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Tabac Original (1959)
by Mäurer & Wirtz


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Year of Launch1959
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseMäurer & Wirtz
PerfumerArturo Jordi-Pey

About Tabac Original

This fragance has been doing the rounds for over 40 years without any signs of losing its popularity. The fragrance is complemented by a very wide range of grooming, shaving and body products.

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Reviews of Tabac Original

It's worth trying Tabac Original but to me...not much special about.It smells exactly like the orange,lavender,and musk trio of Jovan Musk for Men.Replace that orange with lemon though and add a hint of cigarette tobacco to the mix and you have Tabac Original.
26th February, 2018
Tabac Original. If you were born in the 60's you've known this scent pretty much your entire life. It's what your favorite uncle smelled like when he picked you up as a little kid. When your Dad took you to his barbershop for your first haircut, this scent was on the apron that went around your neck. When you were in 7th grade, and you got your first razor and were taught how to shave, this scent was in the air over the bathroom sink. It's the fragrance all the priests wore to Friday night dinner parties at the Knights of Columbus social hall. Things change, but some really special things stay the same. That's Tabac Original.

Easy to find, inexpensive and smells fantastic. You should own a bottle.
19th January, 2018
White 300ml edc bottle.

Citrus, aldehydes, tobacco, lavender, the masculine floral trinity of carnation, geranium, and rose? Sure. It all says 'well-groomed' and at <$3/oz is a great deal for a great light splash that'll last a satisfying few hours.

When I desire something similar yet with a little more heft and with an additional leather and moss character, I reach for Dunhill for Men. Tabac Original = Dunhill for Men lite!

11th January, 2018
I LOVE it. This is truly a manly man type scent. I never recommend blind buys, until now. This is old school, but not your grandma's old school. This is the guy who got all the babes in 8th grade, the shy guy the chicks loved in HS, the dude who walked in the clubs and women just swooned, the wise-guy hanging out on the corner that every one wanted to be like. This is Sinatra singing "Thats Life", Sammy Davis dancing on stage and Dean Martin sipping something smooth on the rocks which a babe on each arm.
24th November, 2017
Smelled objectively, without the packaging, this is an old fashioned feminine perfume closely similar to Chanel No.5. But in its context it is a well accepted and popular male line, one of the most successful German brands and probably few make the connection.
17th November, 2017
This gets a thumbs up b/c you can get this for under $20 and it is a pleasant fragrance. It is a classic barbershop fragrance. There is nothing to make it stand out from others, but as I said, you can't go wrong for $16!
14th July, 2017

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