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Rush for Men (2000)
by Gucci


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Year of Launch2000
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerAntoine Maisondieu
Parent Company at launchWella > Cosmopolitan Cosmetics

About Rush for Men

The male counterpart to last years Gucci Rush for Women. The bottle doesn't look like a bottle, more like a cassette box. The fragrance is woody and has incense and musk notes.

Rush for Men fragrance notes

Reviews of Rush for Men

Gucci Rush for Men (2000) is a scent that epitomizes the Y2K "cyberpunk" gadget-obsesssed minimalist/futurist outlook of Western culture heading into the 21st century, but also a desperate attempt by establishment sentiment to cling onto the best vestiges of what had up until then been conventional design. Tom Ford was, as creative director for Gucci/YSL, "hipster before it was cool" with his deliberately-anachronistic fashion sense wrapped in a modernist trapping (much to the annoyance of the late Yves Saint Laurent himself), and loved/still loves to shoehorn traditional midcentury masculine perfume tropes into modern presentations. Ford did this with Gucci Envy for Men (1998), and would do so again and again during his time working for LVMH, meaning it's no surprise that his "from the past comes the future" mindset with its diametric opposition to bean counters banking on novelty and trend led to the friction that would see him depart for his own label. It's also no surprise that everything made under his watch across all LVMH was either quickly discontinued upon his departure regardless of popularity, or allowed to stay in production only until then-current manufacturing contracts with suppliers expired, so he could take his intellectual property and reshape it as he saw fit for his own perfume line later on. This is likely why so many people scratch their heads at scents like Gucci Rush for Men being axed in the prime of their existence, and why so many fans hype up these long-lost "unicorns" to mythical proportions and enable their scalping across wherever surviving stock is still sold, with the legend of the perfumes eventually making them more desirable as trophies, connoisseur rites-of-passage, or social currency than for how they smell in any subjective sense. I think Gucci Rush for Men is solid if not a bit plain, and would have called it a good cheapie grab for fans of woody perfumes, but even if you added a zero to what I'd say it's worth, you'd still be about $200 shy of the minimum people ask for it, which affects my opinion substantially.

In the case of Gucci Rush for Men, we are presented with the genesis of an old-meets-new trope that would run through to the beginning of the 2010's in the same way Envy for Men started a theme that ran through to the mid 2000's, but replacing a focus on green notes like in Envy for Men with a focus on various woods. Gucci Rush for Men does have a hint of green thanks to a vetiver note that flits and flies throughout the wear time, but it is all about wood past the opening. Lavender and cypress start this up, with a slug of pink pepper which at that time was a rather novel inclusion and not overused like it is now in men's perfume. This pink pepper offers just the right amount of piquant flair to make Rush for Men live up to its name. The lavender is smooth and of the old-school barbershop variety, but this is no fougère, and soon the vetiver and sweet-ish patchouli enter the frame with cedar and a nice olibanum note. There is a creaminess that appears after the opening moments settle, after the pink pepper melds into the oriental incense heart and the base begins to throb with its clean musk tones contrasting ambery fixative notes. This creaminess is probably sandalwood as listed by the house but there is enough sharp woods to counterbalance the creaminess and sweetness that lovers of the drier side of wood perfumes can also appreciate Rush. Projection is good and early batches benefitted from a nearly restriction-free pre-2002 period before IFRA more or less turned hypochondria into industry policy, but I can't verify what era my sample is from so this very well could be the performance of later batches too. Rush for Men inevitably goes from exciting to casual bordering on boring after the initial stages of the wear, so this could have been dumb-reach daily juice before it became a vaunted collector's piece post-discontinuation, although climate versatility is hampered somewhat from the warmth and sweetness present, making Rush best for fall through early spring. Of course, knowing that owning a bottle of this is like owning stock that's only guaranteed to grow in value, I'd have a heart attack even contemplating its use as a fragrance, making it all but worthless as one to me regardless of how it smells.

