Tabac Original (1959)
    by Mäurer & Wirtz

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    This fragance has been doing the rounds for over 40 years without any signs of losing its popularity. The fragrance is complemented by a very wide range of grooming, shaving and body products.

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    United States United States

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    tabac cologne has a nice refreshing scent that has a moderate lasting strength. similar to old spice for me. I bought the 10 oz size that comes in a collectible can.

    04 March, 2014

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    I am surprised by the number of positive reviews this stuff has in this day and age, I would be interested to see the age range of the positive reviewers. But on the flipside, I can appreciate this fragrance.

    The opening is one of the most powerful and distinctive I've ever come across. This is liquid barbershop. A blast of clean, soapy freshness. There is a decent smokiness on the drydown, but the clean smell lasts all day.

    Despite that, this stuff smells seriously dated. I'm 26 and was looking for a clean, well groomed fragrance for daily use. I wore it to work one day, and within a couple of hours I was embarrassed to be wearing it and avoided going near people in fear of some of the older staff recognising it. Never have I been so conscious of my scent. It also became sickly and just too much to bear. This scent is definitely 'there' and it won't let you forget.

    Still, one of a kind.

    15 January, 2014

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    Greece Greece

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    To me, Tabac was synonymous with the word aftershave. It used to be my father's favourite and now I can see why. It gives one heck of a sting when applied after shaving, but it soon clams down the skin and leaves it soft and very supple.

    For me, it's a winter scent, although many would argue it's equally good in the summer months. I personally get a warm feeling from it - I'm not quite sure what the notes all are but I detect some florals (lavender for one) and plenty of spicy woods.

    As an aftershave it is very oily which gives the skin a good covering after shaving and yet it last through the next day! I can't believe how powerful this one is!

    09 January, 2014

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    United States United States

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    I recall reading as a kid in the mid-60's that Tabac was the favorite aftershave of the Beatles. It wasn't until several years later that I actually came across a bottle of it to sample, but I was hooked right away. Since it's a German creation, my hunch is that the lads were introduced to it during their tenure in Hamburg by Astrid Kirchherr, the photographer and fashionista who also got them wearing their distinctive hairstyles.

    Whether or not that's accurate, I still can't help hearing the strains of "A Hard Day's Night," "Can't Buy Me Love," or "Please Please Me" every time I splash some on. The scent fits --- it's bright, fresh, and energetic, just like those early Beatles songs.

    27 November, 2013

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    Sam Walton
    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    Walk into any bar anywhere in the World wearing Tabac and you will be noticed,it has a smell like no other,you will either love it or hate it,and guess what Gentlemen, I love it.If this stuff was a boxer it would be Ali,if it was a painter it would be Caravaggio,if it was a rock song it would be Won't Get Fooled Again, and if it was an actor it would be Brando,I think you get my meaning.This takes no prisoners, it's the Somme, Verdun and Stalingrad all rolled into one,you had to be there to experience it and live through it and come out the other side.And it leaves a path of pure (but good) devastation in it's wake.

    And I for one am pleased I was there to witness it.

    I cannot do this creation justice in a few short sentences,suffice it to say, take a chance on this,if it pays off for you you will walk that much taller,feel that much more confident,and be that much more attractive.

    This is not for boys,this is MAN STUFF.


    05 October, 2013

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    Tabac original

    I love these barbershop grooming type of scents . Freshly shaven out of the shower you walk to the closet where your +150 frags are divided into 4 olfactory groups all yelling to you : pick me PICK MEEEE....

    Its hot and humid and you skip the sweet and deep orientals...
    Closes the door of this group ...

    Next door : aquatics (citrus-ozonics) .... Mmmm im done wearing these aqua boys lately im more into a frag with a kick...closes door

    Next door the woody / leather group ... Mmmm damn its hot today i want some freshness... Maybe i need a sharper citrus like eau savage or rochas??

    Last door i open : my oldskool powerhouse group full of soapiness and yes my verdict is done:
    I pull out the big 300 ml 10.2 oz edc Tabac and splash my upper torso and neck with 2 hands of this magical bliss... Combined with 2 sprays of edt to combine
    Im al awake fresh and shaven ready to go for work
    Kissing wife and kids downstairs and they tell me how good i smell ...

    Not old fashioned - tacky - grandpa stuff but a well done blast of bergamot, aldehydes, lavender, fresh tobacco and florals welcome your new day to come.
    Drydown is also very sublte as it combines in your cotton leaving a pleasant aura

    I truly love the EdC and i love the EDT in both ways , where i find that the EDT has more smokiness on the drydown and the Edc has more freshness and light tobacco in offering.

    Cant decide which one is better because many rave about the Cologne i still find the EDT very good.

    From start till end both stay linear but good.

    Masterpiece - underrated by many (thank god) , so it will maintain an oddity :-)

    Pros: Cheap, not worn by many, clean smelling
    Cons: not any"

    23 August, 2013

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