate scent that intertwines sweetness, florals, and of course leather. The opening consisted of a fusion of sweetness and florals with citrus and jasmine notes. In time the scent becomes more floral with violet emerging more towards the front. In the dry down a tamed subdued leather note can be felt that lies on top of Creed’s familiar ambergris as well as some wood notes likely sandalwood. The sweetened opening was a little bit stronger than I would’ve wanted for this scent. I’d consider the sweetness a bit saturated and excessive at times which takes away from the scent IMO. Some have drawn similarities to both Joop Homme and Original Santal which I could understand. As for the leather it is very subtle, restrained by other surrounding notes which to me is disappointing. Royal English Leather would be a good choice if one is looking for a classic leather scent. Royal Delight relies heavily on the support of other notes which drowns out the leather considerably. The overall scent shows elegance; the combination of sweetness and florals to leather would definitely make it more unisex. The longevity and silage are reasonably good with Royal Delight which ended up lasting the entire day ~8-10 hours. That being said it’s best for cooler weather. Unimpressed and underwhelmed would be my opinion of this scent.
30th June, 2018
Creed Royal Delight is a somewhat less discussed discontinued EDT-era offering, a creamy, sweet, floral/leather mix.

It's a mix of citruses, florals, leather, and ambergris, and it's unclear what makes the blend slightly sweet. Perhaps it's just the ambergris mixing with the florals and citrus in a certain way, as surely the leather would contrast this.

The leather is subtle, though, a base at the bottom at what more strikes me like a wood-based blend, with lasting citrus and the violet/jasmine blend assists without overwhelming. Violet perhaps adds the perfect amount of sharpness, just as it does in Green Irish Tweed, without really taking over or distracting.

Royal Delight reminds me of a lot of Original Santal, not so much in terms of the actual notes but in terms of sweet, creamy, citrus, woody vibe that I get out of both.

Performance is very good and the fragrance is highly versatile, but I believe it fetches a pretty penny since it's been discontinued. Still, a great entry from the line and another example of a discontinued that perhaps shouldn't have been, though ultimately I do get the same mood from Original Santal. From what I can tell, though, I'm on an island with that perspective, though.

8 out of 10
27th February, 2018
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The fresh opening with a citric bergamot is creating a nice opening blast.

Soon this gives way to a floral drydown, with more violet and jasmine on my skin. Sweet, rich and with a creamy character, but never cloying.

The other major player is a rich and luscious vanilla, which at times has indolic undertones. Added to that is the leather, a rich, luxurious sweetish leather, less intense than REL and more integrated into the rest of the mix than a freestanding leather.

The sillage is moderate, the projection excellent, and the longevity an impressive - especially for a Creed - ten hours on my skin.

This rich autumnal creation is based in quite an original triad of leather, floral and vanilla that is blended beautifully with the other components. The ingredients are of excellent quality. At times it lacks structural refinement, but apart from that it is a fine Creed. 3.75/5.
27th February, 2018
The length of time this perfume lasts on the skin is astounding. It fills the room with only one spray. I must say that I bought this blindly. Not knowing what to expect, I went into the scent with an open mind. I knew that there were leather notes with ambergris, and was prepared for a masculine scent. The bergamot opens nicely and it immediately transitions into a jasmine/violet floral scent. Throughout the dry-down, I get a very musky smell. Could be the leather and ambergris working together. I like the scent, but because I feel that I wont get compliments out with this on, I will give it a neutral rating. I will most likely wear this around the house, and around family.
17th February, 2016
revtil Show all reviews
United States
Royal Delight was a blind buy for me, and I really had no idea what to expect, considering the many polarizing reviews. I'm not sure if the reformulation stories are true, but I don't get any resemblance to Original Santal or Joop. What I do get is a burst of wonderful citrus top notes, a zesty tangerine, followed by a slightly animalic accord. It slowly dries down to a dark floral and powdery leather. Longevity is excellent and 2-3 sprays is really all one needs, otherwise it may be a bit cloying. I definitely feel this is a more mature, sophisticated, and older style fragrance - one that won't be appreciated by those just starting their fragrance journey. Surely not something a person in their twenties would wear. Come back to it though and I think you'll really appreciate it.
02nd December, 2015

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