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"Vintage" Tabaróme (1875)
by Creed


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Year of Launch1875
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyCreed

About "Vintage" Tabaróme

"Vintage" Tabaróme is a masculine fragrance by Creed. The scent was launched in 1875

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Reviews of "Vintage" Tabaróme

Stardate 20171231:

It is a decent fragrance. One of the few decent Creeds. The leather is that of K10 type (which I dislike). But creed made it muted and that works well.
Pretty linear and nothing remarkable. I do not understand the hype.
Clubman Pinaud Special Reserve has the same leather accord up top and much better drydown. And at $7 a much better option than this overhyped unicorn.

31st December, 2017
It is an exceptional fragrance and more suited for your personal enjoyment than making a statement. I must say it is a very regal but understated at the same time.Dunhill also does this style well in their Blend 30 and London Cologne (1973).

I also find Knize Ten and Lords regal but they are more assertive in style when compared to Vintage Tabarome.
31st March, 2017
This is what I was hoping for the first time I tried Tabarome Millesime, but I found out that the two fragrances have only a minor resemblance to each other.

Millesime is dominated by a syrupy sweet gingery molasses'y note that overpowers the entire fragrance after about 10 minutes. The opening of Millesime is quite nice, but once the gingery syrupy note takes over, that's all I can smell.

VT doesn't have the gingery note at all. It's a much drier, more sophisticated fragrance with each note standing out on it's own, but still somehow blended into one harmonious fragrance. It also has the smoky tobacco dry down that I was expecting with Millesime but never got.

The only downside of VT is that the opening is a bit harsh, at least to my nose. I have to give it at least 30 minutes before I'm in love with it, sometimes longer.

If you've tried Millesime and find something that you like about it, but can't tolerate the ginger sweetness, give VT a try.
27th November, 2015
This is by far the best Creed that I have smelled hands down.

The opening had a bit of citrus in it which quickly faded away giving way to leather and tobacco notes which lasted for much of the life of the fragrance. Oakmoss was present throughout the entirety of the scent. I was able to pinpoint some of the notes mentioned on fragrantica such as the amber, pepper, and sandalwood. I wouldn't consider it that dry of a fragrance. It's definitely apparent that the ingredients that make up VT are top notch and the scent is so unique. I get moderate silage and good longevity from it. I consider this a bit more versatile than I imagined prior to getting my first impressions of it. Good for wearing for formal occasions and perhaps special and upscale events as well. I do get a mature vibe from this scent and likely younger people may not like this unless of course they are into vintage fragrances. Overall this one of a kind and another yesteryear masterpiece from the classic Creeds. Well Done!
18th January, 2015
One thing I'll give Vintage Tabarome is that with a drop I'm still getting some scent going on so longevity and sillage must be at the top level. It's like a nice green cayenne pepper citrus. Very unique and easily better than the new Creed Tabarome. VERY MANLY. The citrus and the pepper with the basenotes is what makes it so unique. It's almost like Tabasco leather. I'll probably have to age another 20 years before I can pull this off. I'll also probably have to age before anything like this gets released again. I think what makes this a great scent for me is what reminds me of oakmoss in Grey Flannel. Fragrantica has it in the notes but others (including Creed) don't list it. The perfumed court says there's tobacco but it doesn't seem like the tobacco in the new Tabarome which is like cigarettes. One of the best scents ever.
22nd November, 2014
bFlay Show all reviews
United States
When I was very young (30+ years ago), we would visit my great grandmother's house and there was an overall fragrance of linseed oil and musty odor. She also used some kind of cream to polish her silverware. That's the combination in Vintage Tabarome. A dank, dusty, oily smell. I'd give it a thumbs down rating if it wasn't for this very personal affectionate sense memory. Not sure that this is something that would be pleasant as a personal fragrance, but I can't help having a little respect for it.
05th October, 2014

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