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Salvador Dali pour Homme (1987)
by Salvador Dali


Salvador Dali pour Homme information

Year of Launch1987
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

HouseSalvador Dali
PerfumerThierry Wasser
Parent CompanyCofinluxe
Parent Company at launchCofci

About Salvador Dali pour Homme

Salvador Dali pour Homme is a masculine fragrance by Salvador Dali. The scent was launched in 1987 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Thierry Wasser

Salvador Dali pour Homme fragrance notes

Reviews of Salvador Dali pour Homme

I'm very glad that Cofinluxe decided to bring back their prized fragrance, Salvador Dali Pour Homme.It's been too long that it's served as a marked up cost of a cologne due to it's years of being discontinued.All fragrance retailers need to do now is getting the ball rolling and make it common again.I fear this is because it's become 'forgotten' as tastes in the scent genre have changed over the decades.Still smells like I remember though!

To me this EDT creates an image in it's dark character.A base equally rich in patchouli and warm sandalwood,invoking an earthy yet highly woody quality to it.Doesn't sound threatening yet until you get to the leather teased with a little anise that comes over these two notes like heavy storm clouds.Really dark with a touch of bittersweet tone that gives some growl to the leather in a beautiful way.I wouldn't fresh say incense,more like the ash of a burned stick of incense that comes in a faint breeze across the patchouli.This pairing up with the anise/leather aspect creates more darkness.Seldomly do I get florals but when noticed they are mildly sweet,almost as if they blossom from the ground for a brief period and then die.Lastly along with the scent altogether I get a very primal musky tone of civet.Someone was right to call out Kouros,not in scent similarity...but in the facsimile through sexual properties of the musky note.

I only get 6-7 hours from Dali Pour Homme giving moderate projection for that time frame.After that it's merely only detectable under my shirt collar...but it's still there when I get up the next day.I can't really see a metrosexual guy wearing this because this smells hairy-chested and musky.Not really for the feminized male raised on the views to younger people of the 21st century.Dali Pour Homme Id say is more for men 30 years and up.
18th January, 2017
Stardate 20161028:
Vintage Version

A dark animalic scent that reminds me of the forests in tim burton movies.
Moss, fir, decay,mint,smoke - it has all

A must for every perfumista

28th October, 2016
Salvador Dali Pour Homme opens with a sharp, herbal, astringent, rubbery gunshot that opens up to reveal a whiff of something just starting to ferment. Whether we're about to get a nice batch of kim-chi or a rotten jar of funky sewage, we don't yet know. Oddly addictive for the same reasons we stop and stare at a burning car on the side of the road.

The scent very slowly softens to reveal notes that are a little more approachable. A touch of sweetness from (I assume) the jasmine in the heart shows itself, and a surprisingly soft burnt leathery fougere accord comes to dominate the lower heart and base.

The questionable fermentation process has resolved itself, and luckily, we ended up with something savory, and not rotten.

To compare Salvador Dali's genius base with the profiles of a few other scents you might be familiar with: think of Azzaro Pour Homme's classic anisic fougere base combined with Yatagan's bone dry, savory musk and leather foundation. Add good dose of funky earthy patchouli. Toss that on a smoldering charcoal fire and singe lightly.

This is definitely one that lives up to its challenging, dark, weird reputation. But it's captivating and beautiful in its own way.
10th October, 2016
This forms a strong accord, with complexity spilling out from the edges. Something prominent in the main accord is off for my tastes, but it has character.
04th May, 2016
I think this is great, but I also think you need to be in the right mood for this one. It's dark, muddy and heavy, like the dirty green of the bottle it comes in, so if you're in a bright, sparkly "all's well with the world" kind of mood, I would reach for something else.
It has an overall scent that is kind of unwholesome, earthy and ancient, yet every now and again you get single notes briefly appearing, like a series of images in a bizarre dream : patchouli, oakmoss, smoke, burning rubber, lavender, geranium, spices and a sort of sweet, chocolate like smell. It's also darkly sexual. If I had to describe it in an image, it would be a dark, brooding shape, watching lustfully from the shadows of an ancient cave, damp and hot, dimly lit by flickering, smoking torches.
For me it's not an everyday perfume, and it's not for the faint hearted, but I think it's great.
I'm surprised to see the ratings on sillage and longevity, because on me it's only moderate for both of these.
February 2016
23rd February, 2016
One of those rare fragrances I knew I'd like even before I sprayed it, simply taking the cap off and catching a whiff of this beast brought a smile to my face. On initial spray, it reminds me somewhat of the original Givenchy Gentleman (before it was totally fucked up), but with much stronger animalics and a dark, earthy patchouli. Florals (mostly lavender) and herbs come into the mix next, reminding me faintly of Zino by Davidoff, but this one is not as civilized as that. A dark, brooding gem of a scent which eventually turns into a dirty musky-leather.

Longevity is enormous (I could still smell it on my skin the next day), so a single spray or two should suffice. Vintage version as tested and preferred.

Highly recommended for those who enjoy these type of scents.
20th November, 2015

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