We absolutely must talk about the bottle too, which really belies the nature of the perfume itself, since so many youth-oriented "sour candy" ozonics and gaudy gourmands also long-gone came in plastic bottles shaped like Star Trek props during this period, because teens and young adults at the time were still optimistic about the future a decade before the recession of 2009 sucked away the hopes and dreams of Millenials ever owning anything, let alone their own futures. Perhaps another reason scents like this were wiped away and replaced with vapid, AI-composed and accountant-approved saccarin sweet "compliment getter" freshies is the fact that nobody wanted to smell optimistic or risk-taking in the emerging future-imperfect dystopia where even basic necessities like housing or healthcare are viewed as symbols of status much like perfume, so nobody needed reminders of what we once thought the future might bring to instead make us aware of being bamboozled. In any case, perfumes like Azzaro Visit (2003), Tam Dao by Dyptique (2003), Sartoriale by Pal Zileri (2005), Tom Ford's own Bois Marocain (2009), Bang by Marc Jacobs (2010), and Comme des Carçons Wonderwood (2010) would all revisit and tinker with the DNA of Rush for Men, with the Azzaro considered the closest because it was made by Daniela Andrier, one-half of the team (alongside Antoine Maisondieu) who worked on Rush for Men. If you were a fan of this and don't want to pay anywhere near the $500-$2,500 price this commands on eBay, Visit might be your closest contender because it has a bit of the sweetness and pepper from Rush for Men, but since it swaps in nutmeg for lavender among a few other key changes, you should sample first. I won't say the hype is justified on this one, given the plethora of alternatives in the segment and the fact it treads familiar ground with but the slightest of then-novel tricks, although unlike some other "unicorns" in this echelon of hyped-to-death discontinued masculines, I can at least understand the appeal. Neutral
23rd April, 2020
Back to the Future
If they asked me that the smell could have the future, this fragrance would come to mind. It seems an essence that has come to us with the capsule of time, it seems to have come out of the Scream video by Michael and Janet Jackson, starting from the bottle, a parallelepiped made of plastic and white metal, which recalls so much the purity, and the modern minimalism of the perfume, a bottle that looks like it looks like the packaging of the first iPods, born a few years later. After the 2000s, Gucci churned out three important masterpieces, Gucci pour homme, Gucci Envy and Gucci Rush for Man, the latter notch above his siblings.
It opens with very aromatic and sophisticated woods, almost soft and creamy, however creamy a wood could be, Mysore sandalwood, Bois d'Okoumé and juniper blend with an incense base, white musks, patchouli and lavender that makes the fragrance slightly powdery, clean, modern and slightly lactaginous. A woody-spicy, all the ingredients are clear, limpid, bleached, the perfume plays on the white color, on soft geometries, on neutrality, with a futuristic concept, very linear, aseptic but at the same time relaxing, comforting, beautiful, young, suitable for any occasion, hyper-versatile, in any context, I can't find a time of year where to place it, but I would avoid the hot months.
In the perfume there is also the touch of Tom Ford and you can see (and hear) and coincidentally many indelible scents of past years have his signature. For just this reason, every perfume collector should have this piece of history, or rather, this fragment of the future.
19th April, 2020
Pros: A pleasant incense aroma that's not challenging. I get a hint of vetiver to boot.

Cons: Poor longevity on skin, average on clothes. Linear. Prohibitively expensive for what it is.

At a $30-$40 per 50ml price point, maybe a buy.
01st January, 2020
I welcomed any of the Gucci masculine scents as I explored scents new and old a decade ago. Back then, I ended up gladly getting Envy, original Gucci pour Homme, and Nobile. And I still do so today, with the recent acquisitions of Intense Oud, Made to Measure, Gucci Absolute, and Gucci pour Homme II.

Gucci Rush, though, didn't really grab me. It was present at nearly every department store tester counter I'd frequent, but every time I walked away thinking, "Hmph."

It's a woody-mossy creation, containing creamy sandalwood and drier cedar. But in the end, those notes don't convince me like, say, Comme des Garcons Wonderwood (a different category of scent, I admit) which does a lot better job highlighting the wood. And I read a comparison to one of all-time favorites, Azzaro's Visit: I prefer Azzaro's cologne to this one 10 to 1!

Anyhow...Gucci Rush for Men has its fans. Not me, alas.
23rd August, 2018
Pale fizzy drone. Nice if you like sweet things, boring if you don't.


Mini box
31st October, 2017 (last edited: 28th October, 2019)
One of the more vaunted discontinued Gucci Fragrances (like Pour Homme and Envy), Rush for Men has a strong reputation and seemingly special place in the hearts of many male fragrance enthusiasts, so I decided to sample it for the first time by ordering a few sample vials off eBay.

The scent is itself is not at all disappointing, a fresh/spicy/woody mix of lavender, cypress, sandalwood, cedar, and musk, mainly. Several descriptors come to mind: versatile, year-round, masculine.

Performance is a bit more limited than I'd hoped for, being pretty modest on project, albeit with decent longevity.

Certainly Rush for Men is a fragrance I'd have in my collection if it were much cheaper (I imagine it was modestly priced on FragranceNet not so long ago)

8 out of 10
17th April, 2017

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