Tea for Two (2000)
    by L'Artisan Parfumeur

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    Tea for Two Fragrance notes

    Lapsang souchong tea, Cinnamon, Ginger, Honey

    Tea for Two information

    Tea for Two is a unisex fragrance by L'Artisan Parfumeur. The scent was launched in 2000

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    Wonderful stuff! A classic!

    Tea for Two is a wonderfully fresh and spicy smoky tea fragrance. Very beautiful smoked tea with honey, vanilla, spices (including star anise, cinnamon & ginger), leather, a hint of bergamot... and even a little gingerbread! it's a wonderfully warm, cosy fragrance which I like very much.

    It as a spicy aromatic opening of fresh bergamot & zingy star anise... before the spicy, smoky tea with honey gets there, and stays like that throughout the rest of the fragrance, before finally drying down to a leather and spiced vanilla tobacco with honey at the end. Just beautiful!

    It's like drinking your favourite black tea (or spiced tea, like chai) with honey and gingerbread biscuits, on a warm sofa by the fire. A really warm & lovely feeling. The good news is that it's back (after it was discontinued for a couple of years), and it's easily one of the nicest fragrances out there! A perfect for the colder months. Love it!

    11th December, 2014

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    Decent fragrance. Just expected a lot more from all the hype. Tea, honey, cinnamon and vanilla are the main notes I get with T4T. I would purchase if I could find for a reasonable price. Would like to wear this one in the spring and fall months. Reminds me of something I smelled before (not GPH II though). 7/10

    14th October, 2014

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    United States United States

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    Genre: Oriental

    My thoughts on Tea for Two have evolved significantly since I first tried it. In 2007 I wrote:

    “Wow! The smoky Lapsang Souchong tea is remarkably real here! Maybe too real. I love Lapsang Souchong tea, but I want to drink it, not wear it. Would be great as a room scent.”

    Now I’m more than willing to wear it. The smoky tea is potable without a doubt, but it’s the brilliantly translucent oriental structure underneath that makes this scent so special. It is a particularly fine example of Olivia Giacobetti’s talent for illuminating olfactory spaces normally shrouded in darkness. (See her Idole de Lubin for another telling instance.) Try Tea for Two if your idea of oriental mystery includes both smoke and golden light.

    05th July, 2014

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    Iran Iran

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    This one compares to Gucii Pour Homme II!
    To be honest with you, at the opening they don't smell the same but dry down and base of the fragrance smell almost the same!
    The opening of this fragrance is a warm and sweet honey smell with tea and tobacco hand to hand plus spices and floral note!
    The tea leaves is there and the tobacco makes it dark and almost smoky.
    There is a strong smell of floral note too.
    It's not in the list but definitely it's there and smell like mary flower to my nose!
    As time goes by the floral note disappears and tobacco note goes completely in the background.
    Something interesting happens here and that's about the honey sweetness! while most of the fragrances start citrusy or woody or spicy and .... they become sweeter in dry down and base, but this one goes completely at the opposite side and it's becoming less sweet in dry down and base!
    In the dry down you can easily smell tea leaves but as I said on my Gucci Pour Homme II review, it's not that dried black tea smell that mostly people use in Asia! smell green like fresh and green tea leaves instead of dried black tea that smell dark and bitter!
    Beside that green smell of tea leaves, there are some sweetness and small amount of spices too.
    You will have this scent to the end and there will be no changes.
    Both projection and longevity is above average.
    I'm not a fan of tea based fragrances but this one is OK and I like it but I wouldn't buy a full bottle of this!

    16th February, 2014

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    It starts with a cinnamon tone that is soon developing into a delicious tea note; bit like a milder version of a Ruhuna that adopts a gently smoky character later in the drydown.  A bit of ginger and honey emanate in the base notes, with an underlying soft spiciness. Silage is poor and it is always  very close to my skin, but the longevity is a good five hours. A delicious scent. There are rumours of its discontinuation.

    31st October, 2013

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    Not my cup of tea

    Ok, I admit I should have read other reviews first before sampling, as this really does smell an awful lot like Gucci PH2, which unfortunately is not a favourite of mine. T42 increases the sweetness to a warm cloud of honey and chai tea. It's a pleasant smell but not striking, and far too sweet and cloying to me.

    There is also another scent I used to own that smells a lot like this and is much cheaper - Korres Vetiver Root Green Tea and Cedarwood

    Pros: decent scent, strong aroma of tea
    Cons: overpowering, cloying, sweet"

    23rd July, 2013

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