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Silver Mountain Water (1995)
by Creed


Silver Mountain Water information

Year of Launch1995
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyCreed

About Silver Mountain Water

Silver Mountain Water is a shared / unisex perfume by Creed. The scent was launched in 1995

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Reviews of Silver Mountain Water

Another superb blend by Oliver Creed. I opened my sample up and got an instant hit of I know this smell and I wish I can put my finger on when or where i've smelt this before. That being said a frangrance this good must have had a lasting impression on me if I had smelt it before or stimulated something pretty awesome in my mind if I haven't smelt it before. Either way its very alluring. The notes mix together very well to give me an initial blast of a gin kind of hit, this dries down revealing the fruit pallet, currents, citrus with some underlying woods. very appealing.
14th March, 2015
Silver Mountain Water was suggested to me by a Creed Rep, based on the fact I already own Aventus. Apparently, most people who have Aventus, also like SMW. I tried it out on my skin, and initially was not overly impressed. However, after around 30 minutes, it had dried down a little, and i was pleasantly impressed. The smell reminded me of coming out of a long shower, that feeling of absolute freshness! The citrus notes are fantastic, as is the Sandalwood. Its not an overpowering fragrance, and would be great for work, or casual use. I like to use it more as a daytime scent
31st December, 2014
The very first sniff is a nice whiff of fruit and citrus, but after that it quickly turns into shampoo. Not the cheapest shampoo on the shelf, something Bath and Body Works would make if they were a shampoo brand, but it's still shampoo. After a few hours the Creed ambergris starts coming through and things start to get a bit better but by that time I feel like I shouldn't spend so much money on a fragrance that just makes me smell like I washed my hair.
21st December, 2014

This is a cold, almost-icy tea based fragrance with a sparkling metallic sheen. One example where the name and bottle design are completely evocative of the scent itself, Silver Mountain Water very accurately portrays what it suggests. Between the tea, black currant, mandarin orange, and white musk, you get an inky-sweet, tangy aroma that is reminiscent of chilly, windy air in high, snow-capped altitudes. I get the 'ink' note. It's a combination of the tea and black currant that creates an odd, sort of chemically sweet smell, but it doesn't remind me of toner cartridges, more like ink from a pen or well. I also find this accord pleasant and unique, and it can be interpreted in various ways. Do you prefer ink, or black currants coated in frost on an early spring morning? How about industrial stainless steel, or the glassy, crystalline surface of a river in January? It can go either way, and that's what's sort of interesting about Silver Mountain Water. I picture a white, snow-covered mountain with an ultraviolet stream passing through it. In other words, I get a little bit of both--nature, as interpreted through a synthesized, futuristic chemical process. And it works.

Practically speaking, this is best suited for spring and summer as it's quite cooling and fresh. Projection is strong and it can be sneaky, and longevity is very good. I get about 8 hours plus. SMW feels most appropriate for daily wear as it might be a little high-pitched for the evening. Though I really enjoy this and think it was composed with an intelligent, clever hand, I can't guarantee this as a safe blind buy. While it has plenty of fans, Silver Mountain Water also has plenty of detractors, and that's why it's best that you sample it first.
21st November, 2014
Skelly Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I quite liked it then I read this review:

Luca Turin : "Silver Mountain Water (Creed) ★ fresh metallic - An unpleasant, hissy-metallic “fresh” fragrance with a strange note of wood glue amid the din."

So in the interests of science I dug out a bottle of polyvinyl acetate from the garden shed, and I'm afraid to say that, yeah, it smells of glue. Shame, really.

31st August, 2014
Genre: Aquatic

A very nice summer daytime scent: light and breezy, yet also possessed of some earthy mystery and a distinctive edge.

Silver Mountain Water opens up with a well balanced currant and tea accord, spiked with a touch of the aquatic and a twist of citrus. As the heart exposes itself, the tea and violet contribute an herbal, soil-like undercurrent that enriches a scent that might otherwise be too much of a lightweight.

Another distinctive feature is a hard-edged "industrial," or perhaps "stony" note (robyogi's "inkjet toner?") which for me lifts the whole composition onto a new plane. The element of subtle dissonance this note injects keeps me coming back for another sniff.

The drydown is very rapid on me, and reveals an accord familiar to anyone who's worn Millésime Imperial or Green Irish Tweed. In the case of Silver Moutain Water there is also a persistent echo of the current/tea accord that adds a little zest to the end stage. This is one of those scents that seem to disappear after a couple of hours, only to re-emerge unexpectedly from time to time. Intriguing, and very well worth trying, regardless of gender.
03rd July, 2014

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