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Super Fragrance for Men (1978)
by Etienne Aigner


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Year of Launch1978
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HouseEtienne Aigner
Parent CompanyShaneel Enterprises Ltd > Designer Parfums
Parent Company at launchEtienne Aigner

About Super Fragrance for Men

Super Fragrance for Men is a masculine fragrance by Etienne Aigner. The scent was launched in 1978

Super Fragrance for Men fragrance notes

Reviews of Super Fragrance for Men

Yay for Super Fragrance! What a stellar and just downright pleasant and beautiful olfactory creation... an extremely well constructed composition from top to bottom. The ingredients implemented are totally high quality and natural. The blending from head, to heart and to base is spot on. Excellent note separation with three distinct stages. Incredibly long lasting because this is after all a full on white musk scent for men so the longevity is easily 24+ hours if not more.

Now, the question of the day is, how does it smell?!

Well. This is a white musk scent for Men no doubt and if you're very comfy with rocking a strong white musk then this here is your bag because this is a very well constructed scent that's for sure signature worthy. Unfortunately for me this would be signature worthy that I'd sport daily but it's virtually non-existent and I need to wear something different all the time.

It's super soapy and complex and also very strongly has a baby powder aroma which brings to my mind Avon's Sweet Honesty. This entire scent pyramid is built around a lovely, soapy, strong and natural white musk accord so the overall impression for me at least, not that I don't mind at all is that this 'kinda' leans towards the femmy. Only due to the fact that I will always and forever associate any form of white musk with Mom. My Mom wears Jōvan's vintage White Musk and Avon's Sweet Honesty like nobody's business so this association is drilled into my olfactory memory once sniffed as 'that's Mom, yep'.

To my honed nose, this is without a doubt a killer take on white musk for Men. Surprisingly the perfume is very bright and fluffy like. It conjures the olfactory colors of beige, predominantly beige, a light pink, a faded orange and some background gray.

There's this really awesome sandalwood incense accord that runs throughout with a balmy amber note but overall if you really think about and dissect this composition it smells like a soft, complex and highly textured baby powder. I absolutely despise baby powder smell but this is something else that I like, a lot..

There's a very deep and dark accord in the base notes that is always apparent which keeps this completely grounded into masculine territory. I've worn this for a week straight to get this down and I'm still noticing different things and not even close yet to figuring this stuff out fully, it's really, really complex and ever changing.

Overall, amazing, really and honestly. So put together correctly it's stupid. Super Fragrance is buttery smooth. I can't and will not say that this is very strong. Yes it definitely has some projection but if worn judicially and correctly this is a civilized scent. It's like a personal space aroma but I really wouldn't like this kinda smell to be strong anyways.

For the record, Super Fragrance for Men is a really whacked out and very complex take on white musk that will excite you to the max for it's uniqueness if you're smitten with vintage scents. It smells like dusty sandalwood incense sticks that are burning with a slight, ever so slight baby powder illusion and some aromatic cinnamon thrown on top but nothing that's ever nasty. It just works perfectly this scent pyramid. For some strange reason I think of a Rastafarian Jamaican dude when I smell this. Like how he will smell of that beautiful incense, patchouli, sandalwood and amber that wafts about him sporadically. This is completely a compliment by the way, that's an amazing odor that I'd personally love to be associated with forever. It's a really clean incense and complex scent. Stellar and worth the cash, 'only' if you're all about that white musk because Super Fragrance hands down is a white musk scent but a very good one for the books and I'm very impressed with this.

It's comfy, lived in, cozy and very unusual. Warm, inviting, just enough animalic, masculine and subtle. It's a stunningly handsome perfume for Men that I honestly couldn't in my wildest dreams imagine this offending even the most sincere and discerning fragrance snob. The only thing I see coming out of this is the question of 'what in the world are you wearing?!'.

If I was the kind of person who could wear the same scent every single day and be content, this would be my signature. I'd dump all of my cash into every last flacon, wear this every day and die happy...
27th October, 2018
Stardate 20170627:

A super fragrance. A classic composition. In the style of Bugatti, Chanel PM Concentree. But I think this one is better than them all.
The development is great and I think top is better than Bugatti.
Starts a bit creamy citrusy, skanky with hint of pepper. And dries down to sandalwood vanilla powder.
It is smooth and FBW. A shame that it is discontinued.
27th June, 2017
Very underestimated fragrance.
Definitely one of the best male fragrances produced ever.
09th February, 2017
Bergamot, Clary Sage, Galbanum, Lemon, Tarragon
Cedar, Jasmine, Orris Root, Patchouli, Rose, Sandalwood, Hay
Amber, Moss, Musk, Tonka Bean, Vanilla, Costus

Etienne Aigner's 1978 release of Super Fragrance for Men is a Super unknown. It's amusing because of not only the chosen name for the scent, but that it's so substantial, so good and only minimal perfumistos have smelled it; let alone heard of it. I consider myself fortunate to have finally obtained this in 2009. Nothing ever made ( that I have come across so far ) smells remotely similar.

I actually had a woman grab me at a Christmas party in 2010 and whisper in my ear as she hugged me. "You smell sooooooo good" !!!! I enjoyed the compliment from this attractive party guest and yes, I smelled damn good. After all, I was wearing Super Fragrance for Men.

Super Fragrance for Men is a warm and bitter masculine that is dense from the initial spray. The overall tone of is an herbal one, but there's quite a bit more going on than herbs. The combination of Cedar oil, hay and the spices culminate in an atmospheric accord that's tepid and poignant.

Super Fragrance is a strong fragrance, but not deceptively so. Body heat most assuredly kicks this up a notch or two. The concentrations of notes used here are a thing of the past and you can smell the intent the perfumer had for this creation. This was really made to be "Super".

I can imagine Sean Connery wearing this as James Bond and entering a room with Super Fragrance radiating from his skin. You would smell spicy cedar that had been fermenting under a pile of hay. Hints of flowers at an entry level state of decay that must have surely been thrown on top of this heap.

Within an hour or a little less, a well integrated musk appears and the woodiness morphs from gritty to old world elegant. The neat trick about Super Fragrance is that it exudes a busy attitude with the least possible effort. It really is like Bond at the top of his game. Once the drydown commences, the calming oriental notes manifest incrementally. Super France is in no hurry. It's very confident and self assured. In essence, it truly is Super and there's no other way to describe it.

Sillage is magnificent and longevity is as satisfying as you can get. Would Bond leave one of his female cohorts wanting? I should think not. Big thumbs up from SS for Aigner's Super Fragrance for Men.
04th March, 2015
A definitive study in rich, mysterious, quaintly medicinal brown, Aigner's Superfragrance constitutes a pungent poem of smoky woods and spices. Its opening and dominant note, which sings monolithically throughout the entire melody, is unique and powerful to the point of overpowering. I warn you, messieurs, the merest drop will suffice. Over-lavish application will merely disress the innocents around you. In the appropriate dosage, however, it is poetic, mysterious and fine, and will waft its message accordingly to the surrounding and grateful populace.
I believe that this may have been one of the perfumes that the legendary Ras Tafari ordered to be sprinkled around his stockades and palaces. At all events, it evokes the poetry of ancient traditions and exotic lands, curiously comined with the aroma of pharmacies and elevators in expensive hotels. (de Charlus).
20th January, 2007
This is one of the greatest fragrances ever, it is such a shame it is not produced anymore, please Etienne Aigner !!!, make it available again !!!,
Paul van Ooyen
10th June, 2006

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