Tuscany / Etruscan (1984)
    by Aramis

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    Tuscany / Etruscan Fragrance Notes

    Tuscany / Etruscan information

    The first Aramis fragrance to be created outside of the US. Tuscany was created in Firenze, Italy in 1984, then launched in 1985 in the UK.
    The packaging is inspired by the warm red roof tiles, and the bottles silver top is shaped like a naval column.
    The fragrance contains notes of Bergamot, Geranium and Pathcouli.
    The fragrance s marketed as 'Etruscan' in some countires. (The Italian name for the Tuscany region).

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    Italy Italy

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    Assuming Tuscany has not been modified from its earlier version (dark red-striped box), it’s – or it was – a fantastic scent, another “cheapo” worth having. A simple, radiant, fresh-aromatic fougère full of flawless heritage elegance, cozy and warm like a balmy Sunday evening on the Tuscan hills. A brownish blend rich in woods, mossy notes, discreet yet lively spices, an aromatic herbaceous breeze with a whiff of “culinary” flavours and aniseed, a masculine bone-structure of lavender, citrus-bergamot, tobacco, all gently yet solidly rounded by a leathery-mossy base smelling of branches, grass, leaves. Autumn in a bottle, Mediterranean yet civilized, full of mannered, charming, quiet “country elegance”. Which is something that I realise it’s quite neglected in perfumery – we’ve Oriental scents, “urban” scents, minimalist stuff, gourmands, candies, yet almost no homages to retired businessmen riding their horse in their Tuscan estate. What I appreciate the most here and what I think makes Tuscany unique and so pleasant is a general feel of subtle, manly yet gentle warmth: the notes are all clean, discreet, cozy, incredibly solid but restrained at the same time. All smells “common” in a way, yet unique in the way it’s elaborated. By the way, I agree with the similarity to Azzaro, even if Tuscany smells a bit more round, "country" and gentle to me. Absolutely modern and versatile, probably unappealing to younger/trendier audiences, but that’s their problem...


    09th November, 2014

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    United States United States

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    What do you get when you create a hybrid that is part spicy, part leather and wood, and part citrus? Tuscany! To my nose, the citrus is the weakest component - but there is a trace of lime and bergamot ... it's mostly about the bright spices and cinnamon mixed with masculine scents of old wood, mahogany, sandalwood, and old leather. I even detect a hint of pipe tobacco.It reminds me a little of Hermes Bel Ami. I picked up a 3.4 bottle at Ross for just under $25 and I consider this a great buy.

    08th August, 2014

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    United States United States

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    Awesome 80's frag that is "perfect' for spring and summer. Wow, the citrus blending perfectly into an herbaceous breeze that really embodies a subtle beautiful scent. Rounded out by a warm masculine dry down and what is not to love! How anyone can wear the poison that is passed off today as "summer, blue, eau, fresh, aquatic" etc...instead of this is beyond me. Ill be traveling back to 1984 with this beauty any time.

    23rd July, 2014

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    New formulation with the greenish juice.(I never had the vintage)

    I reminds me Rive Gauche but with weaker longevity and half the class. The opening is very strong and the massive amount of bergamot makes it too sweet. Massive projection for 2 or 3 hours and than nothing... Very linear... No evolution and you don't have that unique drydown after few hours of wear. Did I mentioned the word synthetic?

    14th July, 2014

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    United States United States

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    Genre: Fougère

    I wore this scent as a kid, and it still brings back fond memories. When it was new Tuscany's cheerful spiced citrus fougère accord made a pleasant alternative to the curl-your-nose-hairs power scents that were its contemporaries. It was substantial, but never overpowering, with a happy expression and a jaunty gait. It's still a quality scent, and smelling it now points up just how dreadful are the aquatic eunuchs that the kids wear these days. Why they still make something this good in today's market is beyond me - maybe they've just forgotten to discontinue it.

    06th July, 2014

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    United States United States

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    Herbaceous, sparkling, and utterly Mediterranean, Tuscany really is a gem of a scent. Lime rind, geranium, anise, sandalwood - everything here is almost sweet. Tuscany eternally hovers at the line of sweet and savory and never truly picks a side. I can name plenty of fragrances that walk this path but few that pull it of with such aplomb or which smell so natural and satisfying.

    21st February, 2014

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