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Santal Impérial (1850)
by Creed


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Year of Launch1850
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyCreed

About Santal Impérial

Made for the Austro-Hungarian Emperor in 1850.

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Reviews of Santal Impérial

Stardate 20171218:

No real SW in this one. Very similar to PZ's Sartorial and CdG Wonderwood. Uses the same SW aromachemical.
CdG is the best of this lot by a lot :)
For the price Santal Imperial is a big pass.

Neutral to Thumbs down.
18th December, 2017
Dreams of dreams of wood
Inceived on gold citrus seas.
Smile and gone remains.
07th June, 2017
Initial spray is just a blast of alcohol. Give this one a few minutes to open up and you will start to smell some citrus notes. The kind of citrus you'd smell in a very old fragrance. Then it starts rounding out and the sandalwood and tonka show their face. As it progresses it gets to my favorite part. The alcohol smell starts giving way to a more mineral like alcohol smell, the ambergris. To me the ambergris makes this whole fragrance, it gives it the final kick to round everything out. Ambergris is what I generally catch whiffs of throughout the day wearing this, and it is the reason why I adore this fragrance. How can something so nasty as ambergriss smell so great?
29th April, 2017
Santal Imperial is a now-discontinued offering by Creed that fits well into its flagship category of fresh woody fragrances, a blend of bergamot, tonka, sandalwood, and Creed's signature ambergris base. It's a very pleasant mix without being outstanding among either contemporary fragrances or even the discontinued EDTs, such as Epicea, that I love.

Performance is average at best, especially considering the potential price tag, and it's not terribly unique, yet I'm still a little surprised this was discontinued, given that it's easy to wear and fits in well with their fresh woody group. I imagine it might fare better than Bois de Cedrat in current markets.

Another interesting Creed fragrance, it's not one I'll be chasing down but I was happy to try it out.

7 out of 10
25th April, 2016
A joke for its retail price assuming it’s still in production (or however, for the price it had when it was available), but overall nice if you manage to get it for some substantial fraction of the cost. Santal Imperial opens – and more or less, so remains – with a distinguished whiff of citrus and bergamot blended with a sort of warm and creamy texture arising from a dusty, sultry base of ambergris and tobacco with some tame sort of mossy musk, and a really smooth and bright woody accord which I guess may contain some synthetic sandalwood too –I get very little of it though, close to zero; all the woody side feels to me more like earthy vetiver paired with some weightless sweet-plushy nonsense like cashmeran. A soapy, clean, really cozy woody base with a nondescript Oriental vibe of spicy, cocoa-infused tonka and probably some red pepper too. Quite generic, but it works, a bit in the same broad league of Tom Ford for Men with less ambery orange, less freshness and a earthier texture, with more ambergris and woods and also a bit more conservative, old school and formal than that (in other words I am not saying these two fragrances smell similar, this was just a matter of, say, a similar “vibe” with similar Oriental chords). Finally I also think there’s something floral, definitely a delicate sweet-grassy vibe which I can’t really identify but it provides an enjoyable sort of silky-powdery touch (someone mentioned iris in another review, it may be it in fact, maybe with a herbal touch of clary sage).

So this is it, you get the picture, an enjoyably mannered albeit rather weak and proudly uninspired spicy-creamy-woody Oriental scent with a sweet floral vibe and a sort of faint mood halfway pedantic and austere, distantly rooted into the classic citrus fougčre tradition but also close to several Oriental masculine fragrances from the late 1990’s (to the point I feel this may have been created back then, but I’m not yet skilled enough in converting Creed years in human years so I don’t know what 1850 translates into in real world). Closer to a pale neurotic bourgeois chap than anything or anyone “Imperial”, but a fine scent for sure – a really discreet and close-to-skin fragrance which nonetheless, for some reasons manages to gift you with some sillage consistently coming and going for some hours.

6,5-7/10 (for a fair price)
5/10 (for its actual price)
19th October, 2015
Very gentle and smooth sandalwood base fragrance, definitely one of my favorite sandalwood scents along with Bois De Santal. Immediately after application, I get a blast of citrus which last briefly for about 5-10mins. After this short period, the prominent sandalwood takes center stage flanked by a hint of tonka bean which sweetens the scents slightly. The ambergris provides a soft backbone for the scent. As others have already said the silage is rather weak but the scent does linger for a while roughly 3-4 hours. IMO, another well done scent in the classic Creed collection.
08th February, 2015

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