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Sex Appeal for Men (1976)
by Jovan


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Year of Launch1976
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyBenckiser > Coty Inc > Coty Beauty
Parent Company at launchJovan

About Sex Appeal for Men

Basenotes loves the blurb on the box for this long gone scent:
"Sex Appeal- Now you don't have to be born with it. This provocative stimulating blend of rare spices and herbs was created by man for the sole purpose of attracting women. At will.
More than the usual promise in a bottle. It's more like a guarantee."

Reviews of Sex Appeal for Men

Well I'll say this for Jovan's Sex Appeal for Men...

Through merging patchouli and amber,this does make a very sensual base to a cologne.I get a light sweetness to this cologne that smells similar to cinnamon...but in a gummy way.It seemed to only last about 3 hours on my skin.Starting out with medium projection and rapidly declining after a little over 30 min. of application.I quit wearing it at work and saved it more for social gatherings.

Point blank:
This cologne under the Jovan line by Coty,I used to be content with despite poor longevity..I liked the scent.After all Sex Appeal for Men was commonly seen in drugstores and it stood out in its scent among the other colognes enjoyed by fellow working class men in a rural community of the pre-internet era.I learned many years later this was nothing more than a later released and scaled down in notes version of Pierre Cardin's Pour Monsieur cologne.Pierre Cardin is now cheaper than it's Jovan competitor.It smells much more colorful,last much longer,and cheaper than Sex Appeal for Men...get the Pierre Cardin.
14th January, 2017
Deliberately animalic and magnetic, to be sure! Sex Appeal is designed to catch attention, and it delivers. I don't think I'd necessarily wear it nowadays, as I have plenty of "regular" scents to project with a musky vibe that SAM does. But I give kudos to Jovan for such a unique, daring fragrance that still has some "appeal" to wearers and smellers alike.
20th December, 2016
Turin (Sanchez actually) gives it four stars and calls it an "herbal oriental."

This unassuming men's scent from 1976 mixes lavender and amber with a slight dash of cinnamon. Dries down to a light aromatic wood. Not heavy at all, in fact quite light, it is unassuming and subtle. Perfectly acceptable as an all purpose scent, from office to date night to sports event. Tremendously affordable (I got my attractive 3 oz. bottle for $10), and a perfect gift choice for guys who want to smell good, but who are really not "into" scent.

Not bad, not great, just okay.
27th September, 2015
Gents, do you tire of the endless line of unisex flankers that riddle the fragrance landscape today? Are you really looking to smell like a honey donut, a cup of cinnamon coffee or a basket of dried fruits!?

I will admit, many of the higher end unisex frags are very well blended (Tom Ford, Serge Lutens, CDG) and include upgraded ingredients. I love tobacco so Tobacco Vanille is on my shelf.

Although, these days I am feeling more and more the desire to strip away the fluff and get back to basics.

Jovan Sex Appeal for Men is all about the basics: spices, herbs, musk and patchouli. Unbelievably well blended and at <$10 for 3oz a tremendous value.

Sex Appeal wears close to the skin and will last a minimum of 12 hours. Projection is average which is a good thing. People will notice you, smile, and wonder what that great smell is as the notes are not so individually distinct. Just a basic, masculine accord that "smells good". Isn't that all we really want?

03rd October, 2014
Cheap but good

This is my first review as a Basenoter so I decided to start with a familiar fragrance that I continue to wear today at least twice a month. I'm writing on the current splash aftershave/cologne and not the spray bottle. Despite other reviewers mentioning that this Jovan classic has lost some of it's punch, on my skin, even one spray above the navel can be cloying. As I believe Ericrico astutely mentioned, Sex Appeal comes into it's realm when carefully splashed like an aftershave (For me this means a modest splash applied by hands to both cheeks, a modest splash to the neck then rubbing my hands briefly on my chest.) Right away I get the hit of rich spices and, I guess, the amber as my nose picks up little boozy whiffs from time to time. It then begins the journey into the patchouli and woods with the spices rising to the surface from time to time. At this point it takes a powdery spicy oriental vibe that actually brings aspects of Vintage Aramis to mind (Probably the green herbs.). Sillage on me is moderate (Good Thing!) and longevity is spectacular at 6-10 hours depending on the weather. The nicest thing with Sex Appeal for me is that it is so well behaved in the right hands that I wear it in a fairly crowded nurses' station and I consistently receive compliments from female and male peers when I wear it. At it's current price point it is an amazing value and I'll always have some around when I want an old school vibe. Is it as good as were Andron, Grass Oil or The Original Ginseng for Men? Not a chance. Sex Appeal is a very good fragrance when used correctly. The other three were much better efforts by the House of Jovan. Bring them back Jovan/Coty! Please don't make me beg!

Pros: All the great aspects of a 70"s Power House without going overboard. Just plain smells good. PRICE!!
Cons: Can be a patchouli stinkbomb if overused. Not as good as Grass Oil or Andron"

08th August, 2013
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United States
Newest formulation. Sadly, this is nothing like that little bottle I had in the early 80s -- it has the same scent, but watered-down. One can track the downward slide of these classic scents (PC, BS, etc, as mentioned in other reviews) by the size of the bottle offered, e.g., my Pierre Cardin is 8oz and my Sex Appeal is 4oz. Anyway, one finds a nice patchouli-based powdery musk type thing and I do detect a little anise, I think, or perhaps the notes blend to an approximation of it. It is definitely rooted in the 70s, but not stuck there in my book. Easily wearable and perhaps a little safer because of the reduced concentration. Marketed to men, but I would gamble anyone could wear this and be fine. All-in-all, a decent value the purchase of which would not be a waste of one's hoarded funds.
10th May, 2013

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