The Baron (1965)
    by LTL (orig. by Evyan)

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    Let's start with the positive. The base notes have a nice patchouli/oakmoss richness. Unfortunately, the cloying, sickly-sweet top notes linger all the way into the base, and I for one was tempted many times to scrub it off my skin before even getting there. But in the interest of fairness to the review I stuck it out. (I won't be wearing this again, though). The top notes are floral, sweet and heavy --- they'd even be an awful lot for a feminine fragrance. Calling this a masculine is just wrong.

    Anybody remember the annoying fops on Saturday Night Live played by Mark McKinney and David Koechner? In their Restoration lace and knee breeches, powdered wigs and made-up faces, and an exaggerated parody of gentility, waving their lace hankies and batting their eyelashes as they gossip over the the latest courtly goings-on? Whoever "the Baron" is, I suspect he's a friend of theirs, because that's the image this treacly concoction most conjures up.

    04 February, 2014

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    A Unique, Wonderful Classic. Yay.


    I have been wanting to try the Baron for years but none of the stores in my area carry this old boy.

    Purchased a bottle on eBay. Blindly.

    My first impression was oh no-this smells like White Shoulders. LaLaLa Lavender For Days.

    Now, I like White Shoulders (the Evyan Original) and my Ex used to wear it regularly back in the early 80's. It was my favorite scent that she wore. And it evoked a wonderful femininity. But I could never imagine myself wearing anything like it.

    So here I am wearing the masculine version of White Shoulders.

    But wait...Initially it does evoke memories of White Shoulders but the dry down becomes more masculine. And truly, as said by others here, there is nothing else like it.

    No more worries about smelling like the ex.

    I've come to love this. I only wish it had more longevity.

    I imagine the younger crowd would write this off as an old mans frag.

    But one day, they may appreciate what a real classic scent this is.

    Thumbs Up!

    Pros: Unique, Very Pleasant and Masculine on the softer side.
    Cons: Poor Longevity

    17 June, 2013

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    I just got it for Christmas...SCORE! My dad used to own it and I was fascinated with it as an adolescent boy. Now I'm turning 50 and old enough to wear it. A gentleman's scent, very oldschool barbershop to me. Refined but not fussy, cool and detached. I'm so glad it's part of my wardrobe now.

    25 December, 2012

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    This was a major disappointment. I usually gravitate to old school, powdery fragrances, and an American acquaintance said I would not be disappointed with this.

    With lavender, bergamot, sage, patchouli, sandal, vetiver, moss, jasmine, rose, carnation, orange blossom, I guess I had imagined something reminiscent of Zizanie (which I love) or even Zino (also love). Nope.

    What I get is something utterly non-descript; I wouldn't say this smells anything like Red Door (hate with a burning passion), and its not headache-inducing like RD is. But it is that same sort of mish-mash and is not at all masculine. It is, in my opinion, the Red Door of the men's fragrance world.

    It doesn't smell metallic to me, but it does have this metallic room temperature feel to it; it also has a cheap washroom miniature soap feel to it, and also reminds me somewhat of the fragrance some company uses in womens' sanitary liners (can't remember which, but remember the smell--I work at a supermarket to pay for university, and often get let stack the sanitary aisle shelves).

    Not good, and I was so looking forward to it.

    With glowing reviews from some people, I went looking for a cheap-ish bottle, found one for about 40 AUD$. Waste of money.

    20th July, 2012

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    Argentina Argentina

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    Old school? Because of the floral notes, for sure. The pyramid I found it is not quite precise, the list includes flowers, vetiver, lavender, sandalwood and amber: not very telling, to tell the truth.

    The opening does tell the wearer there are flowers of a powdery kind. I know iris and amber is responsible for this, so there might be the chance the powdery feeling is achieved through the iris. The rest of the olfactory journey is not marked by the stridency felt upon application for it morphs into a skin scent in which the rest of the components ameliorate the floral notes, but not to such an extent as to ending their presence - something that reminds a comment as to The Baron being the masculine version of White Shoulders. The sandalwood is quite notable in the mid / base notes together with the vetiver.

    This won't please every one around, for it is definitely a blend apart of the rest. You will of course enjoy it if you like powdery floral scents. Indeed, FBW for fragrance aficionados interested in traditional and classic - styled scents.

    PS: Together with it, I got Fracas for men. Interesting enough, I imagined Fracas would be like The Baron, a floral scent. No, it is the other way around.

    19 June, 2011

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    An eccentric, cloying perfumed soap scent that is the very definition of clownish.

    25 January, 2011

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