Tabaróme Millésime (2000)
    by Creed

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    Tabarome includes notes of Tobacco, Sandalwood and Vetiver and the liquid is tan coloured.

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    More of a ginger than a tobacco fragrance, Tabarome is extremely bracing and fresh, with the leafy sweetness of tobacco taking a back seat. Definitely a guy fragrance, in the mode of an entire genre of masculine scents. I detect something melon-ish and aquatic here, although it is not listed. The word "watery" comes to mind. It's typical gents fare, nothing groundbreaking.

    07 March, 2014

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    United States United States

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    Rumor has it, this was worn by Winston Churchill. The name Tabarome comes from the words "tobacco" and "aroma." I really tend to notice more Earl Grey tea in the composition than tobacco. It is not a tobacco in the same sense of TF Tobacco Vanille, but there is tobacco in there. For those who purchased their bottles at a large discount online, as opposed to a fresh bottle, you are likely to be disappointed. One that I recently saw bore a serial number that was over 10 years old. Who knows what happens to the juice over that long of a time, but I am willing to bet that the majority of negative reviews are the result of smelling skunky old Tabarome as opposed to a fresh bottle, which one would tend to pay more for. In the end, this is not the crown jewel in the Creed portfolio - that belongs to Aventus, and rightly so, but this is a good fragrance and worthy of a thumbs up.

    24 December, 2013

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    United States United States

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    Seeing Creed's other fragrances that I like, I was expecting Tabarome (especially with some of the acclaim I've been hearing) to blow me away as a pleasant surprise. However, it was very much the opposite.

    To be fair, it is mostly a well made fragrance. With the sandalwood, bergamot, and a little bit of musk, it does smell a little bit like Himalaya (and it reminds me a lot of Ungaro III, which I really don't like). The tobacco and vetiver leaves give it a dirty (but not too daring feel to it), but the tobacco note isn't the main attraction here. It's barely noticeable, despite it being the selling point of this fragrance. Honestly, I think the tobacco notes in Pure Havane and especially Tobacco Vanille are miles better.

    In my opinion, what kills this fragrance is the overwhelming amount of ginger that is way overdone (and this is coming from a person who loves YSL L'Homme). The fragrance is way too sweet for what it is, and combined with the other grassy grainy notes, it's a nauseous headache. You can adapt to the ginger quickly, if you are constantly exposed to it, but as soon as you take a whiff after your nose is cleared, the initial smell is still overwhelming

    As for performance, this projects very well, unlike some other Creeds. As for originality, it's not the most unoriginal thing out there, but if you've experienced the rest of the Creed line, you'll find that a lot of what's in Tabarome is nothing new and it really isn't creative or distinctive enough to evoke anything. It's not very versatile either. Older men might like this (but this isn't too dated), but most people under 30 probably won't want to wear this for one reason or another. I don't see this as a special occasion scent either (there are much better options for whatever the occasion may be). If you are into old school masculine fragrances, there are much better options as well.

    If you can avoid the dreadful ginger note, and get past the fact that Creed screwed up on the tobacco part, you can see what the rest of this fragrance is, the beautiful base notes. This really is a disappointment because it is mostly a great fragrance, that was ruined by a couple of careless missteps.

    I can appreciate it for what it does right and overlook what it does wrong to see the positive qualities, but when it comes to the price, I'm won't pay triple digits for a fragrance that I think is just alright. I can just buy Himalaya and forget about Tabarome to be honest.

    So, I really don't recommend it.

    06 April, 2013

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    This is a completely forgettable fragrance. It is a generic with no stand-out qualities from a 1980 $3 bottle of EdT. It doesn't smell bad, but I literally had to go sniff it again while writing this b/c it is so forgettable. That would warrant a neutral from any other bargain house, but b/c it is Creed, and $300/bottle, it gets a big thumbs down.

    30th March, 2013

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    Ireland Ireland

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    Was looking forward to this as I'm generally a fan of Creed, was expecting tobacco, gentleman's club, leather, but unfortunately found a buzzy synthetic mess that followed me around for the day like a mosquito...

    I'm sure the Vintage Tabarome is a different story, but this is a pass for me.

    20th February, 2013

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    Preston H
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    Don't really get much tobacco, it's there, but not a main player here. 30+ for special occasions, 40+ for everyday wear. It's a citrus like most creeds, with spicy undertones. I'll tell u this, it's very unique. It's modern, yet classic with a very masculine edge to it. Towards the end it's a magnificent woody, leathery stunner. Tshirt and a leather jacket will do this fragrance wonders as well as a tux. Longevity is better than most creeds, with monster projection. 4 sprays lit up my drs office, had ppl looking for the gentleman who smelled so good. I kept my head down and enjoyed the show...

    31st January, 2013

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