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Heritage Tricorn / Tricorn (1941)
by Caswell-Massey


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Year of Launch1941
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyThe Equitium Group

About Heritage Tricorn / Tricorn

We've been making Colognes in America for nearly three Centuries, and along the way, we've had a few remarkable hits. Tricorn Cologne launched in New York City in 1941 and sold out within weeks - becoming a favorite of Cole Porter and many other notable New Yorkers. We've made a few versions of this cologne over the years; this most recent update incorporates many of the best qualities of the original.

Heritage Tricorn / Tricorn fragrance notes

Reviews of Heritage Tricorn / Tricorn

Let me begin with a more standard review of the new Heritage Tricorn, from the viewpoint of somebody who never sniffed the original or vintage.

To me, Tricorn is a restrained, classy, but not formal fragrance. Some would call it versatile - I'll call it mannered but friendly. It is subtle but not shy. It is more like a powerful skin scent than a true eau de cologne or perfume.  I perceive it as a "sandalwood genre" fragrance, meaning it's built primarily around sandalwood, and relies on persistent soft power of base notes rather than piercing accords of the heart or catchy top notes.

There is an enduring base accord, immediately noticeable and projecting, which is primarily sandalwood, cedar, amber and most of all vanilla. That plush base of amber-warmed, cedar-boosted, vanilla-softened sandalwood IS Tricorn to me.

I do not find Heritage Tricorn to be overtly masculine.  Rather, it seems "not girly" - even though somewhat powdery.  That powder is NOT the standard baby powder - more like "sandaltonka".  It feels like a powdery texture of the base, more than a powder note per se.

Heritage Tricorn has the vibe of a rejuvenated classic - exactly what it is.  It smells neither modern nor out-of-date.  Women can wear this easily, in my opinion, and may steal it, so watch out, boys!

Longevity is good for me, with a couple of hours of sillage, several further hours of nearby projection, and many hours longer as a strong skin scent.  Heating up or exercise will bring back scads of sillage later, so be careful!

The base and drydown are extremely nice, and superior to many top-name designer scents, thanks to the Australian sandalwood.

This is a very safe scent, in my opinion.  Very unlikely to offend, and somewhat likely to be noticed positively but not raved about.  I got a nice compliment from my wife when I first wore it.

I am a huge fan of Australian sandalwood, and was driven to write an ode to the fragrance for that reason.

Cheers!  -Red

Sandalwood smelled like
Sustainable victory
That Fourth of July.

Twelve score and two years
Tricorn and Twilly rose where
Quiksilver did die.

Brave at the Battle
Of Santalum spicatum
Disco surfer mine.

Act of rebellion
By means of fragriculture
Aussies held the line.

Wearing our ballcaps
America's new Tricorns
Thrown into the air.

Oath made that Mysore
The famed Santalum album
Would grow ev'rywhere.

Come if it will to
The miracles of science
Stylish woods will thrive.

Fragrance remaining
Dear to Mother Nature and
Universe alive.

Swore on my home land
Sugi and Hinoki, their
Fragrant trees to grow.

Somebody's children
Playing beneath their branches
Love of scent will know.

Not ev'ry battle
Is fought with guns and cannons
Smoke across the lands.

Some are more quiet
But ev'ry bit as hard fought
Seedlings in our hands.

Wood's perfume arise!
Let fragrant trees fill our skies!
May we be so wise.
05th July, 2018
The best sandalwood based cologne ever created.

That said, it was around from the early 1940s until the 1990s, when Caswell decided to do away with most its classic scents.

Using Bangalore and Mysore sandalwood, the purest and richest ever harvested, this scent was further enhanced by vanilla, musk and petitgrain. It was John Barrymore's favorite.

It used to be plentiful and affordable, available in cologne, after shave, soap, talc and after shave lotion.

If you are into vintage sandalwood, it doesn't get better than this.
23rd February, 2017
Back when I was still into designer aquatics, I bought a Caswell-Massey sampler on a whim and Tricorn was my least favorite of their line. It was just so old fashioned and so powdery. I ignored it for years until trying it again, and I'm rather surprised that I actually like it now. I guess tastes really do change as you get more experience.

So what does it smell like? Well, it really is extremely powdery, like a huge explosion of baby powder that dominates the sillage all day. The rest is an old-fashioned amber, slightly poopy at first but getting darker and sweeter with time as vanilla and leathery pine make their way in.

I'm voting thumbs up, but with the caveat that there are better powdery ambers out there, especially if you venture into classic women's perfumes, which offer things like this, but often given more depth with florals and more character with darker smokier elements.
02nd April, 2013
Discontinued as of Spring/2012.

The Tricorn scent has been a favorite of mine ever since it was given to me as a gift over 20 years ago. Fortunately I was able to horde a few bottles of after shave before the product entirely disappeared forever.

It seems that the centuries-old Caswell-Massey is on life support as a viable business and is not long for this world; what a shame.
14th March, 2013
Swanky Show all reviews
United States
Too bad that I'm not a vanilla lover, because Tricorn is a vanilla strutter in the drydown. Too bad that I'm not a Tricorn lover because the longevity is superb. My dentist surely must love it because I have three fresh cavities now.

Shamu is about spot on: this starts as a mansized old school scent in the Zizanie/Royal Copenhagen arena but after about an hour and a half it is almost straight vanilla. If it were even like Obsession, it'd be better than the sugar cone ice cream parlor wafting into my nostrils.
13th June, 2012
shamu1 Show all reviews
United States
I was going to give this a thumbs up, until the drydown came, so I give it a neutral. The opening and middle stages are great - super spicy, bold sandalwood and patchouli with a dirty, skanky touch to it. It's kind of like a sandalwood gingerbread. Great!

The problem is the drydown, which is much too sweet for me. After hour two, the amber and gingerbread take over, and that's when I throw in the towel with Tricorn. No, it doesn't smell bad, but the drydown is a disappointment for me. Smells a lot like Obsession For Men in the drydown, and Obsession is not a favorite of mine, to say the least.

MY RATING: 6.5/10
04th June, 2012

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