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Swiss Army (1996)
by Swiss Army


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Year of Launch1996
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Swiss Army

A fragrance created for those wonderful people behind the versitile Swiss Army Knife. The fragrance itself has notes of mint, lavender and cedarwood.

Reviews of Swiss Army

My first cologne and I still love it. The scent is very nice and unique. It has good projection but doesn't last very long. Still for the price it's good. I think having a good scent is more important then how long it lasts. I feel like people give it bad reviews because A its cheap therefore they associate it with being bad, even though I've smelt expensive colognes far worse, or B it's very popular and therefor they don't like it. I still think its a great cologne despite not lasting long and even though I may not wear it as much I still enjoy it.
14th March, 2018
A very easy to find cologne that you should avoid

Swiss Army is one of the first colognes that I tried, way back in my undergrad. A few buddies and I were getting ready to hit the town, and one of them pulled it out.

At first I was blown away by the strength; up until that point I'd just used ADIDAS aftershaves and Old Spice body spray. So the group of us covered ourselves in the stuff and went out for a night that I can't quite recall so easily as the beginning.

Years later, I walk by a discount display at Shoppers and see it on sale for $20. I grab a bottle, eager to try it out after a few years experience in fragrances.

Swiss Army opens with a very mentholy, lemon and plastic smell. Imagine holding a lemon in one hand and a plastic hockey ball in the other, then holding them both to your nose and sniffing deeply. This, combined with the menthol (mint in the note listing), do not blend well. Instead of working together, they remain separate and distinct.

This opening isn't pleasant, and smells cheap.

The middle notes quickly shift to something even more plastic, with a very disagreeable violet undertone. The violet is extremely artificial, and reminds me more of candy grape flavor.

Finally, Swiss Air actually does something impressive: a dry, airy scent emerges. It's unlike anything I've smelled in other fragrances, and I can see where the designer was going with it. It's about as outdoor as Swiss Army gets. Alongside this dry air, there is a bitter and musky wood, which finishes off this scent before it fades away.

All in all Swiss Air is a cheap, pharmacy scent that isn't all that great. You could spend a little bit more and smell a lot better.

Pros: Cheap, easy to find
Cons: Cheap, artificial"

24th July, 2013
Tony T Show all reviews
United States
i have been wearing this for over 10 years and it just gets better. very inexpensive but yet well done. very clean and fresh with a little bit of sex appeal. comparable to geir ness but this maybe a bit better..
22nd October, 2012
To me, I think it's unique enough. I don't run across people wearing this, so therefore it gets noticed positively.

Pleasant yet bold enough not to be lumped into the negative "inoffensive" category.

A standard for me that always gets replaced when empty, and a signature regular daily wear frag for several years.

Just expanding my collection after a lull now, but this will remain in the regular rotation.
16th October, 2012
Ironically, I bought this because I wanted something, "different"! The wood scent on the test strip caught my attention and kept it for a week so I went back and bought it. There are times, I guess, when one needs a home base to return to after exploring the jungle of "amazing," "unique," and, "unforgettable." Swiss Army is none of those things but it IS a good quality workday fragrance that still gets compliments from total strangers.
01st February, 2012
I really like top notes - very fresh, clean and attractive. Once the top notes fade within a half hour or so, nothing else kicks it. I cannot detect anything 2 hours after use. If I pressed my nose pretty hard against my wrist I pick up a floral/woody combination, but at that point its so slight that projection is in the negative. I think it deserves the thumbs down based on the atrocious longevity alone.
30th April, 2011

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