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Tabac Original (1959)
by Mäurer & Wirtz


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Year of Launch1959
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseMäurer & Wirtz
PerfumerArturo Jordi-Pey

About Tabac Original

This fragance has been doing the rounds for over 40 years without any signs of losing its popularity. The fragrance is complemented by a very wide range of grooming, shaving and body products.

Tabac Original fragrance notes

Reviews of Tabac Original

I get citrus and soap ..sometimes I may notice one more than the other and then the tobacco reveals itself, but in a clean and very subtle way. Kind of like a freshly cleaned airport departure gate in Greece during the eighties , this being the nostalgia element that tabac evokes. At first I didn't think I would use this often but I can't stop opening the bottle and dowsing myself in it, very addictive and classic.
09th June, 2015
Believe me gents if this juice was sitting in an Acqua di Parma or Tom Ford bottle you all would be wearing it!
Perfect, clean manliness that always draws compliments. Some people find it outdated and on the next day they call the basenotes trapped on my shirt nice, fresh and masculine.
This fragrance has been successful for a reason.
The top notes of the edt straight after application are very similar to AdP Colonia. The cigarette infused flowers are long lasting on my skin. At the same time it's giving off a fresh, soapy, well groomed feeling throughout the day.
It's cheap enough to keep it in a real man's fragrance wardrobe and you will find that you wear it more and more and with each wearing you enjoy it more.
It never gets negative comments from ladies.
The really successful fragrances have been made anyway, and Tabac Original is one of them.
If you dislike this fragrance then do yourself a favour. Imagine that this is a new release from one of your favourite niche houses and try it again under their name. ;) Enjoy!
02nd March, 2015
Four words description: Creamy, fizzy, natural, addictive !

Every time i finish a bottle of Tabac Original EDC and wait a while before i buy another bottle, i feel that my wardrobe is missing something.

Every time i wear it again, i realize how perfect it is.

It's soapy yet silky and creamy, it's sharp yet velvety, it's straightforward yet multi-dimentional, it's classic in structure yet feels modern in its execution and interaction with the skin, but most importantly: It smells VERY NATURAL.

The aldehydes opening blast can become overwhelming during the first 5-10 minutes (me i love it), but it then snuggles in a rich creamy paradise packed with vanilla, tobacco, oakmoss, flowers and sandalwood.

An irresistible delight humbly wearing a $15 price tag.
21st February, 2015
When people say "Barber shop" type, this is what they are talking about.

Sort of like Agua Lavanda, a hallmark, a mile stone, a turning point in the cologne industry.......masculine, virile....... you name it, this is not for the meek.

Women will know you are not following a fad but making a are a man.
05th February, 2015
Clean, fresh, soapy, mossy.
12th January, 2015
I love this scent, I really do. After a somewhat heavy start it embraces the wearer beautifully softly and makes him feel clean, well-shaven and suave in an old-fashioned way. Under the flowery aldehydes there's some tobacco, not unsmoked aromatic pipe tobacco or something similar but slightly smoky and straightforward no-nonsense shag. However, the popularity of the fragrance among 60+ males - at least here where I live - and the easily recognizable scent make wearing Tabac quite tricky. In my opinion it isn't outdated, it's just the associations and the image, really. Nevertheless, I'm still going to keep on spraying myself with it. Proudly.
28th August, 2014

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