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Tabac Original (1959)
by Mäurer & Wirtz


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Year of Launch1959
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseMäurer & Wirtz
PerfumerArturo Jordi-Pey

About Tabac Original

This fragance has been doing the rounds for over 40 years without any signs of losing its popularity. The fragrance is complemented by a very wide range of grooming, shaving and body products.

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Reviews of Tabac Original

Dodgy mix of Old Spice and citrus cologne that doesn't work.
EdC formula
13th December, 2018 (last edited: 18th December, 2018)
Ifti Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Got out the shower
Got my !$*# together
When I'm good I'm good
When I'm Tabac I'm better.

Splash cologne - well groomed freshness. DuNez hits it on the head, a top splash for a satisfying few hrs.

No frills no nonsense masculine.
No offense.

11th September, 2018
Doing a side-by-side of vintage (1980s) and current (2018) Tabac Original cologne splash'es. Apart from the packaging (and when tweaking the current edition with pure oakmoss oil), there really ain't that much of a difference imo. Vtg has a bit more tobacco, current slightly more pronounced aldehydes. Longevity of current cologne is slightly better.

Same goes for the aftershaves (early 1970s and 2018), though the fatty aldehydes are just a bit more pronounced in the current rendition and vintage just a tad more floral. Longevity about the same. All in all very slight differences imo.
I really dig this fragrance. Bravo, Mäurer & Wirtz
26th June, 2018
Tabac is my Dad's everyday aftershave of choice, and it's a smell that brings back memories of the smells of childhood in a military family - along with the pressed uniforms, leather and shoe polish. Tabac is very much that kind of scent. It's that old school combination of citrus, florals and woods, like falling down through a forest: staring off fresh and fruity, becoming more floral and mossy and then gradually sinking into the forest floor. It's not subtle and there are certainly many better examples of this kind of scent out there, but there is certainly nothing at this price that really compares. It is a true classic.
17th March, 2018
It's worth trying Tabac Original but to me...not much special about.It smells exactly like the orange,lavender,and musk trio of Jovan Musk for Men.Replace that orange with lemon though and add a hint of cigarette tobacco to the mix and you have Tabac Original.
26th February, 2018
Tabac Original. If you were born in the 60's you've known this scent pretty much your entire life. It's what your favorite uncle smelled like when he picked you up as a little kid. When your Dad took you to his barbershop for your first haircut, this scent was on the apron that went around your neck. When you were in 7th grade, and you got your first razor and were taught how to shave, this scent was in the air over the bathroom sink. It's the fragrance all the priests wore to Friday night dinner parties at the Knights of Columbus social hall. Things change, but some really special things stay the same. That's Tabac Original.

Easy to find, inexpensive and smells fantastic. You should own a bottle.
19th January, 2018

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