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Trophée Lancôme (1982)
by Lancôme


Trophée Lancôme information

Year of Launch1982
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
(based on 33 votes)

People and companies

Parent CompanyL'Oréal Group

About Trophée Lancôme

In 1970, a new golf tournament was launched in France by Gaëtan Mourgue d'Algue and Dominique Motte in association with Lancôme and CEO Pierre Menet.
In 1982 an fragrance was lauched - Trophée Lancôme - the bottle had a golf ball stopper.
Though the Trophee Lancome golf tournament continues to this day, the fragrance was discontinued but in 2002 was reintroduced along with Sagamore and Balafre.

Trophée Lancôme fragrance notes

Reviews of Trophée Lancôme

H&R's Fragrance Guide classifies Trophee as a floral citrus scent (along with the likes of Signoricci and Eau Sauvage), rather than either a fougere or a chypre. It lists the pyramid as:

Top Notes: Bergamot, Lemon, Basil, Lime, Petitgrain
Middle Notes: Jasmin, Fruit Note, Patchouli, Green Note, Bay, Cedarwood
Base Notes: Moss, Musk, Amber, Tonka, Civet

The absence of any detectable lavender sets this apart from being a true fougere, and allows the freshness of the citrus and the dry, green herbal notes to play a distinctive melody. The base notes are quite subtle --- I don't get a distinct oakmoss, so the "Moss" referred to in the pyramid may well be something different. The initial impression is fresh, crisp and not overly sweet, with green herbal notes intertwining. Once it settles, Trophee stays close to the skin, but lasts for a long time while retaining its opening freshness. The base notes here seem to function more as stabilizers, lending endurance without asserting their own character. This is another fresh scent with a distinct identity from the era before bland aquatics took over the industry. It's outdoorsy, but refined, and is equally suited to a walk in the woods as to the sporting tournament conjured by its golf-themed packaging.
30th December, 2013
Twin brother of Marc de la Morandiere M pour monsieur, they smell practically identical.
Both hard to find, both kinda expensive, if you have either one of them, you don't need the other.
A citric opening that turns somewhat herbal/floral and ends woody/mossy and while M pour monsieur feels slightly sweeter, this fragrance is slightly spicier, but so subtle are the differences that I am sure I could not tell them apart in a blind test.
Both are close to the skin fragrances with medium longevity, M pour monsieur wins by a nose (pun intended) in this department.
I enjoy wearing them and like them both a lot, but not enough for a thumbs up
08th July, 2012
Grassy sporty chypre, classic in conception with its blend of citrus-lavender, spices, herbs, tonka bean and woods (cedarwood the king). This fragrance is natural, citrusy (lime, lemon, petitgrain) and finally woodsy but the green temperament (bay, basil and others) is evident since the beginning. The heart is slightly floral and sweet because of the note of jasmine linked with petitgrain while the final drought of the woodsy-smoky base is a bit tempered and smoothed by amber and labdanum. A touch of patchouli sets the right dosage of refinement refinement. The final outcome is a sort of smooth grassy-citrusy fragrance slightly floral, masculine and distinguished. A refined and sporty light fragrance.
10th August, 2011
Green, green chypre much in the way of many other classics: Gucci pour Homme (original, Lacoste (original), Loewe para Hombre, Lancetti Uomo... sporty a litte bit but fine for everyday wear. I like a drier woods in these chypre scents for more formal wear a la Homme de Gres. Trophee is still great: light spices with sandalwood and oakmoss (sounds generic, eh?)
16th November, 2009
Let's say that this one is on the vein of Lancôme's Ô (1969): of course, Trophèe's top notes are more masculine in character, but both have extremely similar drydowns. The structure, as mentioned by most, is that of a green chypre, this meaning the presence of crisp hesperidic accords morphing into indolic / musky notes. It is precisely these basenotes the attribute that lets Ô be considered a unisex scent - when smelt in a strip of paper, people asked wonder about its character. In general, they perceive it as femenine-like due to a sweetnes present in the top notes, an attribute that is absent in Trophèe's top notes.

I must mention that the olfactive structure of Trophèe is also quite similar to that of Homme de Gres.

18th October, 2009
although marketed as masculine, speaking for myself, trophee can be easily worn by a woman, too. it is a potent green chypre with balls (pun intended) along the lines of best of chypre tradition. it has strong presence, but is not offensive and the lasting power is a dream. it starts out as crisp and lemony, followed by a hint of basil and the freshness is subdued into more sensual territory by jasmine, to settle later into a (still) fresh woody and green drydown. a perfect scent for spring and summer. thumbs up and thanks lancome for reintroducing it!
29th May, 2009

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