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Salvador (1992)
by Salvador Dali


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Year of Launch1992
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HouseSalvador Dali
Parent CompanyCofinluxe

About Salvador

Salvador is a masculine fragrance by Salvador Dali. The scent was launched in 1992

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Aldehydes, Artemesia, Bergamot, Caraway, Coriander, Green Notes, Pepper, Tarragon.
Carnation, Cinnamon, Jasmine, Rose.
Amber, Cedar, Leather, Musk, Patchouli, Tonka Beans, Oakmoss, Vanilla.

If I didn't know better, I would think that in 1992, a bottle of Chanel, Carven Homme, Ricci Club and vintage Canoe somehow got blended together and the result was Salvador by Dali. Everyone who is familiar with me at all knows I'm a guy who grew up in the 1970's and has experienced the fragrances of those bygone days. Some were excellent, some were horrendous and a good portion fell through the cracks of mediocrity. Salvador emits the vibe of a scent created and then released in the wrong decade.

To be polite, I will say that Salvador is mediocre. I'm not going to lie and state I like it when I don't. I also don't hate it and the scent doesn't warrant vitriol. It simply is what it is. It possesses a somewhat dated theme in its DNA and unfortunately, that gene pool is associated with uninspired and less than stellar quality.

Looking at the accords, I should love this fragrance. It has all the culprits necessary for a kick ass classic, yet wearing it produces no excitement or pleasure for me at all. It's simply "there" and the more I choose to sample it, the more ambivalent I become.

Salvador comes out of the sprayer with promise. It somewhat shimmers around a halo of citrus, stem-like quality and spice. The stem aroma is a combination of notes resulting in a green theme. It's moist as well and holds its ground as carnation segues into the transition. It's here where Salvador has not trained for endurance. Momentum begins to weaken after 5 minutes and loses the steam necessary to showcase the heavier hitters in the heart and base.

For me at least, Salvador unveils a green moss to showcase the base and it's apparently tuned too high for my tastes. It overshadows the other notes that I wanted to experience and as I already mentioned, it's already losing strength. Now, is Salvador cheap, crass or lacking quality? Not to me, but the totality of aroma just isn't what I expected or enjoyable enough for me to heap praise. I grabbed a new 1.7oz. bottle cheap, so I don't feel too badly about it. I'll sell this down the road without ever wearing it again. Neutral rating from SS and a sample wear is highly recommended.
27th February, 2015
Tony T Show all reviews
United States
animalistic powerhouse similiar to bijan. not to my liking at all
27th April, 2013
6of1 Show all reviews
United States
Balanced and dignified -- a gentleman's scent of some excellence. Superbly blended. Slightly animalic in the opening, but nothing to offend. Not sweet, but certainly not dry. Very sadly discontinued -- this is easily one of the best compositions the house has produced.
27th October, 2010
Salvador is a nicely composed woody Chypre in the Rocabar vein (although it's not trying to be a copy of Rocabar by any means). Unlike other reviewers, I found it to have quite adequate sillage and tenacity. It is a cedar-centered fragrance that never veers into the pencil shavings territory, nor does it move completely over to the sweetened-woods side of Carven pour Homme. It is a well-balanced, somewhat dated, but charming and quite wearable scent. I can think of many other scents that should have been discontinued besides Salvador.
22nd February, 2010
Firstly, I am compelled to preface this 'review' of sorts with a cautionary disclaimer...lest you embark on any errant exploration into the whimsically abstruse, or stray from any untroubling, concrete, literal objective:

Whilst searching the annals of my archival juvenalia (literally, this time), I stumbled upon an old friend in a mysterious, redolent cut-glass phial: ‘Salvador’.

As it was quite unexpected to revisit such a staid, elegant fragrance (Associations made with Dali are to the puckish pioneer of vanguard Spanish Surrealism!), I headed to the London Library to conduct some research. I thought to share my discoveries, as it has helped me to understand ‘Salvador’, both as a gorgeous, posthumous tribute and as the triumphant culmination of an intriguing, six-year-long mission:

Flashback to 1968:

The setting: London’s Twickenham Studios. Dali, whilst filming a Lanvin chocolate commercial meets unlikely fan and soon-to-be deep friend, Sir David Niven, then spearheading the London chapter of the ‘Idiosyncratic Moustache Anti-defamation Guild of England’ (IMAGE). The two cult idols’ friendship and camaraderie deepens posthaste, in their quest to be understood not only as ‘artistes’ and as arresting visual presences, but also as …gentlemen. Eventually leading Dali to inaugurate Spain’s own “Ibericos Mustaches Andaluzos a Gastar con Esperanza”....

Indeed after Sir David Niven's tragic death in 1983, and Dali's subsequent ventures into the olfactory realm, Dali swore vehemently to create for 'El Comte' (as he affectionately referred to Niven) a grand, and flawless fragrance, worthy of Niven’s dashing, well-formed and indubitably "respectable" personage.

Sadly, Dali died in 1989, just two years shy of seeing his vision's completion...

Step up Alberto Morillas, the master perfumer appointed to creative direction of this endeavor by Dali himself in the event of His death, and devotee of the threadlike ruff of Niven. After two years of grueling exploration into Anglo-Iberian notions of gentlemanly worth (for a more in-detail account of the ‘gentlemanly arts’, please refer to the my review of ‘Eau Sauvage!) as well as the unified passion and swagger of these two great deceased legends, ‘Salvador’ was born. A surprisingly understated ovation to two dashing, albeit gentlemanly, peacocks among men. And a restrained, yet deep nod to the gasconade of a devilish moustache!

02nd November, 2009 (last edited: 27th February, 2010)
Gross. Made my friend turn into an agressive jerk the minute he put in on.
Smelled like a used car salesmen.
11th September, 2008

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