Royall Muske (1978)
by Royall Lyme of Bermuda


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Year of Launch1978
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This hauntingly exotic fragrance intrigues with its lingering scent from the grain secreted by the shy Asian male musk deer to attract the female of his species. The Ancients used musk as an aphrodisiac. Royall's Muske is mixed with harmonious aromatics to create its own uniquely masculine allure.

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Upon smelling this I immediately understood what several other releases were trying to do. The core of Royal Copenhagen Musk, the basis of Magnetism by Escada, and who knows how many others were trying to capitalize on the almost grape-like, sweet musk at work here. I wish it was a stronger scent, but at the same time realize that could produce some dire consequences.
09th February, 2017
Muske is a classic barbershop style fragrance. To me, it has a very close resemblance to Old Spice, only better. Less rough around the edges, smoother, more refined. The dry down is muskier too. Although personally this fragrance isn't my style, I will say that it renders tons of compliments.. I guess women like the smell of musk.
25th September, 2015
Oviatt Show all reviews
United States
My teen-aged daughter and I were out shopping at Orvis and as we passed the fragrances we had a sniff. Upon smelling Royall Muske, my daughter stopped in her tracks, paused, and then proclaimed: "It smells so..... MANLY." And so it does! It fits in nicely with scents like Paul Sebastian, St. John's Indian Spice, etc. This is a trip to the barbershop in a bottle, dose of powder and all, but a barber shop only open during rutting season. Classic and classy in an old school, on the make way, this is a great scent and I hope it has not been ruined by reformulation, as other have suggested.
12th June, 2015
Smells to me like a cross between Old Spice and Monsieur Musk by Houbigant, at least the bottle I had of that back in the '70s, and on a par with them in terms of relatively low quality, though perhaps a slight step up. A vague, generic barbershop smell. Yes, you might benefit from this a little, but there are so many better musky fragrances to choose from.
26th March, 2015
I pretty much want to take a bath in this stuff. I need a lifetime supply. I would love to get my hands on the original formulation. I suppose the sillage was better. I don't imagine they use real musk, and that's okay, because I think it is cruel to obtain this commodity. But, I just want this one thing to stay consistent, because I think it is classic. I imagine Don Draper might wear something like this. It smells like a good old fashioned gentleman. A man's man. It smells like my Dad used to smell. Love the bottle- Musk Deer are so cute with their little snaggle tooth. I hope whoever tries to get at their glands gets a good & serious chomp!
26th January, 2015 (last edited: 04th June, 2018)
Royall Lyme of Bermuda - Royall Muske.

A barbershop.

Barbershops are good, m'kay. They're like the polar opposite of the DMV, and that's a good thing. So relax and enjoy. Muske has the feel of an edc/after shave. I group it along with Old Spice, Brut, and the other splashes that are good for around 4 hours. Don't know if it's even possible to overapply and I don't hesitate applying to the ears, neck, hair, etc. It's nice and masculine. I beleve Royall markets their product as 'all purpose lotions' and that sounds about right with Muske. I would not group or compare it with the likes of Kiehls, Jovan, or even the lighter Annick Goutal - Musc Nomade or the L'Artisan - Mure et Musc. Not the same heft, feel, or complexity. Great for those early morning gym visits before showering.

I'm 51y.o. for reference and acquired my bottle for under $5/oz.

Fin 2/24/14
24th February, 2014

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