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Silver Light (1997)
by Escada


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Year of Launch1997
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Parent Company at launchEscada Beaute Group

About Silver Light

Silver Light is a masculine fragrance by Escada. The scent was launched in 1997

Reviews of Silver Light

A nice reworking of the very bold original. It still retains some of the powdery heart of Escada pour Homme, combined with a fresh, sweet-soapy quality that is actually quite unique. It isn't super-special a fragrance, but the Light Silver Edition is different, pleasant, and understated.
05th December, 2016
Notes: apple, grapefruit, patchouli, vanilla.
Well, I've smelled worse.
Essentially a slightly green scent, fresh and a bit aromatic.
Soapy -- like clean laundry. A bit ozonic.
Not too sweet, certainly not heavy.
Curiously, I don't get any of the alleged notes. No fruit, no vanilla, no patchouli.
If you want to smell like a bar of green soap or fresh towels, this one's for you.
16th December, 2010
The opening of Silver is green and soapy, with some spice as well. It's not entirely different, in fact, it strongly reminds me of Uomo by Moschino. The thing that's most off-putting about this fragrance to me, is the chemical odor I pick up from it. Fortunately it's only strong in the very beginning.. it's reminiscent of the glue/paste accord I get from Curve, or Versace V/S. As Silver dries down, it just gets soapy and slightly floral but its foundation is a green fragrance. Vanilla and jasmine dominate from the middle on out.. the combination of the 2 is actually quite nice, even for somebody like myself who finds the jasmine note to be very feminine. I do think this fragrance is unisex all the way. As for my opinion.. I'm really smack dab in the middle on this. The strange chemical opening isn't enough to complain entirely about because it goes away quickly, and although the dry down is very pretty, it's just not for me.

On a side note.. the middle/heart notes phase of Silver strongly remind me of Arpege pH, only take out the orange blossom and citrus and replace it with jasmine.
31st October, 2010
Whereas I like the opening of Escada and love the drydown, I love the opening of Light Silver Edition and like the drydown, which is similar to the original but not as rich. But the opening, this blue/green delicious burst of apple, grapefruit, and mint always puts me in a good place. Though understandably LSE can't live up to its big brother I think it's an excellent every day scent (at least in warm weather), leaving the original Escada for the more formal or intimate occasions.
07th August, 2010
Redleg Show all reviews
United States
Powdery and floral, almost effeminate. "Light" is a good word for it; you barely notice you're wearing a cologne. Nothing special.
21st July, 2010
Strange green aromatic and sweet fragrance. Reminds me of a powdery Cool Water.
20th August, 2008

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