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Royal Water (1997)
by Creed


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Year of Launch1997
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyCreed

About Royal Water

This vibrant, clean, and understated classic was created as a tribute to Britain’s young royals, the next generation of the House of Windsor heirs.

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Reviews of Royal Water

Royal Water is my tenth creed frag. I bought it because I was looking for a new addition with good longevity after neroli sauvage proved to be 9/10's a skin scent, though it is really beautiful.

What an underrated gem Royal Water is. I buy blind because I'm not paying retail at Neiman Marcus, the only brick and mortar creed retailer in my vicinity, and I'm too impatient for the ordering of sample vials. I'd rather just wing it and hope for the best. Needless to say I am a big creed fan and trust the brand.

I was hesitant about the peppermint note because I didn't want to walk around smelling like some sugary peppermint life-saver all day. I can say that the peppermint is there, but wonderfully restrained.

The note pyramid is pretty much right on. And you can smell that wonderful creed ambergris base that I fell in love with. And as for its longevity, it's terrific. In those terms it holds its own with Royal Oud, Aventus and GIT, among others.

It is a pretty scent, not terribly masculine to be sure, but I'm more or less a guy's guy and I have no problem wearing it.
Some have said that it smells like something an old lady would wear. I don't find it to be that at all.
The citrus opening is similar to the neroli sauvage opening, and you can smell the musk in it which usually gives me confidence in the longevity of any creed.

I will agree with others in that it seems to fall somewhere in the midst of other creeds, sharing different parts of different creed scents. And I wouldn't call it ground-breakingly original.

Overall, I'm very happy with it.
10th March, 2018
Frosted-glass citrus
With brill syn tweaks somehow says
God save the whole lot.
17th December, 2017
Royal Water is another of the fresh Creed fragrances and probably the one that is least heralded. The scent falls between several other Creed productions and is by far the most synthetic toned fragrance of the line. While I don't think Creed has gone with faux notes in RW, the opening combination of citrus and mint do give it a plasticized nature. It's very reminiscent of a Bond No9 aquatic fragrance, that while good quality, just seems like the designer spilled a note in that doesn't belong. In RW it's the peppermint and perhaps the basil that clash with the traditional Italian EdC formula. The fragrance does have better than average sillage and longevity, but it just doesn't work for me, especially considering that Creed has multiple true gems that fill this space far better. An indifferent Neutral for me.
28th September, 2017
Very citrusy and fresh. Unisex for sure. Starts out leaning more feminine with the citrus but as it dries down the basil note comes out and makes it lean masculine. I didn't like this at first, but the more I tested it, the more it grew on me. Honestly it's all in the application. It's quite loud, especially for a Creed, so one or two sprays to the chest and you're good. Apply to the neck and arm points at your own risk!
18th January, 2017 (last edited: 21st March, 2017)
Citrus then peppermint. I really enjoy it. It smells clean, slightly powdery and like an old woman according to my wife. I don't happen to agree with her on that last part. I like Royal Water and enjoy wearing it. A little goes a long way though, so over spraying is a bad idea with this fragrance. It gets a bit cloying if you apply too much, so spray lightly and enjoy! I apply at the wrists and it's plenty strong enough to enjoy throughout the day. If applied to face and neck, it gets a bit overpowering to me, so the wrists are perfect for this one in my opinion.
18th August, 2016
I have used this fragrance for over 2 months now most days.

Wonderful scent that I keep sniffing all day. Perfect summer scent. 'Soft' Lemon scent with no harsh/sharpness/acidity to the citrus notes and a 'hint of mint' in the back round. There is an initial harsh top note upon spraying for about 50 minutes, then afterwards it's heavenly. So apply at least 50 minutes before intending to be around others. On clothing this harshness can be prolonged, so it's not recommended to spray but the slightest 'mist' on clothing. My recommendation is to keep the bulk of any wet spray on the skin only.

Scent transition/layers - This fragrance remains the same as the initial scent impression for the duration of it's scent life of the spray. I detected no difference in overall character or dryoff of any components.

Longevity is great on my skin. 4 hours minimum with as much as 7 hours depending on humidity levels. Longevity will depending on skin oil.

Projection is good even in a dry desert climate. On humid days or in high humidity climates, this might seem very strong and only require small amounts to get the job done.

This is perfectly unisex and anyone can wear it. I've heard reviews that say this is for an older crowd, but IMO, this should be a 'young' summer fragrance. It reminds me of youthful vibrance and summer sun. I feel energized when I smell it and it's such great aroma therapy. I really think this should be for all ages and sexes. It just smells wonderful.

Current grooming products used with this fragrance (I spent a great deal of time and product purchase/evaluation to find great collusion with this fragrance):

-Paul Mitchell Tea Tree "Lemon Sage" shampoo
-Shea Terra Organics "Lemongrass" African Black Soap bodywash
-Alaffia "Lemongrass Citrus" African Black Soap bar
-Mama Bear Shave Soap - "Bounty" (Royal Water scent)
-Country Club For Men Aftershave - "1837" (Royal Water scent. They no longer offer it on their website, but if you "contact" them through the website and ask to purchase multiple bottles, the guy will make you some.)
-Organic Essence Lemon Tea Tree Mint Deodorant stick (AMAZING with this fragrance as every so often you get a little mint scent from this and it just smells divine with Royal Water fragrance. Can be bought on Amazon.)

After trying many 'random' lemon scented products, I seemingly accidentally found that African Black Soap has some kind of oil or property that helps Royal Water smell better and stay longer on the skin. I'm not sure why, but it seems like a matter of skin oil. I'm tempted to test black soap with other fragrances and find out if I'm on to something.

After the scent starts to fade, I use a gold Travelo Excel Fragrance Atomizer that I keep in my pocket for when I need to recharge my fragrance.
12th July, 2016 (last edited: 13th July, 2016)

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