Trussardi Uomo (1983)
    by Trussardi

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    Spain Spain

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    The vintage formulation. One thing we forget when talking about powerhouses is that a lot of them were, and still are, quite avant-garde. Take the opening of Trussardi Uomo, how utterly brutal, somehow ugly yet admirably strange is this assault of dirt and spices. The olfactory equivalent of Swans tuning up. Unthinkable in today's perfumery (sadly) although even in the pre-aquatic age it must have scared away many a potential customer.

    The thing is, Trussardi isn't that outrageously strong after the opening. My theory is that a lot of powerhouses got their fame as sillage monsters because of ultra-strong and weird openings. That doesn’t mean that Trussardi has no projection but I would call it civilized. Its form resembles Yatagan quite a lot.

    Trussardi is, no surprise when you consider the origin of the house, about leather. You decided to wear your leather jacket again which you wore when you went clubbing in your younger years, you chain smoked and never bothered to get it cleaned. During the walk in the forest you have sex on a bed of pine needles and then you basically smell of Trussardi Uomo. You will also will smell a bit like the female version of Trussardi, another good thing because that is another brilliant and underrated perfume.

    Rough, sullen, pensive Italian glamour in a bottle.

    01st June, 2011

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    United States United States

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    Great big fat leather scent that carries on the tradition of 80s powerhouse style macho frags. I've never smelled the original version of this scent, so my review is for the current formulation.

    This is a pure black leather scent - any other notes in this merely enhance the strong leathery aura of it. It starts off smelling like petroleum fuel and crushed green plant stems, letting you know that you have a serious leather and moss powerbomb on your hands. The harshness of the opening fades to a smooth but powerful warm leather and moss scent. Very 80's and very hairy chested.

    Trussardi cranks out major sillage, but it's not a heady, obnoxious smell. It's warm and smooth, and projects far. This is one powerhouse I like to spray on liberally. It loses its impact if you apply it carefully, and this is a fragrance meant to make an impact, just like its soul brothers Lapidus Pour Homme and Kouros.

    If you like your scents leathery, strong and super masculine, you can't go wrong with Trussardi Uomo.

    MY RATING: 8.5/10

    03 May, 2011

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    United States United States

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    Big green sillage machine. A pine-like note really stands out at first, then a spicy floral tobacco phase, then a mossy, leathery base. All the while a bit of honey adds a natural sweetness. It's strong. It lasts. It throws off tons of scent. But it's also well-made and interesting, especially when the more settled base comes out. I didn't like this one at first. I think the honey-leather combo was off-putting. Over time it's grown on me and has become one of my favorite powerhouse scents.

    23 April, 2011

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    Italy Italy

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    Glorious powerhouse considerably reduced in darkness and richness nowadays as Foetidus clearly underlined. It's still an eccellent blend of dry spices, tobacco, woodsy notes, incense and leather but with my last try by vial i was a bit disappointed about its olfactory power. Anyway Trussardi Uomo is still a great and load fragrance, one of the real leather heavyweight out there. When I inhale it perceive the typical leatherwears undertone and feel a very elegant and uncompromisingly masculine touch. The beginning is harsh, brash, barber-shop, aromatic and still intoxicating by lavender, basil, citrus , sage and by a touch of myrtle to colour with a boise vibe the wild/sour explotion. I love the top notes which appear almost carnal and balsamic. The top notes very soon morph towards an "intimate" heart all spices, moss, tobacco and leather. Some flowers ( jasmine and may be rose) operate with myrtle in order to get the fragrance more mild and gentle. The base is composed by heavy woods and austere frankincense. What can I add? While I'm really delighted by smelling on myself this fragrance I admitt it's one of the most "problematic" powerhouse to wear, it's still great as business formal fragrance but for today standards is too severe, conservative and not versatile, undue for a special night out or an easy evening for the streets of downtown. Very austere is the role played by the note of earthy/spicy (dry spices) incense. I'll keep it as a specific business formal scent. They will appear submissed in front of me for sure.

    17 January, 2011 (Last Edited: 06 January, 2014)

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    Italy Italy

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    This scent bring me back to my childhood when I secretly tryed my dad's perfumes in the bathroom.
    Trussardi Uomo is probably one of the strongest scents I have ever smelled. It is just for mature men, no doubt about it. It is smokey, leather, musk, incense and maybe greeny and it is incredibly long lasting. Just only a spray on the neck is enought for all the day.
    Talking about comparisons to other scents it is similar, in my opinion, to a far more accurate, complex and prestigious scent like Bois du Portugal by Creed. Another scent I usually link when I smell TU is Polo, the original on the green bottle and golden cap.
    A good classical strong 80's men fragrances with an incredible long lasting.

    03 January, 2011 (Last Edited: 04 January, 2011)

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    Nigeria Nigeria

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    Trussardi Uomo! One powerhouse i knew for years only by its hairy-chested, metal-chewing reputation, till i bought it recently. I must say that it seems the young thug many have talked about miraculously found stability and got an education, culminating in a Doctor of Letters, and now likes wearing (at least) 180-grade wool suits. This reissued TU is an ear-studded and tattooed gentleman of a powerhouse (or my nose has become jaded).

    TU starts off with a complex green/smokey/aromatic accord, which at first wearing i thought would pulverise me, but never did. Rather it almost immediately(!) calmed down into an animalic leather/tobacco accord which i could enjoy sniffing forever and a day. The whole complex of accords then settles into a (relatively) soft mode which reminds me of several scents all at once: like Van Cleef and Arpels pour Homme, Versace l'Homme, Aramis, and a bit of Iquitos all blended nicely together. Its mellowing-down is similar to that of Bijan for Men after its screaming-Banshee intro.

    Trussardi Uomo is a powerhouse scent, no doubt. Masculine to the hilt, but then not more butch than Lancome's Magie Noir (go figure!) It may have been a thug of a scent in its initial incarnation, but what i have experienced recently makes it, to me, a beautiful man's-man frag with loads of gravitas. Longevity is of respectable proportions. Sillage? I smell it on myself almost all day, so it must be projecting "quite a bit". Not exactly a room-clearer, but people will sit up and notice.

    No complaints whatsoever about this magnificent gem.

    10th July, 2010

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