Sables (1985)
    by Annick Goutal

    Sables Fragrance notes

    Everlasting Flower, Cinnamon, Mysore Sandalwood, Indonesian Pepper, Smoked Tea, Amber

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    the reaper
    Venezuela Venezuela

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    When I tried Sables for the first time I didn't like it. Perhaps it was because we were in Paris, it was October and the wearher was a mixture of rain, cold and clouds. But I took a vial with me back home. Then one day I decidd it ti give it a full try and WOW!!! What a perfect a beautiful man fragrance. It's strong but not cloying. It stayed with me for three days, not lying, and the longevity and projection at third day were the same as first day. I so much regret not buying it but this year I'll return to Paris and will pack me a five bottled stock. Oh yes sir.

    22 December, 2012 (Last Edited: 03 March, 2014)

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    England England

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    The opening smells to me like dried flowers or straw, lightly spicy, dry, bitter & almost acrid. Then, after twenty minutes or so, l totally get the maple syrup note, & thankfully none of the curry vibe that gets mentioned a lot. ln the heart, this fragrance almost veers too sweet, but never quite crosses the line, & deep in the drydown l get faint whiffs of tea, pepper & wood. Five hours in it's still going, close to the skin.
    This strikes me as a nicely comforting autumn scent, warming & drying on a gloomy, damp day. l also think it is easily unisex. lt is the fragrance that helped me to understand the immortelle note, & l was pleasantly surprised to find that l like it. l did, however, make the mistake once of wearing it to work at the hospital, & in that environment it just smelled wrong, like an old, melted toffee found down the back of a sofa! My bf also hates it on me, so l'll stick to wearing it for cosy evenings at home by myself!

    15 December, 2012

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    very disappointed...ibought this blind , reading the reviews here but man what a let down:(( ,

    23 August, 2012

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    Netherlands Netherlands

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    There is this lovely family-run perfume shop where I go and buy giddy florals and ransack samples. The mama of the shop must look at me and think, ‘What a waste!’, because she inevitably gives me a few big bold bruisers to sample as well. Sables is one of them.
    Its audacity is about the only positive I can think of.
    Certain smells are shaped by culture. In India, where I grew up, we eat fenugreek greens – they’re bitter and pungent and delicious. Afterwards, when you sweat, it smells like Sables. I have yet to find an Indian who will claim to love the pungent scent of fenugreek sweat. I suppose the comparison is with asparagus-influenced urine – interesting, but you wouldn’t rush to douse yourself with it.
    The first few seconds of Sables promises much more – a ravishing mix of herbals lifting the sweaty immortelle; but after that it’s all the things people say: sugar, bacon, maple syrup, fenugreek. To which I’d add a salty edge (I suppose the bacon covers that). The pepper in the mix is a further annoyance and the drydown is just a stale version of the heart. Its rich and piercing spiciness seems to have been an object lesson to Serge Lutens.
    Not for me. Give me a different version of audacious.

    20th August, 2012

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    United States United States

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    If manna fell from heaven to feed the hungry wandering the desert, it must have had the flavor of Sables. If the oatmeal with brown sugar I ate for breakfast as a kid were pounded into a hearty bread dough with toasted walnuts, a few crushed butterscotch candies and a splash of root beer, and that melange baked under an open flame to crusty perfection, it would radiate Sables.

    Honestly, thus far in my life the two aromas that most moved me spiritually were suntan lotion on baked girls' skin and hot wax being applied to ski bases. OK, not sophisticated, but I'm comfortable being honest. As for scents I wore, I hadn't experienced anything defining. I'd tried many; I do enjoy smelling, I'm just not often deeply stirred.

    Then I wandered into that little shop on Rue Gaston Sapporta. Sables! Is this time travel? I think Sables is triggering memories from long ago, i.e., from a previous life. Seriously. This IS land flowing with milk and honey. The ever-so-subtle application of Sables to my sweat zones and pulse points is magic.

    Je vous remercie bien, Madame Goutal.

    04 May, 2012

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    United States United States

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    WARNING: Sables lasts extremely long. This could be good or bad; for me, it's a negative. I have a lot of fragrances, and if I wore this too often, they would never see the light. That's right.. Sables lasts for DAYS. Every time I have worn it, I have gotten no less than 48 hours longevity. Projection is very good throughout as well.. but obviously not so much in the 2nd day.

    It opens up with a wonderful dark roasted coffee accord, this is likely to be the immortal note.. once it fades a little it becomes spicy and strange. This would be the pepper blending with the immortal. Result: smell of sand. Yes, it truly does smell like sand and maple syrup. Eventually the pepper wears off, and the sandalwood and vanilla kick in and dry down with the immortal.

    The opening is very loud and somewhat brash.. but still enjoyable. The sand like accord gives character, and the dry down is beautiful and creamy. There is nothing quite like it, that I have found.. I would classify this as an aromatic/oriental/gourmand. The closest possible fragrances I can compare it to would be Chergui or New Harlem.

    My personal preference: I very much enjoy it, but it just lasts too long.. even with showering.

    05 November, 2011

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