Silver Mountain Water (1995)
    by Creed

    • Launched: 1995
    • Type: Shared / Unisex / Unspecified
    • Availability: In Production
    • Perfumer: Unknown - Let us know
    • Bottle Designer: Unknown - Let us know

    Silver Mountain Water Fragrance Notes

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    It's Millesime Imperiale with fizzy grape soda pop thrown over the top. Works surprisingly well. Somehow invokes images of its namesake, similar to the way Himalaya pulls off the evocative name trick. Overall, another impressive Creed release.

    Worried about SMW's supposed feminine connotations? Well don't be a baby about stuff like that. Come along for the sparkling, good clean fun. Sure, it does wear a little feminine. But I get compliments from women when I wear it, so who cares? Maybe not right if your intention is to smell masculine to other men. Goes without saying that it would smell great on women, too.

    Creed is great at mixing some unexpected masterpieces into their extensive collection. SMW is another one. You have to give them credit for coming up with quirky stuff like this. Bravo. SMW is a fine addition to any collection. You might not wear it often, but it's likely you won't have much else like it in your collection. Really hits the spot when you're in the right mood for it.

    11th March, 2014

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    elegant, nice, pleasant. As a 16 year old, I enjoy the fragrance immensely. Although a Masculine scent, I think of it as unisex. No complaints from my girlfriend, only compliments. It also is able to remain on my skin and has a sweet dry down, not as in gourmand, but as said, pleasant. However, I don't bill it as a formal fragrance and although nice smelling , not something that I would wear to my Prom.

    04 March, 2014

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    As much as I love the smell of this as it is quite gorgeous ,I just cant give it a thumbs up just based on the fact that even though its marketed as a unisex and more so towards men it smells like straight up perfume to me. When ive worn this out people have actually asked me what my girlfriends perfume is that got on me ... Which even though is meant as a compliment is quite embarassing.

    I mean for what it is its very nice. It has a very fresh,airy smell that will get attention but its very perfumy so if your a manly man or a man that doesnt like unisex or perfumy colognes stay clear of this 1.

    Longevity and projection:lasted me 8-10 hours with good projection for 4 hours and then becomes very close to the skin.

    Season and occasion: Spring/Summer as far as season.... And Id only use this for casual use

    08 February, 2014

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    I'm a huge fan of Creed, but I have to analyze this objectively with the Creed goggles off. For a good while, it was one of my favorite fragrances, though I do see it's flaws, which is why I'm marking this nuetral in terms of how I recommend it to people. It's a mixture of both beauty and ugliness, though it is worth noting that the good outweighs the bad.

    It's a dichotomy. There are people who passionately love this fragrance and people who don't like it at all. Even though, I lean more toward the positive side, I totally recognize the complaints about it too. One person described this to me as water running down a silver mountain top. Another person described this to me as smelling like the sweat behind one's ears. I would say that they are both right, in a sense.

    Creed SMW isn't a consistent scent, nor a simple one (despite being labeled an aquatic). It's many things and your experience it will vary; not just batch-to-batch, but from one wearing to another. This can depend on your skin, the weather, your nose, or your mood.

    It's many things. It has aquatic elements. It has a rocky mineral aspect to it. It can be peppery. It can smell like a lemon tart. It can be floral. It can be musky. It can be clean. It can be dirty. It can be metallic and acetic. It can be warm and gentle. It depends entirely on your wearing. I've both loved it and found it to be mildly unpleasant.

    The expensive price can be an issue for many people, but it's more of a personal decision than an objective one. It's a matter if you like it or not (try it first). Don't blind buy this, and to be honest, it's probably not one of Creed's safest buys, despite being labeled an aquatic. Well worth it for some; not for others.

    This is not a nuetral review saying "this is okay-at-best. don't buy it". It's more of a "you'll love or hate it or find it somewhere in between". Ideally, you'll love this and buy it. But recognize both sides before you purchase.


    07 February, 2014

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    This is billed as a masculine fragrance, although it smells more unisex to me. However, I think the basenotes do tilt it slightly in the direction of a more masculine “eau” fragrance. I like it, but for a long time there is a smell I can only describe as “peppery” which makes it far too “spicy” for me. I like pepper in fragrances, but I think in this perfume it was an attempt to make it more “masculine.” Very nice, very clear, clean fragrance. Would smell lovely on a man. However, I prefer other tea fragrances.

    14 January, 2014

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    This smells really good, for a woman. I do not see this being a male scent at ALL. Smells like melon from bath and body works and dries down to a 100% woman's perfume smell. After one spray I will be returning.

    19 December, 2013

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