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Touch for Men (1995)
by Fred Hayman


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Year of Launch1995
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People and companies

HouseFred Hayman
Parent CompanyVictory International
Parent Company at launchParlux

About Touch for Men

Touch for Men is a masculine fragrance by Fred Hayman. The scent was launched in 1995

Reviews of Touch for Men

Not to clutter but simply to stand in agreement with the comparisons to Brut. Brut aftershave is really what got me into fragrances, inspired me to expand into the world of colognes, etc. I lamented on here of how much I love Brut but wish it lasted longer, as its aftershave, as typical of aftershaves, really doesn't last, and its cologne version only lasts about a minute or two longer. So Hayman's Touch for Men was suggested to me, and the comparison is dead on. It really pretty much identically captures the (to me) better smelling Brut from the plastic bottles as opposed to the more dressed up presentation ( I swear the plastic "Original" Brut is less powdery and dials back the vanilla, offering a more manly fragrance), but this one lasts, and still at a great price. If you like Brut, you really should get this. It certainly preserves continuity if you layer this on top of Brut's aftershave.
17th October, 2014
A more concentrated version of classic Brut. That's really all you need to know --- if you like Brut and like a stronger version of it, you'll like Touch. If not, you probably won't. For myself, I enjoy it once in a while, but it's not a scent I wear often.
09th July, 2014
An amberry fougere. Powdery yet "clean" but not dusty powder. Very much like a babershop-esque shaving cream or shaving soap. And the amber in this isn't sweet and must be the contributing accord for the powdery effect. Along with lavender, it's a solid "dad's shaving soap" cologne. Towards the drydown it gets a little spicy. Comparisons to Brut, Neutrogena's Rainbath and also Dana's Canoe are all in order. Touch seems to be stronger and last a little longer.

I like the scent but not enough to get a bottle (very cheap) just because it's not quite my style.
27th October, 2009
This stuff is somewhat similar to brute. However, to me, without question, the dry down is identical to Helmut Lang. These two scents are very very similar. It is almost hard to believe how close. Both good, not great. Overall, buy if u can find cheap, bottle nice, but it is the juice that matters. Right?
17th December, 2007
Couldn't quite put my finger on this barbershop-esque scent at first. Kept thinking of good old fougere-y Pinaud Clubman, but that wasn't it. THEN I smelled it and knew right away -- Neutrogena's Rainbath. That's "Touch," for you folks -- if you like Neutrogena's Rainbath, then you'll LOVE Hayman's (now discontinued) "Touch." Otherwise, skip it. Can find this one cheap every now and again on eBay, btw.
12th September, 2006
First off love the bottle! A clear rectangle bottle like Romance For Men with black T cap top. The front of the bottle has raised red like wax seal with the mark of the House of Fred Hayman. The jus is a deep amber color. Just show how simple a bottle can look yet be sophisticated.
The scent is very unique, I think I would classify it as fourgere/oriental ? I don't know!
It open up with heady Lavender/Orange Flower notes almost smells like Brut opening notes.
Then kicks in the steady heavy amber notes like pancake syrup.
Right now it smells like Root Beer on me. I think the idea on this scent was to go for a classic type scent as in the same frame as Pour Un Homme from Caron?
13th September, 2002

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