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Sables (1985)
by Annick Goutal


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Year of Launch1985
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseAnnick Goutal
Parent CompanyAmore Pacific
Parent Company at launchAnnick Goutal

About Sables

Sables is a masculine fragrance by Annick Goutal. The scent was launched in 1985

Reviews of Sables

I love the immortelle in 1740 Marquis de Sade and Eau Noire. However, I just couldn't get past the immortelle-honey(/maple syrup?) accord that is the dominant feature of Sables. Thick as a block, overly sweet, lacking clarity, and simply quite underwhelming for me on the Guy Robert test.

I find this to be a reasonably potent scent, a whole lot better than most other Goutals that are too fleeting, and it is perhaps on par with Ambre Fétiche. Sables is definitely interesting, quirky - and therefore a must try for almost anyone (unless one categorically avoids either immortelle or sweet perfumes).

A comment on the sweetness: while it is saccharine, it is rather dry and 'grown-up', and not unpalatably vulgar like calorie-laden sophomoric modern sugars.

12th September, 2017
Sables is French for sands, and this does promote an association with a sand-like beige color. The listed note of everlasting flower (immortelle) is prominent. Other than that, it's savory sweet, nicely warm and agreeable - maybe with a hint of the listed tea note.
11th September, 2017
After spraying it, Sables made me think of a spicy and bitter cocktail I had with Elderflower. Very boozy. I thought it had a very feminine side, and could surely be worn by both males and females. A bit less in the dry down.

I can't compare it to anything else. It's very warm, with lots of spices, woods and amber.

Try it !
23rd May, 2017
Beautiful, extremely well crafted, I get a woody, cedars, hickory, somewhat spicy scent from this. It's really unobjectionable and perfect for a wedding or workplace. I've never sample any annick goutal fragrances, but I'm a huge fan now. Immediately you can tell this is an amazingly well crafted scent. A step above numerous other fragrances in terms of quality. The scent is unlike anything I've ever smelled. I adore it. Almost bottle worthy, for me.
21st February, 2017
I bought it for my husband having never sniffed it on the basis of it being the fragrance that Annick Goutal created for her husband. Grand Amour is the other side of the coin, her response to the bouquets of flowers that said husband bought for her each week of their married life. Back to Sables; I was intrigued by Victoria Frolova's love of AG masculines and indeed I have worn the unisex Eau du Sud, Nuit Etoilee and Myrrhe Ardente for years. Sables has no doubt been reformulated and I don't know if it was more pungent back in the day, have to assume so, as there are many references to it's strength and longevity, but the dry down of Sables is really very femme and I have stolen Sables back to my side of the dresser. As far as I know Annick Goutal is still operated by Camille Goutal with Isobel Doyen as perfumer, under the ownership of Amore Pacific. Annick's story is bittersweet, rather like Sables itself, a heart wrenching tale for any perfumista and of course I fell under its spell. Join me.
09th July, 2016
A very high end,classy and elegant Masala, Fenugreek heavy. Hugely creative and avant-garde juice in the mid 80's. The most flamboyant and creative Chef's in our French Hotel bathed in it. Goutal was ahead of the times and we all learned how to roll the name in conversation. Always in a way most Paris(ian)
Trouble is, that I was never flamboyant and only mildly creative.
My taste for Curries has always been Cumin and Cinnamon heavy, Fenugreek light.
In the 80's I could'nt understand why anybody would really want to perfume themselves in this way.
Recent tasting has reinforced that view.
Always be a peasant I guess!
19th March, 2016 (last edited: 22nd June, 2016)

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