Ted Baker Skinwear (1998)
    by Ted Baker

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    Ted Baker Skinwear information

    Skinwear comes in 5 colours: Green, Yellow, Red, Blue and Purple. Its a spicy citrus fragrance and was created for Ted Baker by the same guys that brought us the excellent King Of Shaves range. Recently joined by a female version called Ted Baker Woman.

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    United States United States

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    Ted Baker Skinwear opens with a bergamot and lime combo that nearly immediately meshes with a strong oceanic accord from the heart notes that is a bit salty. This overall accord almost has an almost tarragon-like nature and could easily be mistaken for it. Base notes of clean musk and cedar wood add structure to the mostly fruity aquatic nature of the scent from start to finish. Projection and longevity are both average.

    Skinwear is one of the better aquatics on the market (albeit that is not saying much); it has a pretty distinctive fruity open that I am still unsure whether I really like it or not, even after a few wearings. The salty aquatic heart accord is not atypical of the genre and folks that are bothered by calone should steer as Skinwear is loaded with it. Finally the base notes really never take center stage, but the musky cedar does mesh pretty well with the oceanic heart accord late. The bottom line is Skinwear is not a scent *I* want to wear, but it is a cut above the norm in the genre and those looking for an aquatic could certainly do far worse. Skinwear generously earns 3 stars out of 5 and an "above average" rating. Recommended only for calone-laced aquatic fans.

    03 September, 2012

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    My friends, this really is a wonderful fragrance.

    Out of the bottle, this fragrance is bright, sharp and zesty. It's the combination of the Lemon and Lime top notes working in synch.

    In the middle is a warmth and roundness to the scent. There are Oceanic notes here that will bring to mind Aqua Di Giorgio amongst others.

    In the base a really warm, almost creamy mix.

    The whole together is like the combination of the old-school French perfumery style (Eau Savage, Givenchy Pour Monsieur, Chanel Pour Monsieur) all of which feature a defined Lemon edge alongside the warmth of classic “old guy” scents and given a “current” twist with an Oceanic/Aquatic angle. Really nice stuff.

    It settles down nicely but the classic combination of the Lemon on the top and the Woods on the bottom alongside the quirky Oceanic twist work so well and create a sporty feeling fragrance that wouldn't be out of place with a Suit, a Tux or a pair of Jeans/Chinos (delete as applicable).

    I catch myself walking round in circles (like a nut-case) just to catch the scent as if it were on somebody else and it really is great in an understated but confident sort of way.

    For those of you who can't be bothered with all the rambling above: It smells bloody great!

    Buy it, enjoy it and enjoy the compliments.

    31st August, 2012 (Last Edited: 13 September, 2012)

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    This might be in the citrus/aquatic/woody sorta catagory but I've still never smelt anything like it.
    It has a few extra notes, mainly the rosemary and juniper that just really change it and stand out.
    Its not sharp and has a soft musky tone that always gets good compliments. Its great for everyday workwear esp in the summer and it stays fresh all day.
    An excellent example of a cheap fragrance done well!

    02 January, 2012

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    United States United States

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    I really like the opening. It alludes to a rosy chypre but deep down, it's not. More of a blanched woods and spices. Much like Calvin Klein Man with a cypress note. Dries into a light musk and woods. Fairly pleasant.

    17 November, 2009

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    Zimbabwe Zimbabwe

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    It's not as shortlived as many say. My skin gulps down heavy hitters like Opium and Givenchy Pi. So I have every longevity problem in the world. This one requires the right environment (warm to hot) to work. It just sills and sills in the heat. I've also realised another thing. You must sweat minimally as well, you must be CLEAN for it to work. Exfoliate and do all sorts of stuff and be squeaky clean. *Then you must spray it on and moisturize and spray it on again. Wear light clothes for it to show through and it'll stay on for the whole day into the next. Complementary shower gel boosts this stuff as well. Worth having.

    *Credits to Divatologist

    All in all a nice if not boring summer scent. But it gets the job done exceptionally well. And I mean EXCEPTIONALLY well.

    13 April, 2009

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    I love this fragrance...so distinctive...and lots of compliments...only flaw is longetivity...which is not great on your skin,so maybe a bit on your shirt...You will get lots of questions about this when you wear it,along the lines of " Ohhh,you smell nice...what you got on?"

    11th November, 2008 (Last Edited: 18 January, 2009)

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