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Sergio Soldano for Men (Black) (1985)
by Sergio Soldano


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Year of Launch1985
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseSergio Soldano
Parent CompanyIntercosma West

About Sergio Soldano for Men (Black)

Sergio Soldano for Men (Black) is a masculine fragrance by Sergio Soldano. The scent was launched in 1985

Sergio Soldano for Men (Black) fragrance notes

Reviews of Sergio Soldano for Men (Black)

The opening is a message from the past. It’s got that tingly aldehydic / artemisia thing down pat, and it’s an memorable experience. Of course, the bergamot / mandarin from the opening as well as the lavender / geranium from the middle provide a fresh platform for the aldehyde / artemisia in creating the mood. There’s nothing that speaks that fresh old time masculinity better… think vintage Old Spice with artemisia instead of sage.

I don’t get so much citrus in the heart notes but the florals take over while the tinglies subside a bit. The florals don’t last long before the cedar and moss begin filling in from the base. For me the moss comes through strongly in the base and I enjoy the result even though moss is usually not my thing – it must be the patchouli smoothing out the moss. Although the pyramid lists tonka, musk, and amber, I don’t get much sweet from them. To me the base is a mossy green (vetiver?) that is smoothed out by and given a lower-noted foundation by the patchouli.

I’m so glad that a generous basenote lover of classics gave this to me. What it is as far as I’m concerned is a fresher, more subtle, more up-to-date version of vintage Old Spice. Judging from Darvant’s review, I believe that I am testing a earlier version of Sergio Soldano Black – a version that falls somewhere between the animatic original and the present orangy /floral / ambry version.

17th February, 2016
I've a far olfactory reminiscence of this fragrance from my adolescence as my brother carried with him a bottle in south of italy from Rome during his holidays in summer time. I remember it was a tall and dark fragrance (may be has contributed to that evaluation the loud impression elicited on me by my older brother) and i remember it possessed a strong personality made of citrus, intense flowers and dark patchouli. I used to steal some dabs secretly closed in the bathroom in order to feel myself masculine and powerful. The impression was about wearing a floral, earthy and ambery smell, basically fresh and sharp. I would be curious to test it back now and to smell the effect aroused by the aldehydes around.
Ps: finally i tested it back, the juice is less bold and dark i had memory about and smells as a sort of less animalic and more soapy sort of new Arrogance pour Homme. Really balmy/detergent and soapy in an orangy/lemony way, really floral and musky/ambery in the dry down. The juice possesses a typical neutral oakmoss/amber association with a fruity/floral and musky temperament.
27th October, 2011 (last edited: 16th November, 2013)
i got a compliment on this fragrance from my ex which is rare! so it must really be attractive to women. SS disappeared quickly since i first bought a bottle in 1993. is it still in production?
28th January, 2010
Impressing, shocking, in a good way, ofcourse. I love its progression so much. Bright-lightning top notes to earthy vetiver in a long journey through complicated ingredients.
07th December, 2009
I dare say this is Chanel no. 5 FOR MEN (minus the baby powder accord). Sparkly bergamot, spicy floral heart and a wonderful citrusy patchouli. This is reminscent of other "stinkers" however this feels more together then the others I remember smelling. I really like this stuff for being so sparkly.
22nd May, 2009
Through a haze of lemon-tinted grey smoke, the gradually emerging outlines of a muscular black bull. He seems at first quite a peaceful and respectable bull, wearing a garland of meadow flowers as he quietly munches the cud. Yet occasionally he snorts and paws the ground. Some people call him Oscar (after the celebrated Oscar de la Renta Pour Lui). There is, indeed, a slight resemblance, although Soldano is a deal darker and more pungent - almost, in some ways, like the civilized and acceptable face of the much feared One Man Show. (de Charlus).
15th February, 2006

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