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Signoricci 2 (1976)
by Nina Ricci


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Year of Launch1976
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People and companies

HouseNina Ricci
PerfumerRaymond Chaillan
Parent CompanyPuig Beauty & Fashion Group > Puig Prestige Beauty Brands

About Signoricci 2

Thanks to George T. Calofonos for the following info:
When the original Signioricci (Signoricci 1) was discontinued, the number was dropped from Signoricci 2's name. What is now marketed as Signoricci is the old Signoricci 2. (So '2' isn't really discontinued!)

Signoricci 2 fragrance notes

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Reviews of Signoricci 2

To my nose this smells much similar to Signoricci 1, a bit less woody, less complex, less mossy and a bit more citrus-soapy, still elegant and pleasant. Also much more light and delicate on skin (quite lighter than Signoricci 1 to this extent).

11th July, 2014
My review is of the vintage version.

At the moment I cannot think of a more appealing, more elegant, fresh-style, old-school gentleman's cologne!
'Signoricci' is comparable in character to Dior's Eau Fraiche or Dior's Eau Sauvage, but it has an even more thoughtful, even more gentile air.
It has a slightly buttery, spicy complexity in its opening that is very surprising in this genre. The effort to add "spice" or "creaminess" to fresher colognes all too often strikes me as forced, or antagonistic: think 'Eternity'. But in 'Signoricci', it is delicious, like a lemon tart would be with a big dollop of vanilla cream.

I love its drydown-phase, too. It has the smell of fine soap and cream.
And 'Signorrici' evokes the color silver for me, silver wristwatches and Silver cuff links, specifically.
This is a true gentleman's fragrance, certainly, and wouldn't be appropriate for a showy man. And the gentleman who chooses it would seem especially understated and austere in his style ... yet totally at ease with his lack of show, as he has an undeniable, comforting sensuality.
I have been wearing this one for myself, and it's really as accessible to women as Eau Savage or Diorella.
I cannot recommend this highly enough to gentlemen and ladies alike. It's a classic and elegant landmark.
27th February, 2010
On first application, the smell of alcohol is there, making this smell like it's going to be a boozy scent. Sometimes first impressions can be deceiving. It turns into a light, well constructed citrus and oakmoss chypre with a touch of lavender and orange blossom and possible neroli. Nice and not too potent as most from the 70's and 80's.
16th November, 2008
Brighter and cleaner than the original Signoricci, this 1976 version loses the relative thickness of galbanum that dominated the opening in the 1965 Signoricci. Although the opening is brighter and cleaner than the original version, the middle and base more or less return to the warmer tones of the original, but they seem have lost some of the heaviness that was in the original’s heart notes. One of the additions in the middle notes is the aldehydes, which, I think, help create the new and different kind of warmth quite different from the rosy – musty heft of Signoricci (1)’s heart. With this one, as with the one now called Signoricci, I very soon lose the citruses,and once the citruses are lost, Signoricci (2) becomes a primarily green fragrance, but a green that carries a comfortable warmth which remains through its drydown: It is indeed the warmth of Signoricci (2) that makes it so desirable. It’s an excellent fragrance and my favorite of the three Signoriccis.
24th May, 2008
I was lucky enough to get hold of a bottle of Signoricci2 today from the '70s. The fragrance has lasted the time incredibly well - the first impression transported me back 10 years to when I wore Armani Eau Pour Homme - a very similar orange blosson, citrus opening. Very warm and musky notes follow. An elegent fragrance.
Beware if you have sensitive skin. This is one of the only fragrances to sting my skin for a while after applying - must be a very high alcohol content.
06th August, 2007
This is really amazingly good, and unlike the Signoricci I have. There is a warmth and complexity here that just draws one in and I get something different each time, always terrific. It has a raffish formality; playful and yet refined. Oh boy!
13th March, 2006

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