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Royal Scottish Lavender (1856)
by Creed


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Year of Launch1856
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyCreed

About Royal Scottish Lavender

Royal Scottish Lavender is a masculine fragrance by Creed. The scent was launched in 1856

Reviews of Royal Scottish Lavender

Royal Scottish Lavender is probably one of the better lavender based fragrances that I’ve smelled. I’m not a fan of lavender based fragrances and this one is no exception, but I’ll admit this one was a well-made scent. From the opening, I got notes of citrus and bergamot paired up against lavender giving a bright and clean opening. The citrusy (citrus and bergamot) notes quickly fade away leaving the lavender which Dullah had previously mentioned was ‘very natural’ smelling. The spicy notes or ‘cloves’ joins the lavender at the heart giving a much more masculine vibe. At the base, light subtle notes of amber, vanilla, sandalwood, and ambergris are introduced creating a slightly subdued version of the classic Creed drydown all the while maintaining some of the existing lavender and spice notes. Longevity and silage were good with 4-6 hours of longevity with moderate silage for the first 2-3 hours before staying close to the skin. In terms of versatility, the best times to wear it would be in the spring and summer months in cooler weather conditions. I consider RSL as a casual and outdoor scent best worn during the daytime. RSL does carry an ‘old school’ vibe and something that an older gentleman could possibly wear. This one I didn’t care much for quite simply because I just don’t enjoy lavender. Overall, Royal Scottish Lavender was a well-made fragrance and one to try out if you happen to appreciate classic Creed scents.
20th April, 2015
The sillage is good and the interplay of the notes makes this one satisfying. This time bergamot shows up more strongly than other Creeds and mixes well with the citrus and lavender. What is surprising is when the beautiful sandalwood arrives and stays to the drydown. There is a little hint of the spiciness found in Acier Aluminum but less upfront.
23rd November, 2014
I wanted to love this one, but liking it will suffice...

Straight-up lavender has always been far too strong for me, so I was thrilled at the prospect of a scent that promised to blend it with vanilla, bergamot, and other tempering notes. This is just lovely for about the first thirty seconds to a minute, where I can really pick out the lavender, bergamot, and vanilla blending beautifully, but after that it dries down to a dull, dusty generic floral. I wish you better luck than mine!

Pros: an extremely unique blend
Cons: doesn't last long on me at all"

26th July, 2013
Thumbs way up! I had this for two months before I wore it and it's a hidden gem for me. The lavender is so refreshing, and they really spiced it up n added vanilla to the mix to give this a vintage unisex vibe. Any time I wear this, I turn heads cuz nothing smells like this...
12th April, 2012
I bought this yesterday and wore it to work today Wow, this was sublime!

Dullah nailed the notes in his review - top notes of tart citrus followed by fresh lavender and then incense. I'm not going to try to improve on his review other than to say he was spot on and give my thumbs up on this wonderful fragrance.

This is an EdT - so you definitely need to be generous with your sprays. I did 3 to the wrist and shirt cuff. Could be more aggressive. Got wiffs most of the morning and still could smell the fragrance on the wrist after 10 hours.

I may even like this more than BdP.
04th February, 2012
It starts with a very good lavender note: airy, herbal, suggesting both flowers and leaves. The scent quickly becomes very much in the Creed style, namely round and smooth, even somewhat luxurious. The vanilla is restrained, thankfully. There are hints of spices (cloves, nutmeg) to give a masculine vibe. The scent is subtle and sits close to the skin.
I like a lavender scent to be more lively and sharp than this -- however, many will like it and it is very well done.
08th August, 2011

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