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Sergio Tacchini (1987)
by Sergio Tacchini


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Year of Launch1987
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseSergio Tacchini
Parent CompanyInvestindustrial > Morris
Parent Company at launchMorris

About Sergio Tacchini

Sergio Tacchini is a masculine fragrance by Sergio Tacchini. The scent was launched in 1987

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Reviews of Sergio Tacchini

I wore this scent in the early 1990's as my signature fragrance and used all of its complementary bath and shaving products.

I enjoyed the refreshing pungency and sharpness of its green and aquatic ingredients which never cloyed but always persisted for the whole day.

I still wear this lovely jewel about 3/4 times a year as it brings memories of love, youth and freedom.

Thumbs up!
19th November, 2014
Very, very good.

I'll not add too many explanations, other reviewers did it in a excellent way.

I only add that this is -maybe- one of the BEST SUMMER SCENT ever produced since it can resist to high temperatures and burning sun.

Scent nr. 1 to be used when summer it's really hot.

.....and I'm very pleased to say that I tried the original from1987 and modern one side-by-side, and although there are some notable differences, the "core" of this perfume is still intact.

The modern version has a gentle, slight talc and iris-like background. Someone could appreciate it. The vintage version is more "rude".

Longevity is decent under the sun, while enormous when in office or at home.

Please note this is a Summer scent, make no sense wear it during the winter.

Ayway, two thumbs up both vintage and modern.

(final word: it's sold at ridiculous price in stores -15 euros for 100ml-, it deserves a lot.)

Pros: One of the best scent for summer. Reformulated version is OK

13th July, 2013
ad_scott Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Very nice! Clean, sharp and for any occasion scent

I first tried the aftershave version back in 1991 when it was widely available at every department store. I became a great admirer. Gorgeous scent. Over the years it became hard to find and ironically is still hard to find! I had forgotten about it until having a recent flashback which lead to spending some time procuring online, and then finally finding the EDT version (supplied by a UK company). When I received the bottle I removed the cap and had a smell...Wow!!! So subtle yet masculine...citrus, green and wood with a wash of fresh soap triggering memories from 22 years ago. There are floral undertones too. I think it was designed for the tennis player but I wear it at work and socially. Such a unique and pleasant fragrance. I like the bottle also, interesting in shape and design, half glass, half plastic. All in all - unique.

Pros: Clean and fresh, masculine, decent longevity, sporty, casual, formal

23rd May, 2013
Soapy-clean, sweet scent with a touch of citrus, just the right amount. Inoffensive, understated and elegant. Probably much too simple for serious scent scholars, but a perfect, sunny summer scent for anyone else.
18th November, 2012
I have for some time observed how certain fragrances make more sense in different regions. Perhaps it is a figment of my imagination, perhaps it is due to climatic differences but Sergio Tacchini seems to bloom when worn in Mediterranean weather. The first wearings of this 1987 scent were pleasant but failed to impress me. Yet after a week of wearing it on holiday in Spain something just clicked.

One of the things that mystifies me is why Sergio Tacchini can immediately be dated to the 1980s. But it is there right from the start with an opulent blast of fresh lime. The citric explosion is joined by a light soapy texture which at the very least ensures you’ll be smelling clean, not only laundry clean but also on a grander scale clean like the smell of the sun breaking out after a rainy night. Sergio Tacchini is a breezy scent and it never gets weighted down by the male powerhouse notes of the time instead opting for a pleasant cedarwood/sandalwood combination with a touch of musk just to invoke the male body.

The overall effect is of an air of transparent elegance. It makes one long for white trousers, linen blazers and careless walks in the afternoon sun.
25th May, 2012
A decent sharp, green, sportive fragrance full of dignity which combines, in a full of experience way, citrusy, green, woodsy and soapy elements. The diverse notes are combined in a perfect balance. The beginning is hard to face with a blast of citrus, herbs and lime, than the smell slides towards a woody and soft green base due to sandalwood, musks, styrax and a touch of amber. Refreshing and clean this is silently good for work and for the free time around in the nature. The longevity is surprising. Horrible bottle.
23rd January, 2011 (last edited: 07th January, 2014)

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