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UDV for Men (1993)
by Ulric de Varens


UDV for Men information

Year of Launch1993
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
Not enough ratings.

People and companies

HouseUlric de Varens
Parent CompanyUlric de Varens

About UDV for Men

UDV for Men is a masculine fragrance by Ulric de Varens. The scent was launched in 1993

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Reviews of UDV for Men

Of woods and woodsmen...

OK. let's see...How about a total paradox in modern perfumery's logic, living mostly in supermarkets and hiding (or is it lurking?) in their lower shelves.

Although it came out in 1993, its one of the most '80s fragrances out there. Perhaps 1993 was too close to the '80s to leave their influence out of the picture.

Compared with the watered-down versions of the '80s classics, it totally stands out, being in a league of its own.
Nothing sweet or dainty about it, just acrid citruses, bitter woods and tangy herbs, all mixed up in bucket-loads of excavated soil. If you wanna smell like a landslip, or like a lumberjack roaming the log-made bars in his vicinity during his day off, look no further. Whether these bars are in Alaska or Siberia doesn't really matter. Since he stands amongst the ones who built them, he'll always be welcome to every single one of of them.

Bought for pocket change, it coped extremely well with a little trick I played and managed to convince people that it's an outrageously priced and very hard to find niche creation. Yes, I know I should be ashamed about that, but I never let a chance to bash the occasionally arrogant niche foofaraw slip by unused. After all Ulric de Varens does sound like something that costs a gold sovereign per bottle, and the UDV acronym sounds hi-tech enough to support my scenario and worth my imaginary price.

It also kinda proves my theory that since there must be some sort of rock bottom in how cheap their ingredients may come, cheap scents are less likely to be reformulated over the years. So in some cases, there's a good chance that cheap fragrances smell way better than the current versions of pricy designer fragrances which have become the ghosts of their former selves.

It's strange, unexpected, behind the times and way more Azzaro pour Homme than Azzaro pour Homme. In other words, a true real deal.

So yes a total paradox, but by no means a fallacy. Fallacies are the privilege of fragrances tenfold its price, when they try to convince us that their reformulations were inevitable, due to whatever lame arguments they may come up with. Ulric de Varens doesn't seem to believe them. And neither do I...
30th November, 2015
For a "B" rated fragrance, this is not bad.
It would never compete against the niche perfumes or the big designers, but for what it is, it does pretty well.
On the fence with this one, but I'll give it a neutral because it is what it is, a cheap cornerstore fragrance and no more.
29th December, 2013
I really like this one. It is quintessential average modern European. Let me explain: most European men would impress with Le Male if they are young (20s), something you've never heard of if they are in there 30s and 40s, and several variations of 4711 if they in there 50s and up. But when they are not trying to impress, they smell pretty much just like this UDV.

I like it because it is a sweet fragrance that doesn't smell flowery. It is unabashedly male (musky) but clean enough to wear anytime. And considering the price, it's a bargain. Sillage is above average, longevity is well above average.
16th October, 2010
Woody, citrus, musk. THe pyramid says it all. That's exactly what you get. The musk isn't that bad. A nice sweet musk. At least, with this fragrance, I finally figured out what an average synthetic musk is like.
15th August, 2008
Think of a musky scent. Then multiply it for 1000.
Jesus, it´s too strong for me. After a while, starts to stink. Nauseating. If you like musk, try Rectoverso Absolute musk. This one is sweet and subtle.
27th September, 2004

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