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Santos Eau de Sport (1989)
by Cartier


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Year of Launch1989
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About Santos Eau de Sport

Santos Eau de Sport is a masculine fragrance by Cartier. The scent was launched in 1989

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Reviews of Santos Eau de Sport

Not bad, but not great, IMO. Santos Eau de Sport has an average, old-school quality to it which doesn't draw compliments nor looks of terror.

It's spicy and has layers of subtle woods nested inside it - a typical 80's or 90's vibe. It isn't a typical "sport" scent, as I wouldn't suggest wearing it for other than formal's still quite strong, along the lines of the original Santos.

It's an okay scent to wear even on informal occasions, but overall it is for older wearers on more mature outings.
16th December, 2016

“Sport” is a relative term, and this sport is a sport only in relation to Santos de Cartier or Santos Concentree. Now days this would be considered a full strength fragrance, and it’s just as complex as its two predecessors.

Its opening is primarily herbal (tarragon, coriander) and green to my nose; it has a bit of aromatics, presumably from the artemisia. It’s old school but not as strong as the other two original Santos’s are. The middle level rounds out the opening’s herbal nature with more herbs (thyme), some florals (carnation, jasmine), and five woods including vetiver and patchouli. Compared to the older Santos’ and even compared to the opening, this mid-level goes quite soft sillage-wise, and it holds for a good while. The base continues the mid-level’s woods and adds a light touch of sweet (with four different sweeteners) and some resins with its labdanum and styrax.

This is a reduced impact form of two of the most powerful of the 1980s power scents. I would say that in the present times, this men’s “sports” fragrance would qualify as a powerhouse – and that is still one of the best ones from that powerhouse decade. This is what ‘80s men’s fragrances were about.
17th February, 2016
Santos Sport is a very nice aromatic fougere with a fresh powdery drydown that could have been better if It mantained that amazing top-mid notes accord for a longer time! The powdery drydown comes too fast, although It's not as stuffy as this kind of accord use to be. It keeps only a smooth sample of its green and addictive start and combines it with a slightly sweet powder note. Everything calculated not to be overpowering in comparison, of course, with other 80s fragrances. Different from any recent sporty scents and a real deal!
05th May, 2015
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United Kingdom
Artemisia, citrus and bergamot embedded in a lush deep green note are in the opening, combines to a wonderful green potpourri. The citrus mellows a bit, and fir, thyme, cedarwood and vetiver give beautiful depth and warmth that is always counterbalanced by freshness. Moss, more moss, amber and labdanum are added in the base, and the overall impression is amazing. The depth of green never turns dark, like a deep forest with sunshine breaking through the tree tops. the blending is masterful, silage and projection good on my skin, and the longevity brilliant at close to nine hours. Cartier's all-time masterpiece, and an iconic fragrance.
19th December, 2012
On the side of Santos Concentree another wonderful version of the wonderful Santos. This version is perfect in my opinion and as told it keeps the spicy, mossy and animalic soul of the original adding a more refreshing, subtle, green, aromatic, fluid and citrusy beat. The patchouli is still there, just less smoky, earthy and dark while the fragrance itself is lighter, still orangy  but less gummy-resinous. Perfect for daily usage at work and office but absolutely not sporty in the sense of "too much watered down". Classic.
10th January, 2012
Forget the 'sport' moniker. SANTOS EAU DE SPORT retains some of the original's spicy musky masculine vibe but adds a refreshing twist of dark forest greenery. Mossy and leathery with just a hint of sweetness in the base, it boasts of decent silllage and reminds me somewhat of Jacomo's Anthracite pour homme. Unfortunately it projects more of a 'Tom Selleck' image when my profile is probably closer to a 'Johnny Depp'. But if you're a fan of retro-styled masculines, or sports a lush moustache, this could be a great addition. If you could find some, that is.
24th June, 2011

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