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Skye is a masculine fragrance by Geo F Trumper.

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Starts with a bubblegum sweet and floral aquatic opening. Somewhat unpleasant. I guess this is Trumperís take on a modern day fragrance, which is a sad affair. Becomes a soapy mess with a slight floral background throughout. This is easily Trumperís worst offering and something I honestly would expect from a T&H line, but not Trumperís. Overall a big disappointment.
24th September, 2011
My first sniff of Skye when it arrived in a Trumpers sample pack was a head repulse moment and I returned Skye to the pack. Only, I do hate to waste anything so one night I tried a dab. After the initial blast of cheap feminine (to me) dime store perfume, the scent setttled down and melded with my skin chemistry into a nice pleasant scent. I liked it! yes, it's a short lasting fragrance (4-6 hours total) but it is refreshing during that dry down.

Ignore those first few minutes and give it a chance. It all depends on your skin chemistry. Though if you're looking for something to last the work day, this one isn't it. Nor would I wear it to a gun show or for that manner any gathering where tools or sports gear are in use.
17th July, 2011
Skye is like Smarties at first (American tiny sour candy version, not British), with a sourness on top of slightly musty florals...I guess this is their attempt to reconcile modern soapy aquatics with a Marlborough or EdC type, as others have speculated. The problem is that something in there is giving it a chemical, household-cleaner vibe, or maybe a touch of bug spray. That starts to dissipate, leaving more soapy citrus; amusingly similar to the top notes of Gendarme Sky. Objectively, it's very powdery, but for some reason that doesn't bother me here. Still, the over-sugared powderiness evokes an abstraction of gummy candies. Its strangeness intrigues me. If Portugal stole the top notes of Habit Rouge, this one may have stolen the base!
26th March, 2011
Trumper's first step into the world of aquatics is an absolute clanger, mainly because they tried to make it a modern aquatic with traditional aspects, but have failed miserably to achieve a perfect balance, something which Aramis is much better at with their aquatics (all of which contain an element of trad). It opens quite nicely with a bright and fresh smack in the face, but almost immediately Trumper's strong and musty powder signature (found in a good three quarters of their frags) bullies its way to the front and completely takes over, turning this bright blue juice into an awful, stuffy, typically traditional English stereotype from the 40s that should be a very dark shade of brown. It has a heavy "old man" smell about it, something which most of the old English companies are guilty of with many of their scents, and no doubt something which those who are fed up with fresh aquatics, greens and citruses would love. If you threw some spice and woods into the mix, then Trumper would almost be attempting their own version of Old Spice and, whilst Skye is not quite as bad as that behemoth, it's one of the worst offerings in their catalogue.
06th May, 2010
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United States

Trumper should be ashamed of themselves releasing this. Skye is Trumper's lame attempt at producing an acquatic fragrance, which is like Creed trying to release an '80s styled Powerhouse. Thin, weak and horribly synthetic, Skye smells like dishwater in a sink. Skye is a total waste of your time and money. Truly nauseating.

03rd May, 2010 (last edited: 11th May, 2010)
I love the name, but that is about the only thing I like about this Trumper offering (I do think it comes in a pretty shade of blue as well). While I think it is trying to convey a modern, fresh scent, on my skin it smells musty. My guess is that I am anosmic to its musk ingredient. It is short-lived on my skin. I canít recommend this one at all.
23rd October, 2009

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