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Tiffany for Men Sport (1998)
by Tiffany


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Year of Launch1998
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerJacques Polge
Parent Company at launchWertheimer > Chanel > Fragrances Exclusive

About Tiffany for Men Sport

Tiffany for Men Sport is a masculine fragrance by Tiffany. The scent was launched in 1998 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Jacques Polge

Reviews of Tiffany for Men Sport

Shopping, stroll, café.
Juniper, clean musks, a breeze
And Tiffany blue.
27th November, 2017
Note: Review is of the current version.

A blatantly synthetic - and cheap smelling fragrance. It takes the Tiffany for Men structure, reduces any substance, and then adds in some fresh/sporty/semi-aquatic notes that render the fragrance shrill and screechy.

Fragrances like the Chanel Allure Homme sport flankers are in similar olfactory territory, and would be an upgrade over this.

24th January, 2017
Tiffany for Men Sport - a sport scent it is not, rather a clean scent ... a pleasant citrus opening, via its playful lemon and bergamot, reluctantly yields to a ferocious, spicy, green override, exceptionally furnished by juniper, fern and coriander. This newly transformed, green opening is lovingly carried to its heart, a muted, geranium and rose floral accord, which brings a glimpse of sweetness as the greenness subsides. This pleasing, light sweetness is relentlessly tugged at by its woody and spicy base, and is subsequently engulfed by the magic of the sandalwood, pepper, nutmeg and vetiver. I must say the spicy notes are somewhat bridled and, regrettably, do now reach full potential ... average longevity, but the lightness of this scent appears to affect its sillage ... the spices apparently are not the only thing that fails to reach its potential ...
05th November, 2011
Considering this was created by Jacques Polge, I'm surprised there aren't more reviews. Tiffany for Men Sport is a nice, pleasant fragrance; it's not quite as "blue" as some of the more popular current fragrances (probably because of its pepper or juniper). It's a great scent for work, and is more appropriate for evenings than most light scents. My only quibble is that it doesn't last very long -- I need to almost drench myself in it to get more than three or four hours. And I don't even know why the word "sport" is on the bottle, since it has no meaning in this context. This is one of those scents that might make some people bored, but I don't think anyone will hate it.
26th June, 2011 (last edited: 04th July, 2011)
Funny that foetidus didn't detect the pepper, as it was the only note that I identified when I wore this, and I was kind of proud that I did because I still don't consider myself much of a nose.

Anyway, I get a cKone note in here. That same note is also in Chrome. Someone actually ruined both of those fragrances for me by questioning whether or not I had been smoking (I hadn't) This has happened on multiple occasions (same person) with both cKone and Chrome, and it also happened with TFMS. It really is a shame, because I feel that this one is head and shoulders above either Chrome or cKone. At least I don't own a bottle, which would now have to take its place beside those other smoke-smelling fragrances. It's interesting how I wore my sample, and all throughout the day I had a growing adoration for the fragrance, and one cigarette comment blew the whole deal.

So, yeah. I found this to be great, but will never wear it.
20th August, 2010
Tiffany for Men Sport

Sport is an innocuous word. If you make it plural and attach it to car it conjures images of sleek design and high performance. Keep the plural and add it to the word bra and you get a functional useful piece of everyday clothing for an active woman. Do a search using the word sport in the Basenotes Fragrance directory and you will be directed to a motley assortment of 87 fragrances none of which I would describe as sleek, high performance, or functional; insipid, lame, and useless are the adjectives that spring to mind. The word sport on a bottle of fragrance usually makes me roll my eyes and that some of the truly great fragrances like Habit Rouge and Dior Homme have spawned ridiculous sport versions do nothing to temper my disregard for the class....and yet. In every group of things there has to be one member that might make the grade; one sport version that might be a highly performing sleek and functional fragrance, doesn't there?

Jacques Polge is one of my favorite perfumers and has created many of my favorite fragrances out there including Tiffany for Men, which is one of my top 10 men's fragrances. Unfortunately M. Polge has also created one of the insipid versions of a sport cologne of another favorite when he perpetrated Allure Homme Sport, in 2004. This has all the purported hallmarks a sport fragrance is supposed to have; easy wearability, bright citrus notes paired with clean cedar notes. It is all eminently forgettable and did not prepare me to be experience his first attempt at Sport in 1998 when he created Tiffany for Men Sport. Everything I dislike about Allure Homme Sport, and most sport fragrances in general, doesn't exist in Tiffany for Men Sport, for me. Where most of the 87 fragrances on the sport page of Basenotes reek of citrus and cedar overload neither note is to be found in Tiffany for Men Sport, and that's what makes it so enjoyable for me.

Tiffany for Men Sport begins with the greener citrus note of citron and it is paired with a wonderfully sharp juniper berry. This has the effect of being refreshing without being boring. The heart brings in a mix of spices in pepper and coriander matched with the "green rose" accord of geranium. The heart of Tiffany for Men Sport is a great little blast of green. The base is a creamy light sandalwood that never rises in intensity and thus keeps Tiffany for Men Sport on the light side as I imagine M. Polge expected a sport fragrance should do. One thing I really appreciate about Tiffany for Men Sport is that M. Polge creates a fresh and clean fragrance without resorting to loading up on the citrus and woods and instead uses a balanced hand and a different set of notes to create the same effect.

Tiffany for Men Sport has slightly below average longevity on me and slightly above average sillage. Again probably by design as this seems like what a sport fragrance is supposed to do.

Does Tiffany for Men Sport redeem the other 86 sport fragrances in the directory? No, I still think they're all mostly glorified underarm deodorant. I think I'm going to go cross the word sport off the Tiffany for Men Sport bottle it doesn't deserve to be lumped in with the boring fresh and clean sport masses. I'm just going to call it Tiffany for Men II from now on.
11th December, 2009

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