Royal Scottish Lavender (1856)
    by Creed

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    Royal Scottish Lavender information

    Royal Scottish Lavender is a men's fragrance by Creed. The scent was launched in 1856

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    I wanted to love this one, but liking it will suffice...

    Straight-up lavender has always been far too strong for me, so I was thrilled at the prospect of a scent that promised to blend it with vanilla, bergamot, and other tempering notes. This is just lovely for about the first thirty seconds to a minute, where I can really pick out the lavender, bergamot, and vanilla blending beautifully, but after that it dries down to a dull, dusty generic floral. I wish you better luck than mine!

    Pros: an extremely unique blend
    Cons: doesn't last long on me at all"

    26 July, 2013

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    United States United States

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    Thumbs way up! I had this for two months before I wore it and it's a hidden gem for me. The lavender is so refreshing, and they really spiced it up n added vanilla to the mix to give this a vintage unisex vibe. Any time I wear this, I turn heads cuz nothing smells like this...

    12 April, 2012

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    I bought this yesterday and wore it to work today Wow, this was sublime!

    Dullah nailed the notes in his review - top notes of tart citrus followed by fresh lavender and then incense. I'm not going to try to improve on his review other than to say he was spot on and give my thumbs up on this wonderful fragrance.

    This is an EdT - so you definitely need to be generous with your sprays. I did 3 to the wrist and shirt cuff. Could be more aggressive. Got wiffs most of the morning and still could smell the fragrance on the wrist after 10 hours.

    I may even like this more than BdP.

    04 February, 2012

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    Canada Canada

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    It starts with a very good lavender note: airy, herbal, suggesting both flowers and leaves. The scent quickly becomes very much in the Creed style, namely round and smooth, even somewhat luxurious. The vanilla is restrained, thankfully. There are hints of spices (cloves, nutmeg) to give a masculine vibe. The scent is subtle and sits close to the skin.
    I like a lavender scent to be more lively and sharp than this -- however, many will like it and it is very well done.

    08 August, 2011

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    There is nothing feminine about this fragrance; it is neither soapy OR light, and has nothing in common with Himalaya. This is CLEARLY masculine, as it is a classic, old-school lavendar.

    20th September, 2010

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    I have lots of respect for each of the woody/herbal/mossy "older gentleman" scents that creed makes. From BdP, Private Tabarome, BdG, Bois De Santal, Cypres Musc....I truly appreciate them all.

    But this is my personal favorite "old man" creed. I have liked it since I first tested it, and put off buying it for a number of reasons, the most practical of which being: Royal Scottish Lavender isn't really all that accessible, contemporary or "mainstream friendly"....but I kept coming back to it so many times when testing, that I HAD TO buy a bottle finally (lot # CH21U05).

    It starts with a blast of tart Citrus, and fresh, natural Lavender oil, a Lavender that smells precisely like what my fingers smell like 10 seconds after rubbing the lavender buds between them. Not too bitter or soapy like many Lavenders can be, very natural and endearing in scent.

    This tempers, becomes greener and more mellow, accompanied by a light spiciness from clove, and then my favorite part of the scent begins to is a scent that reminds me of the literal first stick of incense I purchased with money from my own pocket......

    ...Fred Soll's Red Sandalwood with Special Herbs. This is a natural resin incense that smells incredible...and Creed has managed to capture this in the base of Royal Scottish Lavender!!! It contains Red Sandalwood, Pinon Resin, and doesn't mention what type of "special herbs" it uses, but one of them certainly could be Lavender resin. Anyways...

    Red Sandalwood is not the same type of Sandalwood often used in perfumery, it is ontologically different, used more in folk medicine than anything else. Pterocarpus Santalinus (Red Sandalwood) has a drier, spicer, more medicinal smell than the smooth, almost buttery smell of Santalum Algum, or the smooth/dusty/sweet smell of Santalum Spicata.

    And in addition to this wonderful woody note and the remnants of what seems to be a Lavender-root infusion or lavender absolute, there also seems to be a very classsic and beautiful mix of both Ambergris and Castoreum here. If you have smelled the castoreum in Cruel Intentions, the same olfactory profile pops up up here. And the Ambergris is alot like many of the older Creeds, and less like the Millesime base.

    All in all, this is such a spectacular take on Lavender, and it is many many worlds ahead of the #2 ranked lavender scent, Czech & Speake's Oxford & Cambridge. However since it is a very classic, non-contemporary scent, I will advise everyone to test prior to buying. But if you're like me, in your appreciation for very natural, almost medicinal scents, you will absolutely love this.

    Two thumbs way way up.

    05 September, 2010

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