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The Dreamer (1996)
by Versace


The Dreamer information

Year of Launch1996
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerJean-Pierre Béthouart
Parent CompanyEuroitalia
Parent Company at launchGiver Profumi

About The Dreamer

The Dreamer is a masculine fragrance by Versace. The scent was launched in 1996 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Jean-Pierre Béthouart

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Reviews of The Dreamer

Versace's "The Dreamer" was released in 1996, a year before Gianni Versace's life came to a tragic end. It was a brand new release at the late Eaton's department store when I got it, and I found it was much more unique than the "Jeans" offerings by Versace.

The Dreamer was definitely not a traditional masculine fragrance and is very similar to the original Dolce & Gabanna Pour Homme. Just like the D&G they have reformulated The Dreamer since it was released and it has lost that beautiful tobacco/vanilla finish that made it so beautiful! The vintage version has a very similar bottle, if not nearly identical, but the newer versions have a more generic box with the Greek key and the vintage has a graphic of a nebula with different text.

As a younger man I received many compliments wearing this scent. I will always keep a bottle in my wardrobe because it is vintage elegant Versace at its finest - the column-shaped bottle, embossed Medusa and gold Greek key spray. After Gianni's passing this fashion house was never the same. His impact on the fashion world lives on today, more than 20 years later. I can't help but wonder if The Dreamer was one of Gianni Versace's final creations - if he had any input into its creation or even had a chance to try it before his untimely death.
10th January, 2019
i had buy it for 20 euro ,but it was better if i buyed pizza margherita.
20th June, 2018
I am new to Dreamer, the first encounter I felt it is a little bit over-hyped item, after few applications I became more and more amazed by its individuality.
Forget all the refferences about the harsh opening, the amazing dry-down, or the similarity to other creations, to me it is a beautifully designed one dimensional scent, according to my interpretation it was aimed to represent a statement other than a perfume, I can't recall other examples in perfumery which hold the same proposition, in other words; in order to clarify my notion; this is the scent of places and memories not just a perfume.
29th April, 2018
Versace The Dreamer is a stellar follow-up to the downmarket darling that was Versace Blue Jeans (1994) and does riff a little close in it's dry down to Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme (also 1994), Which shares it's tobacco-lead finish. The Dreamer has a gorgeous bottle I might add too, with one of the more unique integrated sprayers I've seen, which becomes the cap rather than fits inside the cap like most of this type. The usual Mediterranean business adorns the cap otherwise (with the only other "busier" design I've seen being Versace Eros from 2013) and the bottle itself features the classic Versace medusa head. Everyone will be drawn to this bottle in your collection, I promise. The Dreamer essentially takes the tobacco and iris dynamic duo popularized by the aforementioned Dolce & Gabbana scent and focuses itself on it, shedding a lot of the other fresh fougère trappings outside maybe the tonka and being something of a hybrid between fougère, oriental, and gourmand (if tobacco can be considered a gourmand note). Versace themselves describe The Dreamer as "For a man who knows no limits and lives his power with confidence, and his elegance with spontaneity. A real explorer of the world. " and it's one of the few times a corporate blurb gets it pretty close to the mark. The Dreamer is elegant, but also a bit spontaneous as it's top and heart return occasionally to the fore during the wear, more so admittedly in newer formulations than in vintage due to toned down bases, but overall it's a fragrance that likes to remind you of it's structure throughout the wear. It's remarkably light, yet crisp, with hints of sweetness and richness throughout, with that 90's cleanliness keeping it all in check.

The Dreamer opens with wisps of lavender, clary sage, and mandarin, to let you know it's perfumer Jean-Pierre Béthouart intially had fresh fougère on the brain. Juniper, lily, and iris join the middle, which is one point of difference from the referenced Dolce & Gabbana scent which had iris in the base holding hands with it's more-subdued tobacco. Instead, the iris stands out a little more loudly as a member of The Dreamer's heart, with the token geranium and an almost invisible dollop of rose rounding it out. The base is of course that glorious leafy tobacco flanked by tonka and amber, with literally nothing else to get in the way, easily out-classing the D&G's tobacco note, with maybe a cedar aftertouch bringing in some sustain. By the time this reduces to skin, all you smell are tobacco, amber, coumarin, and wisps of those aqueous florals including the potent iris coming up for encores when the air hits just right. It's hard to say which one I like more, as Dolce & Gabbana's take is rounder, smoother, warmer, and actually more of a traditional take on Eternity for Men (1989), but like most leapfrogging major designers, Versace comes in and attacks the award-winning Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme not by trying to be a better fougère, but by being a better tobacco-based masculine; this is where all the hybridism comes into play, since at the end of the day, this tugs in multiple categorical directions in completing it's task. Regardless of what you or I think it should be labelled, it's just a solid but slightly quixotic sent due to what it champions, and less universal in appeal compared to it's rivals as not everyone loves the smell of a fresh cigarette pack, no matter how many flowers you stuff in it. This one also ironically come across just a tad greener in an age when green wasn't cool, since the tobacco isn't of the already-dried or smoked variety like with some scents, and more of the "raw leaves in the sun" kind of feel, lending it an outdoorsy vibe that it's other ingredients don't suggest. Gucci Envy (1998) would take this idea further, and lead us down a brief revival of aromatic fougères as a result.

The Dreamer is clearly 90's with it's sparkling, almost boring insistence on being clean and airy, but it was that decade where either a masculine was an inoffensive aquatic, something more ozonic but akin to citrus hand soap, a creamy semi-oriental with fruit top notes, or a bizarre blend of coffee beans and chocolate. We were a few years away from "radioactive grapefruit" which would come closer to the millenium's end, and hadn't headed into the brief 5-year rekindling of green aromatics I mentioned earlier, so this was as good as it gets for a guy in the designer realms looking for something distinct but not heavy, which is why it probably has so many fans. Honestly, I'll take it, as something this balanced and versatile yet charming could sell well in any age group or demographic, which is why it's still on the market after 20+ years. To me, it's the very best of Versace's 90's masculine output, even if it's not for everyone, and my final rank reflects that. It nudges just a hair above it's closest D&G rival because it's just plain more interesting and unique; it's a bit of a risk taker whereas the former plays it pretty safe. The Dreamer isn't really a generalist with it's design, but I'd say it serves in all but the most formal and socially rigid of occasions, where something more austere and conservative is preferred. Spring, summer, and fall are the best times for The Dreamer, as it doesn't have enough meat on it's bones for winter chill. Sillage and longevity are typical 90's, so it's going to take some reapplication for an entire day's use, but if you keep this to evenings and weekends it will get you through alright. If you were going to get just one tobacco-themed designer scent, and didn't want to break the bank on something from an exclusive line (hello Tom Ford), this would be a pretty strong contender for that pick. In the wise words of Aerosmith: Dream On!
07th March, 2018 (last edited: 08th March, 2018)
Starts off potpourri and a bag of sherbets in other words unbearably sugary and fougere. The dry down of course settles a bit but its sweet tobacco although the sweetness does tend to eventually fade only to be replaced by pepper which begins to get up your nose. Lots of pain for little gain. That said I can see the attraction for some.
Fragrance: 2/5
Projection: 3.5/5
Longevity: 3.5/5
21st February, 2018
This stuff is delightful. It's not hyper-masculine. I'd call it a pretty scent of iris and tobacco, but not smoky, more like the plant itself. And you can find this scent for cheap at most discount stores like Ross/tjmaxx/marshals. Don't pay department store prices for this.

Solid longevity
Good sillage

I give it a 9/10 with the cheap availability giving it that extra boost.
17th September, 2017

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