Safari for Men (1992)
    by Ralph Lauren

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    A classic fresh fragrance. The male counterpart to the original Safari Perfume. The packaging represents the finer things in life with a faux croc-skin leather on the box and a decanter type bottle, embossed with a Ralph Lauren crest.

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    My favourite fragrance. It is very (possibly even aggressively) masculine.

    Opens with a eucalyptus hit which instantly dies down to a spicy asafoetida-like earthiness. An hour or so later becomes a leathery woody sent which lasts for the rest of the day. Safari does remind me of well...being on safari it has a warm earth-like grassland quality.

    I agree with others that the sent is for more mature men but for me (aged 23) the latest aquatic/vanilla/synthetic/feminine scents which dominate the UK market don't suit me in the slightest but Safari and the like do. I always get compliments with this fragrance.

    If you want to smell like a man and can pull off being your own man then buy this. Long may safari stay in production

    03 March, 2014

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    I'm indifferent to this one, having received it as a Christmas gift many years ago from a relative. I suppose it holds some sentimental value but I don't quite think the letter is on point. Slightly too edgy for my taste

    27 February, 2014

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    Chile Chile

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    What a scent!

    It's a classy, fresh and fruity perfume with same sage and leather notes, astringent due to the total lack of sweetness, but never harsh. A british style and very masculine perfume with an above average projection and reasonable longevity in it's actual reformulated version, which is still a a very fine juice, although quite different and somewhat watered down compared to the original version that contained quite some oakmoss versus the reformulated version which develops in the middle more around some citrus and grapefruit, cinnamon and cloves, containing a little more bergamot, sage, maintaining the typical fruity opening and leathery and spicy dry-down with some geranium in the base notes. It's a fresh, green, very elaborate and elegant scent, a real pleasure, as it lacks any sticky sweetness or boring "blue" notes.
    I use it a lot as a signiture scent, as it is so versatile and distinctive in the most positive way.

    22 January, 2014

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    Shifty Bat
    United States United States

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    You know how pairing foods with different drinks affects the taste? Olfactory palette can throw me off, and for some time I found Safari to be too much like metallic bubblegum (think Paco Rabanne XS) with its sage/eucalyptus/cinnamon combo at the fore. I always thought it was a nice enough scent but would never work on me. But one day I was sent an old miniature by mistake when I ordered something else entirely, so obviously I revisited. What I got the next time around was an herbal, citrusy leather (was this always so leathery?) with a downright charming warmth and an oakmoss to die for. If what I smelled at skin level is what projected around me this would be truly amazing. As it stands I'll have to settle for giving it a very, very good.

    13 January, 2014

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    Greece Greece

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    Probably the only other RL scent that I like along with Polo (green).
    I discovered Safari back in 1995 when it first came out. At the time, it was quite different to the mainstream stuff that I saw as being sold in my town. Long lasting, elegant (despite the dude in the ad being dressed like something out of the 'Jungle Book'), yet tame and not at all over-bearing, Safari works really well in the summer for me. RL mention Caribbean spices and the rusty colour of the juice certainly gives that impression.
    It is contained in what is probably the most elegant bottle for a designer scent on sale today.
    However, it's quite dated for me now, but I still think it deserves a well done for being popular to this very day.

    09 January, 2014

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    United States United States

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    Worth every penny if you get the one with oakmoss in its ingredients.

    I had the opportunity of sampling both the older oakmoss-rich version and the new version that had it removed. The oakmoss version of Ralph Lauren's Safari for men is a great cologne. It smells very rich, with creamy oakmoss and cedar notes, and even a slight eucalyptus note mixed with the aroma of a 15 year old scotch. I know this word has been beaten into the ground, but I'll use it anyways; it smells "Delux" which is what I believe Ralph Lauren was going for.

    It's also very diffrent from any of the oakmoss infused colognes from France that I own such as, "Chanel Pour Monsieur" and Cartier's "Must de Cartier pour Homme Essence" and just a tad rough around the edges, but in a good way. It's Robert Redford in "Out of Africa" instead of Shawn Connery in "From Russia With Love." Both great, just diffrent. The new formulation on the other hand is harsh and hollow, and not very interesting; a shadow of what it's emulating. I tried them both at the same time and let them develop over two hours. The new one smelled over the top from the get-go with very strong wood notes that drowned out anything else that was trying to surface, and then it died out after only two hours. Think of it as the new Great Gatsby with DiCaprio compared to the original version with the afore-mentioned Redford. The older movie was classy and well done; the new one, over the top and vulgar, and in the end leaving you dissatisfied.

    Pros: Smells heady and creamy and very oakmossy.
    Cons: Its been reformulated, and the new version is flat."

    24 July, 2013

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