Tempore Uomo (1999)
    by Laura Biagiotti

    • Launched: 1999
    • Type: Masculine
    • Availability: In Production
    • Perfumer: IFF
    • Bottle Designer: Unknown - Let us know

    Tempore Uomo Fragrance Notes

    Tempore Uomo information

    A fragrance created for young people in love. Designed to capture that feeling you get when you first meet that special someone.
    The bottle is in the shape of an hour-glass and the fragrance was created by the creators of Hugo and Hugo Woman.

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    Croatia Croatia

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    Soft masculinity

    Ahead of time I'd say. This fragrance reminds me a bit of Kenzo Power to which Tempore Uomo must have been a muse, and a good one as I find Kenzo Power to be a good fragrance but often shunned for it's strong, floral, femininity. Tempore Uomo is nothing about macho, however it's not that one can't find a "man" in it. It's a modern, unique fragrance, ahead of it's time with a different take, or to be precise - idea of masculinity.

    Tempore Uomo is quite powdery, floral, musky with a touch of incense and woods while vetiver tries to give it a bit of sharpness so it does not completely stray into feminine waters, but that might not be enough for those who are not tolerant and open towards new ideas. Ok, I'll admit, 1999. is not new but Kenzo Power that follows the style of Tempore Uomo is of newer date, 2008. if I'm not mistaken, and is sort of off the radar but even if mentioned or commented, which is seldom, it's being "accused" for it's apparent lack of masculinity and excessive floral note domination.

    Tempore Uomo, like Kenzo Power, never rattled the cages. The reason might be simply of psychological/sociological nature. Not because these fragrances "suck", that is, are not potent, strong, even smell "wrong" but because their designers had a different, contemporary idea of how a modern man should smell or better yet, not to be afraid to smell like that.

    Pros: Fragrance, originality, uniqueness
    Cons: heavy, bit feminine "

    02 August, 2013

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    Hungary Hungary

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    a rare, unique scent

    Tempore Uomo is a timeless masterpiece, the best from Laura Biagiotti.
    Unique and not only the bottle.
    The most layered fragrance has ever made.
    Sweet..floriental...incensey...fruity...powdery...still masculine...youthful..romantic...lasts all day long...perfect.
    Nothing compares to Tempore Uomo.

    27 May, 2013

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    United States United States

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    Sugar dusted woods surrounded by grandma's flower garden.
    The opening suggests some masculinity, but as time trickles, can't help but notice how wonderful this scent will deliver on a classy mature woman.
    Nothing tempting here for me. Too feminine for my taste. I will gladly buy it for my aunt who likes to boss people around and always shows up in a terrific outfit on opera night.
    As a masculine offering I have to give it a neutral rating, but if you decide to surprise your mom, she may love it.

    17 August, 2010

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    Ireland Ireland

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    I bought this fragrance when it first came on the market and I still love it. It is warm and spicy, and its signature accord is like carnation mixed with petrol. The after shave is quite light while the EdT is heavy and more complex. This is one of those scents that mark the 1990s as a very distinctive era.

    03 February, 2010

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    Tony T
    United States United States

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    almost more notes than antidote(25 to 20), but also not a big head turner. very subtle flowery light inoffensive bore of a scent. i get the spicy middle notes but they are overtaken by the flowery top notes. base notes are undetectable or this would be an ok scent.it's like a bvlgari light.

    22 February, 2009

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    United States United States

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    I smell a lot of fruited woods, extremely light powdery notes and a ambered patchouli base. Very complex and everyone seems to get different impressions. Mine was, "huh, that's interesting."

    13 December, 2008

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