Salvador Dali pour Homme (1987)
    by Salvador Dali

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    Shifty Bat
    United States United States

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    This scent is, to me, absolutely, unwearably gorgeous. I get a dressed-up cinnamon and leather oriental, much like Gambler and Gambler Musk by Jovan, but richer and darker. It has that old, polished drawing room feeling of Van Cleef & Arpels, complete with the vase of assorted wilting white flowers from the Wife sitting on the corner of the desk. The scent becomes less spicy over time and eventually devolves into a sweet and musky patchouli and I am surprised to find I enjoy this as much as I do. Too bad, because as a 29 year-old in today's scentscape I'd probably receive a more favorable response if I went into the general Public on fire than if I had worn SDPH. Every time I find a new bygone love like this I must seem like a happy puppy, shaking and sharing a fresh carcass with anyone nearby. "Hey, Human! Look at my new toy! I'll share my new toy with you! Why are you running away?"

    26 November, 2013

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    United States United States

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    In one word "WOW"

    For years I've been thinking to get this perfume, but for one reason or another I didn't, what a fool.

    Finally I got it and this is one of the greatest perfumes of all times in my book, it shot right up to the top 5 of my list of favorites and considering in making it my number one.

    It smells very similar to M. Micallef's Black Sashka, too similar maybe. The only difference is that the strong Artemisia note in Black Sashka has been replaced by Tarragon. Both notes are very similar but I thought I like the green and bitter Artemisia better than the sweeter anise like of Tarragon, but in SDpH case, the Tarragon seems to complement the other notes better, well, I am still in the fence on this.

    The dominant note is patchouli, strong, dark, dirty patchouli which is boosted by a dark, damp oakmoss and a wet sandalwood. Lavender plays the perfect contrast to the sinister mood of the main notes and together with other notes delivers some luminosity to the murky, somber tone of this gem.

    One of the most masculine perfumes in the market and lasts all day on me.

    This gotta be the perfume of Barnabas Collins.

    Pros: Dark, masculine, long lasting
    Cons: None whatsoever"

    10th July, 2013

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    Finland Finland

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    Best fragrance i have ever used. I have had this about that 28 years and still using.

    11th April, 2013

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    A BIG thumbs UP here. Powerful, daring and gorgeous. Patchouli, floral and LOADS of character. THE DARK POWERHOUSE !

    25 February, 2013

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    Czech Republic Czech Republic

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    Oh yes. I got a little story - lurking on the net, while watching Le Grand Duc's recommendations, I bumped onto this one. Bought a bottle and immediately after spraying I cursed myself. But, why so hurry, so I tried it once again... and again... and so on, always 100% disappointed by that STENCH (my ma' got suffocated by this when I was wearing it!) - so I had my ebay auction nearly finished, but - what about giving it one more chance. So I sprayed the thing and went to please my friday. And damn, then it happened! Dark sorcery, gummi-mastery, his magnificence Salvador Dali pour Homme just revealed THE THING!! Rubber, coal, incense. Outstanding and intense. Salvador is the door to my dark path in fragrances. Cancelled the ebay auction. From now on, one of my favorites! Not for everyone, but give it a chance and get surprised. Big thumbs up!

    04 June, 2012

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    NOT dark , NOT gothic, NOT draculesque ... too much imagination .Nothing to do with Kouros .I get a kind of gasoline-alcohol start, but when it dries down you get a soappy-rose scent, not very manly .

    31st March, 2012

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