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Touch for Men (2000)
by Burberry


Touch for Men information

Year of Launch2000
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
(based on 595 votes)

People and companies

PerfumerJean-Pierre Béthouart
Parent CompanyBurberry
Parent Company at launchInter Parfums

About Touch for Men

The conical bottle holds the blue liquid. The fragrance contains notes of Violets, Oakmoss and Tonka Bean. A Rosewood stopper finishes the package off nicely.

Touch for Men fragrance notes

Reviews of Touch for Men

Ok, listen up folks, this is a spicy/peppery powder floral. So imagine a violet flower, sprinkled with baby powder and pepper.

Ok, Goodnight! LOLLL

MikeyLikey.....Perfect for spring if you can pull off a tight T shirt and the muscles are on pop! If not, I dont know what to tell you. But this will suit you well if you are able. Its a cheap Casual scent to have in the arsenal. Thats it, no Huff and Fluff, Just Facts Bro!
02nd February, 2018
I love touch for Men by Burberry. It has a great "sweater" smell with a hint of Fahrenheit by Christian Dior. It is very warm and is the perfect fragrance for colder months. I couldn't stop sniffing the sample on my wrist and went back later that day to purchase a full bottle. I've been through 9 bottles and continue to purchase it. I would put this one in my Top 5 and it tends to be my signature fragrance a lot of the time.
03rd January, 2018
This is a violet-woods-tonka composition with some musks.

It takes the tradition that starts from Grey Flannel, and provides a safe modern interpretation. Nonetheless, it is too safe, in the middle and not very memorable. Anyone interested in Touch for Men would do well to try Gucci Pour Homme II, Narciso Rodriguez for Him and Fahrenheit as alternatives.

It does carry a metro appeal, but is not as attractive as the Gucci. Average sillage and duration - based on a liberal application.

03rd October, 2017
Peppery, sweet, soapy, formal, classic and soft.

There's a bit of a connection with Le Male here, but Touch for men is a bit more tea like herbal - green and soapy.

A good fragrance for formal occasions, office, daily meetings. It is not a weak fragrance, yet not loud at all. It has a calming effect on the wearer and the environment.

Decent, pleasant scent for people of milder characters (doesn't mean weak people), relaxing types but also bright joyful at the same time.

Originality 5/10
Scent 8/10
Longevity 7/10
Projection 6/10
11th September, 2017
Honestly, I smell the sweetness of Invictus in Touch. Not sure If it's the mandarin or oak moss, being they share those notes, but that's the only thing i don't like about both of them. Before the juice even hits my skin I smell a feminine fragrance. Very floral and....sweet. However, in Touch, this calms down and the dry down is better. My only complaint is that it isn't very prominent on me. I get whiffs here and there, but the sillage is not what I hoped for.
15th August, 2017
What a wonderful cologne!! I went on vacation in 2013 to go visit my 81 yr old mom. First vacation I had in decades and it was the best vacation I ever had. We purchased small travel size bottles so we could get through airport security. I first tried this when I was on vacation and I instantly fell in love with this fragrance. It's like a firework. Goes on with a bang that quickly bursts and transforms into the other fragrances. At first you get a blast of the pepper which quickly bursts with the violet. It transcends with slight citrus smell combined with the violet. The dry down becomes a bit more sublte the other notes come forward of the white musk and tonka bean. It was springtime when I first tried this. It has that smell of spring too it. Filled with various fragrances like spring time, new, invigorating and alive. It's very catching and seductive. You will either like it or you won't. If you like it you will notice the scent just grabs you right from the first spray.

Slightly floral but in a masculine way. If you like Farenheit or Grey Flannel, you will like Burberry Touch. It's along those same lines. I would say great for any occasion, any place. You don't need much of this juice either. The smell will last long enough to get you through the workday at the office or an evening out at the club.

Whenever I want to revisit that wonderful vacation and my first spring time in 30+ yrs along with the fun I had I put this cologne on.
16th May, 2017

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