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Sagamore (1985)
by Lancôme


Sagamore information

Year of Launch1985
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerCalice Asancheyev-Becker
PerfumerPauline Zanoni
Parent CompanyL'Oréal Group

About Sagamore

Sagamore is a masculine fragrance by Lancôme. The scent was launched in 1985 and the fragrance was created by perfumers Pauline Zanoni and Calice Asancheyev-Becker

Reviews of Sagamore

Sagamore is an impeccable floral cyphre with a well-judged oriental component. Absolutely top quality ingredients. After a somewhat bright lavender/floral opening and heart, we get a very literal mossy cyphre structure in the base.

There's a strong connection to Caron's Third Man through the floral heart of jasmine and lavendar, but where Third Man verges toward a sweetened fougere base, Sagamore goes for a deep mossy cyphre profile, augmented just the right about with amber and possibly a drop of civet. Much like Third Man, a butter smooth, fantastic lavender note is along for the ride through most of the evolution.

Projection and longevity leaves a bit to be desired, but this is a case where outright quality trumps performance. If you want to know what a great masculine cyphre smells like, look no further.
22nd February, 2017
Stardate 20170109:

Citrus up top with florals and a SW/Ambery/Tonka base. Quality composition. What is not to like.
It is in same vein as Tiffany for Men, Chanel PM Concentree, Bugatti
If you had to choose from this genre I would say go for Sagamore or Bugatti.
09th January, 2017
Quite a peculiar scent, mostly considering the years it dates to. The opening is powerful and vibrant, with aldehydes, oak moss, a slight animalic heart and patchouli, with floral (rose, jasmin, lavender) and balsamic-mossy vibes, slightly and elegantly citrusy too. Powerful but bright with a nice and unusual floral-ambery heart. It's Lancome and it was the '80s, so quality is top notch. Basically it is a delicate, masculine chypre with a feminine heart, more discreet and refined than other fougères, with a dusty and silky roundness and a dense floral heart. As the amber accord emerges better it quickly evolves into a beautiful, delicate but warm amber-centered scent, at the same time raw and a bit earthy but "powdery", with a classic lavender-citrus accord that still keeps it "classic". The persistence is sadly a bit short, and also overall is not a "powerhouse" in terms of projection, but overall it smells quite modern, creative, atypical and peculiar considering the era. Surely worth a try!

10th May, 2014
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The top note contains a floral jasmine-lavender note with a bit of citrus.  In the drydown the florals are blended into a mixture of rose, cinnamon, vanilla and a touch of spice, all combined to a well-composed blend that due to the focused use of a nice musk aroma is a bit more creative than many other similar scents.   After the first couple of hours silage and projection are limited, but overall longevity is excellent, lasting over six hours on me.  A very nice well-balanced fragrance.
15th May, 2013
Mossy green Bergamot. similar to many other fragrances...Smells like the 70's, Nothing special. I'll Pass on this one.
30th October, 2012
Updated: Lancome Sagamore represents the quintessential masculine chypre's historical "puressenza", a fragrance that (at least in its vintage formulation which I've tested on skin) smells definitely "niche", glorious, distinguished and natural (something ideally conjugating a classic-modern Caron a la Pour Un Homme with a recent La Via del Profumo's Tabac or Cologne de l'Empereur, passing through the classics Pour Monsieur Chanel, Tiffany for Men, Dunhill For Men, Oleg Cassini, Balenciaga Ho Hang, Knize Ten or the more recent New York by Nicolai and Creed Bois du Portugal). Sagamore is founded on a central soapy/aromatic-chypre accord of lemon-lavender (vaguely barber-shop), soapy oakmoss, balsams, powdery woods, exotic vetiver and probably leather. Along the way I detect that typically talky-aromatic and soapy/lemony freshness we have historically enjoyed in Chanel Pour Monsieur, Knize Ten (but here in to a far more leathery/incensey-barber-shop vest) and (on a certain extent - as well as ideally reducing in intensity bergamot and the lemony hesperides) in classic oriental/semi oriental creations a la Grosmith Phul-Nana or Penhaligon's Hammam Bouquet. Surely many glorious chypre-accords jump random on my nostalgic mind while I'm ideally retracing the history (in its glorious steps) of classic perfumery. The fragrance architecture is basically classic and more than vaguely decadent with its luxurious and almost baroque woody-ambery royal twist. The "baroque" facets last just a limited time under my disreputable nose (it's for a while like catching a sort of decadent and vaguely honeyed/waxy amber-patchouli flanked by restrained floral notes as rose and carnation). I agree on the point that a freshly hesperidic "molecular" initial lavender (not so distant from the one we enjoy in the classic Chanel Pour Monsieur) gives the illusion of a typically fougere's aromatic spark and surely I detect a sort of freshly talky-herbal-hesperidic drier background behind a typical woody-soapy chypre structure (more typically woody and soapy). Oakmoss provides in here musky soapiness indeed and hints of soft leather manage to enhance this (in here vaguely talky-musky) feel. Sagamore's dry down is pure class and discreet distinction with its dry-soapy exotic spark of cool vetiver, talky roots, sharp balsams, still projecting lavender, dosgy (almost ghostly) florals and suede. Excellent.

My old review: Another Classic. Starts herbal and bergamot-lavender prominent with aromatic facets, sharply floral (carnation-geranium?) and spicy nuances before sliding down towards a sort of lemony and silky suede with woodsy and slightly powdery undertones. Old-school and slightly laundry (toilette kind), really mossy, smooth and musky boise. This dry down is pure heaven with its silky-ambery and woodsy fluidity. In spite of its (barely) oriental nature the juice keeps to go on averagely cool (better un-warm) and discreet. Unfortunately lasts just a short while on my skin. A great one anyway.

12th September, 2012 (last edited: 18th April, 2017)

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