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Tactics (1978)
by Shiseido


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Year of Launch1978
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Tactics

The Tactics brand was created with the intention of getting men to integrate fragrances into their personal grooming. Created in collaboration with a British design house, the result was an innovative image somewhat apart from the usual Shiseido sensibility. The unique square bottle was designed to look like Chinese white porcelain, offering a clean presence, and the “T” integrated into the graphic design offered an image appealing to the intellectual man.

Reviews of Tactics

The old fragrant path
Recalls much, forgets little.
No school like old school.
19th October, 2017
Interesting to see the parade of reviews starting in the beginning with mostly thumbs up but eventually drifting to neutral or thumbs down in more recent years. I thought perhaps it was reformulated. Well, I finally obtained a bottle of the EdT version (there are also cologne, after shave, and after shower versions). I've found the earlier reviews more relevant.

EDIT: Having spent a little more time with this, it has grown on me. Very refreshing floral/herbal aroma, quite unisex in fact. The discontinued EDT is much better than the weaker, fleeting colognes.

This starts out as a rather green and floral fragrance with a powdery quality. It is semi-sweet to dry in overall impression. It just feels like a very classic kind of fragrance, the type that has been made for decades and is a staple. But it is unfortunately very hard to find. I got lucky and snagged a bottle that happened to pop up on eBay with a rather low buy-it-now. The other weaker choices are available in abundance and rather pricey, compared to other fragrances of this ilk. I don't think a $65 spray cologne version of this is a worthy buy.

I was tempted to give this fragrance a neutral, for the weaker than average longevity. I was expecting it to last a bit longer for an EdT. However, the overall quality is very good. And the splash bottle is terrific, a rounded edge cube shape with striking white enamel coating. I will enjoy it to the end and probably not buy it again unless another good deal comes around.
26th November, 2013 (last edited: 20th December, 2015)
bFlay Show all reviews
United States
Foul sense memory evoked with this. Smells EXACTLY like a urinal cake...those nasty pink wax deodorizer doo-dads. Specifically, one drenched in used malt liquor! Other reviewers talk of geraniums, rain, etc.? I am flummoxed. This is bad. Try before you buy (try it twice with the consensus of those who might be around when this is worn)
02nd September, 2012
The epitome of the sharp, angular  herbal-floral concoction. A strange fragrance, one of the first i inhaled in my adolescence taking it from a shelf  in the bedroom of the old brother of one of my best friends. I looked and tasted it recently in a shop inside a commercial center and it was a flash back. This fragrance owns uniqueness, it's tremendously sharp, silent, citrusy, rooty and metallic, the monolitic smell is something that reminds slightly a detergent soap and for the rest urine, rain over the asfalt and brass. I detect lime, bergamot, geranium, may be violet,cedarwood, fluid vetiver and herbs. Shiseido probably reproduces synthetically the laundry-detergent effect the others reviewer talk about. Unique, out of the mainstream but very hardly appealing for its algid  refractoriness.
30th October, 2011 (last edited: 22nd November, 2011)
I think I was 16 or 17 when someone give me this present, probably it was 1988, 1989.
A strange scent, green and fresh but no more memories at all about it. Very hard to find, I don't think it is on production again. Not a shame anyway...
03rd January, 2011
Its great because it is the simplicity itself.I guess in 1979 this was quite up to date but of course will encounter very easily 101 cheap shower gels which have probably inherited this fragrance composition.Green and citrusy,the citrus ,being the main theme here,is sparkling and just slightly sharp but that's how it is supposed to be in compositions like that(or WAS supposed to be back in 1979 anyway)and once again...simple -...yet masculin which for me is quite important factor when forming my final verdict.
16th December, 2009

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