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Town & Country (1925)
by Crown Perfumery


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Year of Launch1925
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People and companies

HouseCrown Perfumery
PerfumerWilliam Thomson
Parent CompanyClive Christian
Parent Company at launchLever Brothers

About Town & Country

A classic lavender blend, with clary sage and wild thyme.

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numcks Show all reviews
United States
Classic English perfumery at its best. Lots of lavender, balsamic elements, a bright citrus opening, and a zesty, slightly medicinal, herbal/woody base. The juxtaposition of "town" and "country" in the name is well appointed. Similar to Blenheim Bouquet, this one has a duality of nature and projects a mixed message. It has elements of a proper, somewhat foppish British town elegance, especially at the opening, but also a coarser, more astringent, somewhat dirty (borderline fecal) discordant chord that calls out the dirty farmer hands of the country. Unlike Blenheim Bouquet, where the discordant note creates an air of dismissive, haughty superiority, the minor chord in this fragrance is humbling and inviting.
01st October, 2014
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
There is a nice green opening, with lots of lavender, basil and juniper berry. In the drydown the lavender remains, but a potpourri of herbs, including sage and thyme are added.

The freshness and austere grassy greenness reminds me of Geoffrey Beene's Bowling Green, with less basis and jasmine and no pine. A great traditional English composition of high quality and very well-blended.

Good silage and projection, with an overall longevity of nearly eight hours on me.

Straightforward, wonderful, more Country than Town. 4.5/5
06th December, 2013 (last edited: 30th May, 2016)
bokaba Show all reviews
United States
Town & Country is a quintessential English fragrance featuring pine, pepper, woods, herbs, spices, and musk. Town & Country was surely inspired by Blenheim Bouquet, but is one of those rare occasions where the inspired is superior to the inspiration. Crown certainly had a fragrance called Town & Country that was released in 1925, but who knows what that one smelled like as Crown was out of business by the Second World War. Crown was revived by new owners in 1993 who set out to recreate traditional English fragrances using traditional craftsmanship and high quality ingredients. Blenheim Bouquet tends to give me headaches with its synthetic edges. Crown's quality and largely natural ingredients do not offend. It is austere, spicy, woody, and musky--and I like it a lot. Town & Country is the scent of an uppercrust Victorian aristocrat who has no humor and no expression. It's also a lot cheaper than Blenheim to boot.
21st November, 2011
A wonderfully English rendition of green herbacity, Scarborough Fair with lavender taking the place (thankfully) of parsely. It's close to Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet, with a stronger emphasis on the bitter-green herbals and less citrus, it's austerity making it quite unique and excentric in the contemporary fragrance landscape. No florals, no sweets, no fruit (God forbid). I love it, but like Eau de Quinine from this house, it's an acquired taste that will suit nostalgic Anglophiles in particular. The quality of the materials is impeccable, it is worth noting.
31st May, 2011
Hard to find since it has been discontinued, yet it holds a certain appeal. Crown had a knack to taking the essence of a scent and reproducing it at a lower cost and with greater power and tenacity. That is true here, as it recalls somewhat Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet. This is a big, full-bodied scent. The opening emphasizes herbal lavender and other herbal notes such as clary sage rather than the lemon which is so notable in BB. The scent is more aromatic than previous two; and in fact is a bit acidic/sour. Surprisingly, the lemon note develops later. T&C is not as complex and refined as BB, in fact it is a bit rougher and greener. It still is a worthy scent.
29th October, 2009
A Blenheim Bouquet clone was my first though, too. This one is a little spicier in the top.
18th June, 2008

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